Pumpkin Menace!

September 25th, 2009

Early this summer, I found three bright orange pumpkins growing in my compost pile.  

It was far too early to carve a jack-o-lantern or even think about pumpkin pie, so I took a few photos of them and then threw them right back into the compost heap.  






A few weeks ago, I noticed another pumpkin vine growing in the flower bed in front of the house.






I must have some serious pumpkin mojo going on around here!  






I wonder what would happen if I actually planted some pumpkin seeds?

They seem to really like it around here.





Would the pumpkins take over the place?

Would their tender tendrils reach for my toes?

Would their viscous vines grab me by the throat?





Oh dear!

The pumpkin menace!

I think I will content myself with my sweet little volunteer crop and stop the nightmare now!


  • You’re gettin’ purty darn good with that there camera, girl.

  • Love these little pumpkins…and the photos are amazing!

  • If you planted some, it would probably be just like my problem with butternut squash. I planted two hills, and they took over half my garden. I walk up to strangers saying, “You don’t want any butternut squash, do you?”

    We have squash in some form at least twice a week; I think my skin is turning orange.

  • Stephanie:

    I have a similar problem; years ago Harry ( then a puppy) mauled a mini pumpkin..the next year I had mini pumpkins growing in my sidewalk….This year something strange started growing in my boxwoods…..I now have a BIG green pumpkin in front of my house…don’t know if it will be orange for Halloween…
    if not they make cute Thanksgiving turkeys…

  • Anonymous:

    Love your pumpkins and your pumpkin stories. And you ARE getting good with that new camera. Very good, indeed.

  • These photos are wonderful, too, Rechelle. I’m very impressed!

  • Inga:

    Isn’t it a nice surprise to find things growing! You do have some serious pumpkin mojo.


  • I want volunteer pumpkins! I wonder if I smash mine up after Halloween/Thanksgiving if I’ll get volunteers next year? Probably not… I only seem able to grow volunteer weeds.

    Those white ones are dang cute and would be perfect for turkey day lined up down the middle of the table with some candles.

  • Yes, very good, once again!! Love the little white pumpkins. I wonder if they taste the same as the orange ones.

  • Lobsta:

    These are so darn cute. Waaaayyyyy cuter than East Coast pumpkins.

    Oh! And yes, I really like some of these photos. They’re like show pumpkins.

  • Sounds like something that should be in Tim Burton movie.

  • I have a feeling we’ll be seeing pumpkins growing all over the place here next year…our dog ate the pumpkin seeds from when the boys carved pumpkins. Should be interesting to see just where all he…never mind!
    The boys are 16 and 22 which proves you are never too old to carve pumpkins!

  • That last one is just luscious. Yeah, pumpkin mojo! And photo mojo, too!