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Is it just me…






Or does anyone else think that sunflowers seem just a little more human than your typical flower…






Is she bowing to her partner?  Or is she critically assessing the shovel’s shoes?




I am a Kansas girl and I love sunflowers.  I can’t help it.  If Dinosaurs came from birds… and people came for apes… than Kansans came from sunflowers.  







Sunflowers speak of my state, my home, my high plains stompin’ grounds like no other plant ever could…

Well… except maybe wheat… but wheat doesn’t seem like it’s alive does it?

Or does it?




Even on bad hair days…






The sunflower seems to look at you…





And watch you as they follow the sun throughout the day…





They make me feel like someone is listening to me when I am muttering to myself in the garden.




Helping me on my way to a full blown nutter.  

Send a bouquet of sunflowers to the asylum for me will you?

They will make me feel not so all alone.

Swimwear for Deer Hunters

August 31st, 2009

My boys in their natural habitat.

Buried in dirt.

Finding dead things.

Soaking up the sun.

And I got to see my husband in his sexy orange swim trunks again.

Who makes orange swimwear for men?

Who does this?

And why?

Why would they do this?

Is it swimwear with a built in warning?

Is it swimwear to increase your visibility to other swimmers?

Is it swimwear for deer hunters?

Is it swimwear for highway workers in flood conditions?

Why orange?

Dear God!


The Flowers That Don't Need Me

August 26th, 2009

I planted some sunflowers in a small corner of my garden.  I did this because someone suggested it right here… on my blog.  

I thought it was such a good idea.  I bought a few packets of seeds… mammoth sunflowers, and red sunflowers, and ‘normal’ sunflowers… if there are ‘normal’ sunflowers.  After I planted the small corner of my garden, I still had seeds left over, so I planted some by the barn, and then I planted some by the house, and then I scattered a few down by the pond.  I could water the ones in the garden and the ones by the house but the others had to fend for themselves.




Then I took a couple of packets of Zinnia seeds and planted them in the garden, and by the barn and down by the pond too.

The Zinnias mostly had to fend for themselves as well.




And well… they did.

They grew and they bloomed and they did just fine.




Mother Nature took care of them.  

I may have watered them when they were especially young and helpless, but after that, they were on their own.






They have done beautifully.  

They don’t really seem to need me at all.

I have to tell you… that is not a bad trait in a flower at all.

Except that I would like to think that I was somehow a part of it…

Well… I guess I did poke the seeds in the dirt.

And I did look out for them occasionally.

And I did rejoice when they bloomed.

For the truly rare flower…

This is all they need.