Big Brother

September 9th, 2009

My fourteen year old is always telling us how his little brother Jack is the most irritating human on the face of the planet.






And my seven year old claims that his oldest brother Cal is the most annoying person he knows.






But none of us….







Believe a word they say.


  • maureen:

    Very sweet.

  • Stephanie:

    Ahhhh! Brotherly love….it’s a beautiful thing…my 2 (ages 12 & 9) can fight like cats and dogs…but when they someone…their brother always has their back….

  • Stephanie:

    Ooops! Meant to post when they need someone ….they have each others back…

  • aaaw.. how sweet! I always wanted a big brother…of course I actually had a big brother…But I always wanted a different one!

  • These are my favorite pictures you have ever shared.
    I love them, Rechelle.

    They are in it together…whether they like it or not.
    Glad to see they kind of like it ;o)

  • Kellye:

    That is the greatest photo essay EVER! I loved that last picture and that precious smile. Makes you forget about how many pairs of smelly shoes are left laying in the family room.

  • Debra Cripps:

    So sweet!

  • These are the greatest photos. You are going to frame them up aren’t you?

    And you are really making me hope this kid is going to be a boy…because two boys just seem like a recipe for so much fun. And trouble. But fun!

  • And this is what makes it ALL worth while, and by that I mean even Paris and lawnmowers :)

    God bless you!

  • I love the last photo, what a sweet smile!

  • I am sorry, I couldn’t resist thinking…is he stuck in a seated position like the plastic house people?!

  • Jayne:

    That last photo is one of the sweetest I have ever seen.

  • What a great set of shots, Rechelle!

  • Awww *tear*

  • Awwwwww, goodness, Rechelle; those are the most gosh darned sweetest photo’s. I miss my big brother, but still have the youngest one who likes to bug me.

    Last night he calls “Do you have clothes on?” “umm, sort of” “Be ready in three minutes and don’t make me wait.” So, I threw on a bra and traipsed out to his car in my pj’s. HAHAHAHA He just shook his head, and we went out to eat YES in my pj’s. :)

    Hey, when you get a minute, I’d love for you to visit, and see the latest pics of my little great-grand; I FINALLY got a camera from the camera fairy. :)

  • Beth:



  • Isn’t that the best when you see your kids like that? That’s what family is about. Yeah, we all annoy the heck out of one another from time to time, but we wouldn’t trade for anything. I love hearing the kids’ stories from when they were younger, too. Perspective has changed and that drama has now become a funny and treasured moment. Kinda like the story Danny likes to tell about how he told me to pull over and almost let me drive away because I insisted on playing Men Without Hats in *my* car. Yeah, it’s funny now. Gawd! Freakin’ Men Without Hats!

  • So cute!

  • That is darn sweet!

  • LOVE it!!

  • What she didn’t show us was big brother taking little brother to the pond and tossing him in, then holding his head under water until the bubbles stop.

  • Judy:

    Love it – too sweet!!!!!

  • Joni:

    I have one boy, but I you’ve pushed me over the edge and I want another! I know my boy needs a brother (or sister). I see photos like this in my future.

  • priceless

  • joann in tx:

    that is one of the best Big Brother stories i have ever read!

  • annmarie:

    Yep, that made me cry. Beyond sweet. My cavity is now acting up! Love your site.

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  • I’ve been reading and laughing and reading and laughing, and THAT made me cry!
    So sweet.

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