The Little House, A Parable

September 9th, 2009

Emmi, one of the Country Doctor’s nurses, recently brought a box of toys over to our house that her grand-kids had outgrown.  

Inside the box was this plastic house.




There were also a few people.




The house has been sitting on our kitchen table for a few days, and every time I look over at it, I am troubled.  





The male figure is the only person who can stand up.




Because of this, you can do all sorts of things with him that you can’t do with any of the other figures.




The house also came with a swing-set.



And a mommy who is permanently molded to be forever seated and holding a baby.




And a little girl who is also forever seated.




Because of the mommy’s seated position and the odd weight of the baby she is holding, it is very difficult to get her balanced.  




To place her on the swing or on any other type of seat, you have to place her very carefully… slowly remove your fingers… and hold your breath.  




But even if you are extra careful, both the mother and the daughter in this family have a strong tendency to fall out of their chairs and and lie in a semi-fetal position on the ground until someone helps them to get back up again.







The dad can only stand and watch.







Or he can stand and hide.






But to be fair, he truly is unable to help.

He is simply not sophisticated enough.





He needs help to help them.

And the woman on the ground holding a baby is never going to be able to understand this.




And that is the cause of 99.9% of all fatal lawn mowing accidents in the plastic house world.




The End.


  • Barb:

    I loved it. That is so funny. You should write children’s books that are made especially for adults.

  • I am so happy that I now know the cause of plastic family fatalities! Funny post, Rechelle!

  • That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Thank you. I needed a good laugh! (btw… first time comment, but have been reading your blog for a while. I enjoy it a lot. Thanks!)

  • M.R.:

    Whoa! a parable for our time.

  • Stephanie:

    Really needed a laugh today…Thanks for your parable….

  • jamoody:

    Is it odd that I focused on the fact that it came complete with a propane tank, and am now myself lying in the fetal position dreading winter and the never ending purchase of propane?

  • Pam:

    you’re crackin’ me up, woman! a little too much time on our hands today??? lol

  • Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud. Hilarious and so true. Please do more. And is that a propane tank or a septic tank?

  • Love the propane tank. And the sad parable of the mommy…….

  • Mama Pea:

    Sometimes when words are just. not. working. we’re reduced to using lawnmowers.

  • Loved it! Although there was the moment of parallel universe for me where the woman is struggling to hold herself up and the man is standing to the side wondering what the heck the problem is, and how is he to blame, and what is he supposed to do about it….

    Oops, almost went on a rant there. Sorry…

  • Me:

    This is funny :)

  • Kim K. in Western PA:

    It’s official – you are certifiable. And because I found it absolutely hilarious I think that means I’m certifiable too. It is strange that I am a little bit afraid to mow the lawn this evening?

  • Erin:

    Definitely what stuck out to me was the toy propane tank…I guess the country house has to be realistic, right? :-)

    Loved the story – I second the fact that you should write children’s stories for adults!

  • Cathy:

    I love the little LP tank. It could cause an explosion, that could be fun!

  • I agree with other commenters. This should be a book. It could sell right next to those sassy refrigerator magnets, books, and coffee mugs with the 50s women saying really witty things. (Oh, you know what I’m talking about, right? Who is it that does those? Ann someone?)

    Your parable, while absolutely hilarious in little plastic house form, is so true. Just coming off a little period of unbalance of my own, I was thinking along the same lines today. My poor plastic standing man, sometimes he really just doesn’t know what to do with his unbalanced wife. So far there has only been the one cell phone accident and no more serious lawn mower accidents.

    I think the reason little plastic men have such trouble with their little plastic women is that sometimes there really are no right answers or quick fixes. This is very strange and foreign to men because their world is a much simpler one for the most part. (Oh, I am not belittling you, little plastic men! You know what I’m talking about.) They live in a land of fixable problems and speak a language of solutions. The culture shock is sometimes a bit much for them.

    This is why your parable would make a great little book. Because sometimes there are no right answers and the only thing we can do is laugh about it. I really do think laughter helps. Laughter and dancing. And chocolate chip cookie dough.

