Swimwear for Deer Hunters

August 31st, 2009

My boys in their natural habitat.

Buried in dirt.

Finding dead things.

Soaking up the sun.

And I got to see my husband in his sexy orange swim trunks again.

Who makes orange swimwear for men?

Who does this?

And why?

Why would they do this?

Is it swimwear with a built in warning?

Is it swimwear to increase your visibility to other swimmers?

Is it swimwear for deer hunters?

Is it swimwear for highway workers in flood conditions?

Why orange?

Dear God!



  • Wow! It looks like you guys spent your weekend the same way we did. I just wrote a blog post about it too. Yours is better.

    My dh doesn’t have sexy orange trunks. He sticks with the cut-off jeans, which were really sexy back in the day, but now- not so much. I bought him trunks and he forgets he has them. He loved the 70′s.

    So who bought the orange trunks since the CD hates to shop??

  • Heather:

    Oh my gosh! My husband has orange swim trunks, too!

  • Those are great pictures of your boys and it looks like you had a great time!

  • Why did you buy them? I mean we all know men don’t buy their own clothes and would go around in a liesure suite and ripped underwear with a “Keep On Trucking” T-shirt if we didn’t shop for them. I blame you for the Orange Trunks. So did you want to make sure you could spot him when he was floating in the water? Or was he going to be directing traffic in the pool?

  • well, we need SOMETHING to blog about. it gets rather challenging to come up with something clever and witty on a regular basis. orange swimtrunks sounds like fair game to me…

    (my hubby wears the jean cut-offs when we go canoeing. and talk about the white legs… sheesh!)

  • leslie:

    If it makes you feel any better, my husband had bright orange swim shorts too. In his case though, he owns a number of orange clothes. We both went to Clemson and that is a school that LOVES their school colors (orange and purple). It is almost like the colors are so obnoxious that you have to wear them A LOT and WITH PRIDE so that people make fun of you less for wearing Orange and Purple together.

    Oh…and my son has orange swim trunks with lobsters on them. I have always wondered about those…why Orange and not red? Red seems to make more sense with Lobsters.

  • Fun pictures. Those orange shorts match the life jackets. Maybe that’s what those orange mens swim short designers were thinking… maybe some fancy pants man would like to match his life jacket some time when paddling around.

  • I think the CD bought those ‘lovely’ swim trunks to match his brothers hair.

  • Rechelle:

    I did not buy them. He forgot to pack a swim suit on a camping trip with his friends a few years ago and so struck out to a nearby Wal-mart, where he found the orange swim trunks… Because who can miss the orange swim trunks?

  • Stephanie:

    Looks like you had lots of fun…
    And those trunks….OH MY!

  • ceedeedee:

    My husband wears orange swim trunks… with flames all over them. He’s 41. sigh.

  • That’s what they are missing ceedeedee – FLAMES! I am going to add some right now!

  • Hallie:

    Perhaps the color is to discourage sharks (supposedly sharks prefers yellow swimsuits) or maybe they’re for high visibility if you get swept out to sea and need to be spotted from the air by a rescue plane.

    What, no sharks in Kansas! At least you can spot him in a crowd at a pool picnic.

    What color is your swimsuit?

  • Uh… my swimsuit is uh… pink and navy blue and completely hidden by a cover-up at all times.

  • Just be glad he’s not sporting a pair of Speedos. Okay?

  • Ooh, seeeexy! I think the answer is that they match the most common color of life jackets. I agree with Crunchy, good thing it’s not a pair of bright orange Speedos. ‘Cause that would just be *too* sexy. The real answer, though, is of course that it’s a safety measure. The orange increases visibility. You can easily spot him from a distance to be sure he isn’t drowning. Danny doesn’t need the orange shorts because his legs are so white. This assumes, however, that people drown head straight down, legs waving in the air. That’s not how they showed it on Titanic.

  • Which is worse…bright orange but solid colored (and hence, semi-age appropriate) or my hubby’s choice of trunks that look like they belong on a 16 year old (which he’s not, and hasn’t been for some time)?

    At least it’s not a speedo! : )

  • Cool choice – matches Oracle’s hair and those life jackets. They’re orange so you can also use them as traffic cones or road hazard signals on the motorways…

  • Isn’t the orange thing somehow Irish? Of course, I have no idea if orange is Catholic or protestant…

    Do his trunks inflate into a raft for emergencies?

  • Kelly:

    Maybe you should go ahead and use the JCPenney codes to get swimsuits that are in a better color family! He does stand out!