Pumpkins Along the Riviera

July 17th, 2009

I really wanted to plant a pumpkin patch this year.  I have long had a secret fantasy of owning a pumpkin farm, except that in my fantasy, there is no work involved.  In my fantasy, I inherit a pumpkin farm that is planted and ready to harvest.  Someone has already built a very cute farm stand with gingham covered tables and the sweetest wooden bins filled with an abundance of gourds and pumpkins in every shape, color and size.  A friendly neighbor volunteers to operate a horse drawn hay wagon that transports happy families back and forth to the pumpkin fields.  My children work without ceasing and never complaining to make hand pressed cider, pumpkin tarts, and adorable gourd birdhouses.  I myself, operate the cash register with frequent long breaks to sample the fresh baked goodies, wander aimlessly around the corn maze and sit on a sunny hay-bale to read a book.  We make loads of cash and after a few years, we retire in the Italian Riviera where I instantly write a best selling, suspense filled, action packed, heart breaking memoir entitled The Pumpkin Queen.  

Hey!  It’s my fantasy!  I can do whatever I want!

But I did not plant any pumpkins this year.

They planted themselves.

In my compost pile.

I think God is trying to tell me something don’t you?

I think I am supposed to move to the Italian Riviera.


  • Definitely. That is definitely the message someone is sending you. Take me with, will ya?

  • hahahaha

    You’re a trip!! :)

  • Kellye:

    God at work in your compost pile. Very interesting. Glad to hear from you!

  • NICE! That’s awesome. I’m hoping my pumpkins wait till October… and also that I can manage to get some white pumpkins again this year.

  • I don’t know about the pumpkins but your petunias sure are pretty!1

  • The ones that grow in the compost are the best!

    Get cracking on that novel!

  • Absolutely! Your pumpkins a beautiful.

  • ms martyr:

    Okay, I just finished reading your daisy story so I think you running a pumpkin patch may be a bit far-fetched, although your physical contributions to it sound realistic. Maybe you should try to make your fortune writing the novel now, then move to the Riviera. I planted one pumpkin this year but never get around to pollinating the blossoms so I think I shall be pumpkinless come fall.

  • You can come out to our fields – I think my dad planted like 500 plants this year. Weeding them was not so fun.

  • I am amazed at how similar some of our fantasies are, Rechelle. I’ve had almost this very same pumpkin farm dream. Actually, I’d like a pumpkin farm and apple orchard combined. This would be perfect for me since fall and pumpkins and apples are some of my very favorite things. Of course someone else would have to do all the planting and tending to plants as I tend to kill green things which require too much human care. I would be a good pumpkin and apple inspector and picker, though. In my dream I’d do all the decorating and setting up of the cute little gingham clad tables. I have tons of ideas for this part. And I would bake a gazillion loaves of pumpkin bread and wrap them in cute little packaging to sell. It’s a happy little dream. I don’t think it would even require retiring to the Italian Riviera or anywhere else, though a lengthy sabbatical there to write a book might be nice.

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