  • Rechelle,
    I saw this completely different than others. It was like when my daughter was taking play therapy when she was about 6. I could see the woman as being forever in a role and the man not able to help even when she is in distress because he has options that she doesn’t.. Now who is certifiable?? I guess I’m too serious. I have been through some of that in my life. Very interesting how people see things different ways. Didn’t mean to bring the mood down. Very good post none the less

  • Lucy Golden:

    Good heavens… Those poor people! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Michelle:

    Who made those plastic people and what were they thinking?
    Very troubling, indeed.

  • The only reason the man can stand up (not fall down) is because he doesn’t have to do anything else except go to work, come home, and be fed. I’m not being facetious because not ALL men are like that but unfortunately some are. :(

  • Got a little extra time on your hands……something tells me you don’t get out of the house much :)

  • Jayne:

    How funny! I love the way you look a things!

  • Nancy:

    This was better than the Old Navy Mannequins commercials!

  • Nancy in AK:

    You are very funny and a truly wonderful (and very very smart) blogger!

  • Tammra:

    Are you eating your homemade canned pickles again?
    Gotta love when someone else has a wry, satiric humor, I’m still smiling. Plastic man needs to fix his plastic porch swing it lists. What else was in the box?

  • Debra Cripps:

    Hilarious! I love the way your mind works. At least the Dad would not be comfy on the plane to London but Mom and the kids would!

  • This is what happens when you have too much plastic suregy. You become immovable then when you die they have to plant you deeper so your plastic parts don’t stick out of the ground.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    It’s a very funny post. Even if we can see real things, behind.

  • This is hilarious! Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the belly laugh. Must watch out for those lawn mowing accidents, not to mention scoring goals with the father instead of basket balls.

  • Kelly in Florida:

    Hilariously Funny? Sure, like a satire is funny on the outside but carries a much deeper meaning inside. The lady who wrote about play therapy was spot on. Marriage is a tough job, and it takes a lot of work (I know cause I am currently HARD at work…but enough about me). Best wishes as you figure out your place in life.

  • I have seen this man before but on a farm with a bucket permanently molded to his hand to feed chickens permanently pecking . Did they divorce? Where does the wife lay now? Is she in a bed, lying in a fetal position in a manner to which she is accustomed? Legless of course.
    This man is a stalker or a weird voyeur. I think he saw something nasty in the woodshed.

  • Diane:

    Love this! And it truly is a parable. You hit the nail on the head, girlie! :-)

  • Darla (McIntosh) Schmalzried:

    Hilarious! Funny and sad all at the same time.

  • Oh, I laughed so hard! And that’s rough because I’m recovering from an appendectomy… But this made me laugh, and I also especially enjoyed the comment from “Jenni in KS”. How very true…

  • Thank you for the laughs Rechelle! I am a very happy stay at home mom/wife/painter/whatever….but geesh if I grew up in the 50′s with this toy I think I would run and never look back

  • ROFLMAO!!!!! I love it. That is too funny.

  • Tammy S:

    Ok, I ACTUALLY laughed out loud at that!
    That NEVER happens!
    It caught me completely off-guard – thanks I needed that.

  • Susan:

    See why we missed you Rechelle? The male figure is particularly inflexible. Sound familiar?

  • Laughed until I cried. Thank you. :-)

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Lawnmower incident, man in the hoop, the whole parable – you are twisted, woman – and awesome!
    And I’m comforted that other people noticed the propane tank, too. Culture thing, I guess.

  • Kim Booth:

    LOVE IT!!! Kinda reminds me a bit of Mr. Bill…OH NOOOOOOO! ha ha

  • “Basket Case” – that’s what you should name your parable! LOL

  • Andrea:

    I want a playset like! So cute! Love the parable too!

  • safetydog:

    Totally saw the sad parable here.

    I, too, had a doll house with a sitting mom. It was a cool house – the people all had magnets on their feet, and could be moved around the raised “yard” and house with magnetic wands. All, of course, except for mom, who sat on the couch all day.

  • I love soap operas.

  • joann in tx:

    that plastic man sure can play good hoops!

    try a little putty (or chewing gum???) on the momma’s butt.
    i bet then she’ll sit where ever you put her and not fall over! ;)

  • annmarie:

    I laughed hard when I saw this, so hard my daughter came and looked and she laughed hard too.