Sunflowers… Are They Watching Us?

August 31st, 2009

Is it just me…






Or does anyone else think that sunflowers seem just a little more human than your typical flower…






Is she bowing to her partner?  Or is she critically assessing the shovel’s shoes?




I am a Kansas girl and I love sunflowers.  I can’t help it.  If Dinosaurs came from birds… and people came for apes… than Kansans came from sunflowers.  







Sunflowers speak of my state, my home, my high plains stompin’ grounds like no other plant ever could…

Well… except maybe wheat… but wheat doesn’t seem like it’s alive does it?

Or does it?




Even on bad hair days…






The sunflower seems to look at you…





And watch you as they follow the sun throughout the day…





They make me feel like someone is listening to me when I am muttering to myself in the garden.




Helping me on my way to a full blown nutter.  

Send a bouquet of sunflowers to the asylum for me will you?

They will make me feel not so all alone.


  • Great photos.

    You’re getting that camera stuff down.

  • So beautiful. Mine are so tall they are looking down at me from about 3 feet above my head! LOL
    Next year I’ll have to grow some of these big headed ones :-)

  • Stephanie:

    Beautiful pictures…I adore sunflowers too..

  • I love that last one! … And I love sunflowers too…. and sweet peas, and daisies…. :)

  • Sunflowers stalk you…always following you around.
    Wheat waves at you as you pass by.
    I’d take either!

    How do you keep the deer from eating all your sunflowers?!?

  • I stumbled on your blog looking for something else. Now I don’t remember what I was looking for, because I had so much fun reading what you wrote and looking at your photos.

    I love your sunflowers and I love your stories. And thank you for making me laugh when you don’t even know me! And thank you for reminding me of Provence.

    I think I’ll have to check back once in a while. Entertaining and inspiring – like a good hostess should be. Thank you for your blog hospitality!

    We’re about to buy a 1771 house with some land. Hope we have as much enjoyment as you seem to be having.

  • Susan:

    I recal seeing a huge field of sunflowers all facing the same direction towards the sun and it was glorious. I just love the natural flowers, especially sweet daisies.

  • Love your sunflowers–my favorite is the lemon yellow one. I had some of those this year but cut them all down this weekend because they were in the throes of death and had fallen to the ground.

  • Being a Kansas girl myself if not in geographically at this time definitely, always in my heart. I love sunflowers. I even have sunflowers on the side of my Crocs that I wear with my scrubs, evryday. Reminds me of home and the friendly, happy people who live there. Sunflowers are happy and proud. They stand tall and smile at you. They are bright and cheery like the sun they adore. The only thing I love more is the Jayhawker! He makes my heart swell with pride!

  • Barb:

    I LOVE Sunflowers !!!!!!

  • Barbara H.:

    Beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tracy:

    Now I know why I love sunflowers so much. You said what I must have always felt, they are the most human of all the flowers. And they do seem like they are looking at us.