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The old tramp was converted into a batting cage.

A pitching back-stop or a pitch back was also an acceptable answer.

Pretty much any answer that mentioned the word baseball was acceptable.

Sorry… soccer, golf and football did not make the cut.  I hope to heaven that this thing is not still sitting in my front yard during football and soccer season.

Of the 174 answers, 98 were correct… sort of…


Mr. R.I.G. selected two winners for me.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

45 - Amanda 
I think it’s going to be a batting cage.
72 - Jennifer 
Oh, well that looks like a backstop for batting/pitching practice.

Amanda and Jennifer, please email me at with your mailing address and which prize you prefer.  


Favorite wrong answers…

From Sarah…

Greenhouse/Arbor – I wish!


From Garilish…

A soccer goal for the blind.


From DirtyKSmama

A safe wall for you to run and throw yourself against while screaming.


From Regina…

A garage for the mini-van


From Shela…

An eight sided hog pen… Shela’s family actually did this!


From Coffee Bean….

A frame for a covered wagon.


From Iowa Cowgirl…

A giant seine for fish… my grandmother always used the word seine so I knew what you were talking about!


Business meeting – Is anyone having trouble loading my web site?  I would really love to know so that I can fix it if this problem is rampant.  Thanks!

Old Tramp Giveaway…

July 1st, 2009

I’ll have the results for the Old Tramp Giveaway up on Wednesday evening.  Must sleep now.  With four boys shooting off fireworks outside that should not be a problem.  Check out some of the answers to that giveaway.  You people are hilarious.  I might have to come up with a ‘most creative answer’ prize… or maybe a ‘most absurd answer’ prize… or maybe both.

The Harvest Moon Cone-flower is absolutely my favorite perennial.  


That’s the one.

No doubt about it.

Now what should we talk about?



Did I say the Harvest Moon Cone-flower?  

What I meant to say was the Purple Cone-flower.  

The same one that Hal used to make his tincture.






It’s Russian sage!  

It’s Russian Sage!  

Gosh I’m spacey today!

Russian Sage is my absolute favorite perennial.




Except for the Purple Cone-flower.

Did I say this one before?





What I meant to say was Purple Gay Feather.


Because of the name and also…



The way it seems to glow when the sun catches the spiky leaves.  

Can you see the glow?

Can you see it?

You are just going to have to trust me… 

It glows.

And it’s my favorite…





How can lavender not be my favorite?!?

I love lavender!

With all my heart!



But what about the humble Valerian?

Such a sweet flower.

And if you know what you are doing, you can turn this plant into a sleep aid.

Maybe I can get Hal to teach me how sometime…




Be still my heart.

I do love Bee Balm.  

I do.

It might really be my very favorite of all the perennials.

That funky bright red bloom just really gets to me.



Did I mention the Purple Cone-flower yet?   

It is certainly winning the ‘most photogenic’ award today.

I love coneflowers.

And they really are my favorite.


They are all my favorites.




Perrenials take time… they take patience… they tend to come on slowly… but once they are established, they thrive under benign neglect.

Maybe that’s why perennials are my favorite of all the plants…

I raise them the same way I raise my kids.