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Salvaged Medicine Cabinet

July 8th, 2009

Originally posted October 2007

Over the course of building our house, I have had a few very minor disagreements with my builder, Dennis.




A few months back, he did not appreciate my decision to leave the pine treads and risers on the steps to the loft unpainted.   I had originally told him that I was going to paint them and with that in mind, he did not choose flawless boards for the treads. Some of the boards have tool marks, and some minor dents and dings, but I don’t mind. I think they look rugged and edgy and cool and I am just going to apply a few coats of polyurethane and call it done.  





Dennis does not agree, and would have chosen perfect boards if he knew they were going to be left exposed to every eyeball that ever looked their way.  






He also does not like this medicine cabinet.

That is to say – he does not like that I am not going to re-finish this medicine cabinet.

When he first saw it, he asked me if I was going to paint it.

“No” I said, “I think I am just going to leave it like it is.”

“With all that peeling paint?”

“Yes – I think it looks cool.”

Dennis shook his head, sighed deeply, rolled his eyes and said, “You are a dingbat.”

I bought this medicine cabinet at Architectural Salvage in Kansas City. I bought it because according to every single home design article I have ever read in Country Living Magazine, This Old House, Country Home, BHG, Popular Science, The New Yorker and National Geographic – if you don’t have a piece of salvage in your house it is not really a house. It is really more like a hovel…or a cave…or a hole in the ground. Desperate to live up to the standards of these style setting tomes, I went out and got me some salvage.






I must say that I do really love this cabinet, and I do really love the peeling paint. I am not just some sort of mindless, catalogue junkie, magazine article directed, bunko playing, ceiling fan watching housewife without a brain. Dingbat is a much more accurate description.





It is pretty ain’t it?

Vintage Medicine Cabinet

July 8th, 2009

Originally posted October 2007


For the past year, Dennis and Jordan have shown up just about everyday to work on this house.

Aside from electric, plumbing, foundation, interior paint and some dirt work, they have done the work themselves. Framing, roofing, trimming, staining, siding, stairs, windows, doors, and the trillions of tasks in between.





Did I ever mention that Jordan is Dennis’s grandson?






Jordan usually calls Dennis, “Boss” or “Bossman” or sometimes “D”. Every once in a while though…





He calls him “grandpa.”





They make a great team.

Originally posted August 13, 2008

Due to my part time job, my boys have had to take care of themselves a bit this summer.

I really think it has been very good for all of us. It has made me appreciate my time with my family much more and it has caused my children to… to… well…. 

To blog their breakfast!

One morning (read early afternoon) my kids arose to ferocious hunger pangs and a hot melting desire for a good breakfast. Cereal would not do. Toast would not do. Rummaging around for stale potato chips and flat soda would not do.  So while one brother grabbed the camera the others cracked open some eggs….



A  certain cousin fried up some bacon.




They set the table…


Look at this civilized scene!

Seriously!  Look at this!  There are napkins!!!  


What are they going to do next?
Start brushing their teeth without me having to ask them five hundred times???
I am not sure what is going on in the above pic. – but as a fellow blogger, I am sure it has some meaning.

For dessert there were chocolate milk shakes.

Photographed from  a few different angles of course.

At least I feel like I am equipping my sons with a few life skills.

Eggs, Bacon and Blogging!

I feel so much more secure about their futures now.