I Dream of a Normal Fourth of July

July 4th, 2009

You know the kind of Fourth of July I am talking about?  


A house full of family and friends…ice cold potato salad… brats… a cute red and white checkered table cloth on an outdoor picnic table blowing in the breeze… deviled eggs… beer… more beer?

Every year for the past several years the Country Doctor has said, “Next year… next year will be different… Things will change… You will see… We will have a party and just relax with people that we love… I can do better… I can do things differently”

But he never does.





Our family spends the Fourth of July setting up for our small town’s parade.  





In the morning we sneak around behind all the houses and buildings that adjoin the main street and we steal their trash cans.  




We move the trash cans to the street where the crowds will sit and watch the parade.



We string bright yellow rope from one end of main street…



To the other end of main street…




We often find ouselves drinking two sodas at a time to keep up our strong.





The Country Doctor scratches his head as he tries to make all the dignitaries feel equally dignified, while simultaneously getting the various floats, tractors, antique cars, heavy equipment machines, bicycles, marching bands, Boy Scouts, church groups, gymnasts, twirlers, clowns, cheerleaders, veterans, politicians, and those insane old men in their funny hats and annoying little cars to line up and wait their turn.





Here go the dignitaries….




You want to know what I do while most of this is going on?





I sit beside the Country Doctor in a golf cart while he zooms up and down main street and keeps things moving.





He talks on the phone…




People give him sustenance in the form of meaty sticks…




And finally the horses show up which can mean only one thing….





These lovely ladies are on their way….








Every year they get all dressed up….




And then they scoop the poop the horses leave behind.


Maybe someday I’ll get a photo of it happening.


It is the best part of our parade.


And then my family goes home and crashes.


And gets up just in time to go see what the Pyro Crew has put together for a fireworks show down at the ball fields.


And that is how we spend our Fourth of July.


Except next year it will be different…


Won’t it honey?






Oh, it’s really kind of fun.


Just don’t tell the Country Doctor I said so!


  • Now, that is fantastic!! I know you enjoy it as much as CD. Have a wonderful day! :)

  • HA! I love how the same people do the same things year after year, especially in smaller towns. Good luck escaping that one!

  • Janet:

    I’m impressed, giving of your time, very unselfish..you’re my hero!!!

  • Stephanie:

    Looks like fun was had by all….
    One of the joys of small town America…

  • Mr. Wonderful hates parades so, sadly, I haven’t been to one since I used to ride on the floats during my pageant days. At least I can still put together a fab picnic menu and take the kids to watch fireworks.

    BTW, I love your yellow converse.

  • Hey, that, um, “girl” in the red, white and blue hair shaved his legs!

    Your small town is WAY bigger than mine!

  • Erin in Holton:

    LOVE your shoes. And the golf cart. Doesn’t it make you feel important?

    Our 4th plans will hopefully not be thwarted by these thunderstorms…but the current plan thwarter (don’t think that’s a word!) is DH’s patient that is in labor. But we love babies and she will most likely deliver in plenty of time for us to go out to the lake and watch fireworks tomorrow afternoon/evening!

  • I love those pooper-scooper ‘girls’!

    As I’m not American, I don’t know anything about 4th July celebrations… still – this looks mighty fun in a hot, green-shirted, soda-drinking kind of way!


  • Theresa in Alberta:

    NOW that is a parade!!! And the guys in drag, just too gosh darn funny!!! That looks like a ton of fun. A very happy 4th to my neighbours to the south!!!!!!!

  • Nancy:

    Happy 4th! Hope you enjoy your family and hopefully some friends during the day. Looks like everyone works well together and the parade runs smoothly.

  • Gloriana Beausoleil:

    And you all get to wear matching t-shirts! It can’t be beat. Happy Independence Day!


  • Love your shoes. And it looks like a lot of fun. Happy 4th!

  • Patti:

    God Bless America! And God bless you too! Thanks for the fun post. :)

  • THIS is exactly the kind of 4th of July that I wish I’d grown up knowing, or better still, my kids had grown up knowing. Instead, we live in a major metropolitan area and nobody knows anyone and you have to be a professional to be in a parade.

    I think we’re gonna have to move. I’m gonna have to step up my search for the perfect place in relatively close proximity to small town America.

    What a wonderful heritage you’ve given your kids!

  • I’m just thinking that you have a lot of convertibles in your small town.

  • Aw, a parade! I miss small town parades. Our small town has a few, or at least they used to. Come to think of it, I don’t remember the last time they had one!

    Our 4th will never be a big bash. My 3rd is spent in slavery at work (typically 6 am until midnight) and too many of our friends are in tourism. The 4th is one of the busiest weekends of the year so most of us are “on call”. The 4th used to be one of my favorite holidays. Not so much anymore… But I am swearing to my hubby that from now on we’ll have a post-4th bash to honor my birthday and make up for the lack of fun on the 4th.

  • It looks like a great time!! I was disappointed with our 4th of July experience this year. :( I’ll blog about it in the next few days…

    Someone needs to organize a KS bloggers get-together! But not me, because I stink at organizing. I just want to attend and meet lots of other bloggers. :)

  • Here’s what’s funny…as Lawman and I were watching you & the CD drive up & down main street in the golf cart, we had a conversation about what we thought you & CD were saying to each other! It sounds pretty much like what you just wrote.