The Country Doctor and the Ghostly Apparition

July 3rd, 2009

Last weekend the Country Doctor was spending a little time fishing on our pond.  




I don’t know if I have every effectively communicated this to you before, but in general, self indulgent activities like fishing alone do not come easy to the Country Doctor.  There is not simply not enough bone crushing suffering involved to make the man miserable… which actually makes him happy… which is very hard to explain… but also very true.




Let me try to paint a picture for you.  If I were to mention the word ‘recreation’…

The Country Doctor would feel compelled to rehang all the doors and windows in the house.

If I say the word ‘relax’…

He will haul out all the crumbling board game boxes and tape them back together.

If I said, “Sit down honey and watch this movie with me and the kids.”  He will frantically dart to the nearest wheat field and start harvesting it with a dull scythe.

If I say vacation…

He begins to tear apart the old trampoline and re-fashions it into a batting cage.  

If I say, ‘take it easy!’

He will plant 150 trees before the sun goes down.

If I say, “Why don’t you take the day off!”

He plants 150 more trees.

So when I saw him clearly relaxing, clearly taking it easy, clearly indulging himself with a little peace and quiet, I had to take some photos.  

So I can prove it to him and myself later.

It was not until I developed the film, that the ghost showed up!



Can you see her?

That white glowing thing standing on the shore?

She seems to be talking to the Country Doctor!




No wait!

She’s looking at me!

Do you think she is trying to tell us something?




Was there a murder here?

Is she directing us to long hidden secret?

Is this a spirit trying to give us a message?

What does ‘hands on hips’ mean in the spirit realm?

Is this an angel?

Are their glad tidings?

Or is this a dire foretelling of dismal things to come?






It doesn’t look good!




I asked the Country Doctor if he saw her.



He said, ‘saw who?’

“The Ghost!  The Ghost!  The woman… in the glowing housecoat… on the shore … when you were fishing… did she say anything to you?”

The Country Doctor just looked at me and then went back to moving every tree he has ever planted on our land (of which there are thousands) exactly one foot to the West and nine inches to the North.  




But I have proof of her existence

And I have proof that he can relax.



Now I just have to decide how best to use this shocking information to further my own purposes.


  • Kellye:

    Oh that is funny! I hope that we find out the “rest of the story” about CD’s unearthly encounter.

  • How are you ever going to vacation in Europe? Will you tell him you are going there to build a hospital or something?

    The apparition looks to me like she is making sure he stays in the boat and “relaxes” or else!

    Tell us more about the pond. Is it natural or man made? Do you have to stock it with fish?

  • I love the hat. As for the apparition, if she’s telling him to relax, she’s one good soul. I’d keep her.

    And I love the hat.

  • pottermom:

    I swear this house and even the boat look like they are taken straight out of the movie “What about Bob”…. it just made me laugh.

  • Pottermom! That is one of my all time favorite movies. Gaw I love that movie. Did you know that Bill Murray visited our Garden Center once! He was insane. Absolutely insane.

  • Clayvessel – the pond came with the land, but it was a silt pond designed to keep the water clear in our neighbor’s pond. We did not want a silt pond, so we had it dug out and enlarged and stocked it with fish. It is probably still the silt pond for the neighbors pond, but you know… I can’t really change the lay of the land.

  • Kathy from NJ:

    Does your ghost play with puppets?

  • Yes, I’m thinking that ghost is a puppeteer. In the spirit world they say “arms akimbo”.

  • Your ghost reminds me of my husband’s Aunt Carmela that used to grab her head like that all the time. She was very dramatic but we wouldn’t have had her any other way. “Oh, my…where-a eez your life a-jacket!”

  • Somehow this reminds me of the Jeeves and Wooster episode where Bertie thinks he hears spirits trying to communicate with him
    “Have you a message for me, from the other side?!
    Show yourself! I am not afraid!”

    Your ghostly presence seems terribly practical, but i love her “get up”. She seems an old fashioned yet practical woman…er….ghost.

  • You are so silly. And I covet your pond……

  • Molly K:

    I want to know who the “ghost” is….. it’s killing me

  • We want a pond, had to be man made. I am glad he can relax this way.

  • Um, is that a trampoline batting cage I see behind the ghost? It’s real?!!? (The batting cage, I mean.)

    I also have a man in my house who breaks out in a cold sweat at the word “relax”. They’re a strange breed.

  • I was literally laughing out loud. I’m sure my dog thinks I’m nuts. This was an awesome post!