A Walk Through Historic Janssen Place, Hyde Park, Kansas City

September 29th, 2009











































  • Rechelle,
    You just took me on a journey home. I immediately recognized the pictures. I knew that one house was in the Rockhill neighborhood and my school was just on the other side of Jansen Place. I grew up in the Broadway Valentine Westport area. I’ve seen all these houses on Valentine Road and probably have been at least one of them. I swung many a time in Hyde Park. There is nothing prettier than KC in the fall. They have such lovely parks there. I worked at St. Lukes Hospital, my first job out of nursing school. Your pictures are wonderful and who cares what that crazy old lady thinks!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    My license plate cover on the back of my car says. The KC kid and Kansas Jayhawks. That pretty well sums me up !!! I REALLY enjoyed your pictures and all the danger you encountered to get them all!

  • Rechelle:

    Welcome home Sandy. At least via a few pics. The older neighborhoods in KC are unparalleled (sp?). I want to live in all of them.

  • Thanks for sharing! I could look at old houses all day, so I loved your photographs. Good for you for continuing to take pictures despite that weird lady’s admonitions. Seriously, who does she think she is??

  • km:

    The second to last house will be mine someday. I have a picture of The Breakers in Newport RI to inspire me at work but I think the 2nd to last house is where I want to be.
    Seriously, next vacation, take everyone to Newport, RI. You will love the architecture, your kids will love the beaches, CD will love New Englanders’ practicality, the dollar is still good and no Franglish:) lauguage.

  • Mary:

    Thank you, thank you! All the pictures are wonderful, both pre-crank-in-the-car and post. They evoke the Midwestern towns of my childhood, complete with the wonderful light of this time of year.
    I enjoy lurking here quite often, but this post made me feel so good I just had to comment.
    Thank you!

  • Wow. All beauties. I especially love the big urn in the MIDDLE of the walkway of the last photo. It reminds me of the urns in “Death Takes a Holiday” (best movie ever made of course).

    • Rechelle:

      Iowa Cowgirl – What? What is this Death Takes a Holiday? I have never heard of that. I am going to google it right now.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Wow! Just wow! Beautiful pictures, wonderful color.

    It takes me back too. I grew up in KCK, somewhat north (and smaller houses similar to “your” house, but we used to drive those neighborhoods and gawk at the houses. Nothing wrong with admiring and taking photos!

  • What I’d really like to do is see inside these old places. There’s a huge place in town I’d love to snoop through. It was up for sale a good many years ago and I seriously considered pretending to be interested in it just to look through it! I chickened out though.

  • Jennie:

    I love old homes and old neighborhoods. I live near the Pittsburgh, PA area, and there is nothing as beautiful as the old neighborhoods surrounding the city – Oakland, Shadyside, etc. Such grandeur and magnificence. Tracy – I agree – I’d love to see the insides of those homes too! We are still friends with the realtor that sold us our farm, so when I see a historical home for sale in our town, I call him and see if he can get me a peek. It is amazing the woodwork and detail that people take for granted! When I see those old places, I often wonder what the people that built them & lived in them did for a living – I’m sure around here where I live, a great many of the homes were built from steel money. I often wonder how much did it cost to run a household like that with the size and the staff. Especially here in Pgh. Once, on a tour of the Frick home near Pgh, I learned that the Fricks had a staff of launderesses that were in charge only of tending to the window treatments! The home had white curtains, and back in the day of the thriving steel mills, Pgh was a dirty, dirty place, so the curtains would get so dirty daily that they had to be laundered! Can you imagine that?

  • I just adore historical towns and villages. I moved into mine 4 years ago and every year I adore it more than the previous. There is something comforting about homes that have stood the test of time. The omit a sense of security to me and calm my nerves when frayed.
    aka LiBBy BuTTons

  • I love the photos of these magnificent homes. Your color is so bold and bright. You made my day happy.

  • This is tricky. I don’t even know where I am on your blog right now!!

    Lovely pictures.

    I know what you mean about the “doing something wrong” thing.

    My husband will listen to me tell him about an incident like that and then say, “Word ‘em if they can’t take a joke.”

    But he doesn’t say “word”.


  • Gorgeous. Please tell me these folks have a home tour that you’ll be going on this year with your camera?

    I always loved Westmoreland Place when I lived in the ‘Lou. (Okay, I loved a *ton* of the houses around Forest Park. Dreamed of the possibilities…)

  • Gorgeous! Makes me want to brave the traffic and wander into KC just to see them in person! They don’t build homes like these any more. Such a pity. Oh, and I too love that fountain. Reminds me of formal gardens in England.

  • nancy in alaska:

    thanks for this post! I love, love, love looking at beautiful old houses. And since I am in Alaska, I appreciate your posting these photos because we have no old houses here and terrible architecture. when i was on vacation back home in New England a few years ago, i was so happy to just drive and walk around and look at all the houses and old buildings.

  • When we were newly married, we lived on Gillham Rd., in an apartment building just a block from Janssen Place. We have such fond memories of our Sunday afternoon walks in this magical neighborhood.

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely post.