The Flowers That Don't Need Me

August 26th, 2009

I planted some sunflowers in a small corner of my garden.  I did this because someone suggested it right here… on my blog.  

I thought it was such a good idea.  I bought a few packets of seeds… mammoth sunflowers, and red sunflowers, and ‘normal’ sunflowers… if there are ‘normal’ sunflowers.  After I planted the small corner of my garden, I still had seeds left over, so I planted some by the barn, and then I planted some by the house, and then I scattered a few down by the pond.  I could water the ones in the garden and the ones by the house but the others had to fend for themselves.




Then I took a couple of packets of Zinnia seeds and planted them in the garden, and by the barn and down by the pond too.

The Zinnias mostly had to fend for themselves as well.




And well… they did.

They grew and they bloomed and they did just fine.




Mother Nature took care of them.  

I may have watered them when they were especially young and helpless, but after that, they were on their own.






They have done beautifully.  

They don’t really seem to need me at all.

I have to tell you… that is not a bad trait in a flower at all.

Except that I would like to think that I was somehow a part of it…

Well… I guess I did poke the seeds in the dirt.

And I did look out for them occasionally.

And I did rejoice when they bloomed.

For the truly rare flower…

This is all they need.


  • I’d love to plant flowers and let them tend to themselves! Around here they’d all be munched to bits by the damn deer. *sigh* Especially the sunflowers….some of my favorite “summer” flowers!

    Yours however – gorgeous. As are the photos. I have flower/camera envy.

  • JudyK:

    Kansas and sunflowers just go together. Yours are fabulous!

  • Stephanie:

    Sunflowers and zinnias are some of my favorites…
    sunflowers for there hardy, “sunny” personalities,
    zinnias are the same…so bright and hardy…
    also a favorite because ever year when we reached
    the letter Z, my daycare kids and I planted lots and
    lots…a very kid friendly flower….reminds me of my
    littles ones…

  • Kat:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the beauty you just added to this very hard morning!
    You know you’re appreciated, right? Right? RIGHT!

  • I love ‘easy’ flowers! And that arrangement is gorgeous!

  • Kellye:

    You have a seriously green thumb. I can not believe how well things grow for you. Pretty soon they will install a throne at the Garden Center and you will sit up there and answer questions to us commoners.

  • Inga:

    I love things that due well with little care. I think the best part is rejoicing when they grow and bloom!!

  • I wish I could be such a cool Earth Mother like you, & I could just sprinkle seeds around (whilst wearing a flowy dress & possessing cascading tresses of hair of course) & gorgeous flowers would spring from the earth.

    Alas, I am not.

    But, I do think your pics of the zinnias in the jar (on the porch?) look like something out of Real Simple magazine! And I mean that as a compliment :)

  • Linda:

    Beautiful flowers and fabulous shots! Nice photo skills, Rechelle.

  • You take the best photos! And you have some great subject matter. Those are beautiful. I think I hear them speaking.