Did I Mention That We Are Going to Europe Yet?… The Fashion Edition

July 24th, 2009

My mom called earlier today. We talked about a lot of things as my mother is house-sitting for us while we are gone, but eventually we came around to what I was going to wear on the trip. My mom was very relieved to learn that I had purchased a few new things.  She grows weary of her daughter’s hobo look.   My mom longs for the days when I hot rolled my hair every morning and wore pantyhose and heels and carefully coordinated outfits in which to attend high-school… because what?  I was having a job interview?   When I went to college, I fell apart quickly, and I have never recovered.  However, a trip to Europe (did you know we were going to Europe?) is worth a spit-shine.  When I drove to Kansas City back in June for my gig at Prospero’s, I had a little over an hour to shop before I was due to rehearse with Forrest Whitlow.  Due to panicky time constraints,  I made a few uh… hasty decisions.  Here is how I described it to my mom…


Mom – What did you buy?

Me – Uh… well I bought a few summery tops and a few summery… uh… bottoms….

Mom – What do they look like?

Me – Uh… you know… summery…. and I bought this weird dress…

Mom – What do you mean weird?

Me – It kind of looks like a hospital gown…

Mom – Why did you buy a dress that looks like a hospital gown?

Me – Well… it’s more like a hospital gown from a really artsy hospital.  Like a hospital that Yoko Ono would check herself into when she is feeling kind of wobbly.

Mom – What?

Me – It looks like a dress they would force people in certain types of communal wellness camps to wear.  Or maybe what people at hippie drug re-hab wear.  Or a Folks Festival!  Yes!  It looks like something you would wear to folk-festival that had an emphasis on recovery.    

Mom – Why did you buy it?

Me – I don’t know mom!  It fit!  It covered up a multitude of errors!  It made me think of my light headed college days when I wore Birkenstocks 24/7 and I had just met the Country Doctor!  So I bought it!

Mom – Are you going to take it on your trip?

Me – I don’t know!  Everytime I try it on, it gets worse… I look more and more like someone escaping an artsy fartsy Japanese theme park for guitar players. 

Mom – I want to see it.

Me – Okay… 



And because I know she’ll want to see everything that is possibly going in my suitcase…

Which I still have not packed…

But I did iron everything!


I ironed everything!




I give you Rechelle’s poorly lit, blurry, strangely yellow, fashion wardrobe for the streets of London, Paris, and Beyond…

To promote further confusion, I have named all the outfits.  




The Warden at the Women’s Prison….





Polka-dots on parade.


Smokin’ hot… NOT!


Part-time waitress at a Spanish Restaurant.






Trying Too Hard…







Not trying hard enough.






The Looney Bin…






Night on the Town… with four kids in tow.






And let me just remind you mom… at one point in your life, you purchased this little number…






With a coordinating jacket for inclement weather…


So I guess the old apple doesn’t fall too far from the old tree.


  • Erin:

    Love it! And the black dress is super cute! You guys are going to have a great time. And I like the “hospital gown” – maybe with some different shoes?

    And a response to your earlier post – you totally have to try and sleep on the plane, but even if you don’t, try to stay up most of the day you get there – walk around, see the sights, work through the tiredness (may be difficult with kids…) and then go to sleep right after dinner – I promise you’ll wake up the next morning and be totally on the new time zone no problem!

  • Teresa:

    I long to have a wardrobe where everything goes together so you just mix and match. Alas I am 55 and I have still not mastered this concept. I have clothes in 3 closets and under the bed and I still labor over what to wear. I am going to a wedding reception in Kansas City this weekend and I had to buy a new top. I am going to wear dressy black slacks and sandals that I already own.
    Good luck on packing for Europe just remember as I do on vacation. None of these people know who I am or will ever see me again.

  • I love the little black dress!

  • kd:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I love reading it every single day!

    I love that “Looney Bin” dress! AND…most of all…I think it looks really good on you! Wear it w/all confidence!

  • Edie:

    I like the “hospital gown”! You must tell me what kind of fabric that ummm…yeah gorgeous orange frock is made of!

  • Rachel:

    I like the polka dots. And the pink tops will go nicely with the khaki pants or the denim skirt. But I wouldn’t trust me too much…

  • Most of those are actually pretty cute! Even the hospital gown. Young looking, in a good way. For long distance travel you really do need mix and match, versatile occassion, wrinkle resistant, etc.

    I had my first (and only) pedicure before leaving on a trip to Europe. My garden feet are pretty hideous. Not sure if I’d spend the bucks to do it again.

  • Barb:

    I don’t know what day you are leaving but we are going to London on August 1st. It would be cool if we ran into you.

    I won one of your contests recently and my son-in-law is a guitarist, you might remember me.

    I hope you have soooo much fun.

  • Edie – it is made of heavy duty polyester double knit. So lovely against the skin.

    Barb – Have fun! We will blaze a trail for you.

    Clayvessel – I should have gotten a pedicure. Really, really should have.

  • You are really and truly a funny lady! With a delightful taste in clothes. And closet photography.

  • Nancy:

    When travelling, two words (maybe 3), SPACE BAGS. They make the travel version of those storage bags, so all you need to do is put your clothes in, roll it up to remove the air, and VOILA…compacted clothes. Makes packing a breeze, and when you open the bags up, things aren’t wrinkled. Have a great trip!

  • Not trying hard enought is my favorite… Now come out of the closet…

  • i like the looney bin dress! and instead of birks, try some privo flats from zappos…they were great for walking all over tuscany and would be cute with the looney bin dress. regardless, i bet you have a great time!

  • Laura the Famous:

    Love it!! I think I will name my outfits too. We are taking a trip to Iowa, yes, Iowa!
    Laura the Famous

  • Stephanie:

    At least you have your sense of humor….
    I think all the outfits look great…
    Looney bin dress is cute…
    Have a great time…

  • flutterby:

    You have a looong air trip. I’ve been to Europe many times so here are a few tips. I find a non-wrinkle skirt much more convenient to wear on the plane for the sole reason it facilitates faster & easier maneuvering in those tiny toilet cubicles especially if the plane is not rock steady.

    Use slide-lock plastic bags of all sizes for packing. You can roll up clothing items, bag them and press the air out. Easy to unpack in a hotel, just leave stuff in their bags and put them in drawers or on shelves. Easy to re-pack your traveling bags and keep clean stuff clean.

    Smaller slide-lock/ziplock bags are great for toiletries. You can see what you’ve got and they capture any possible spills.

    Take along some tall white kitchen bags for dirty clothes. Cheap & light.

    The most important thing of all – Don’t take too much stuff!

  • M.R.:

    I’m going to nominate you for this year’s best dressed list!

  • Hope you all have a wonderful, fun, safe trip. :)

    P.S. The clothes are so CUTE!!

  • I love the fact that almost all your poses are identical.
    Wear what you enjoy, is comfortable and can be rinsed out:)
    Europe is not so matchy-matchy as the US so your boho self will love it.
    I adore the top of Trying to hard. I’d shlump that with some awesome boot cut jeans. For a NYC night I’d team the skirt with something black and an arresting necklacey thing. Heels to die for and then head out for sushi !
    I like Looney Bin. It needs some summer wedges.
    Most of all I covet the inclement weather coordinating jacket. I loved it before and I love it now:)
    Remember jackets or some sort of evening wear. It can be quite chilly over there at night.

  • jamoody:

    I love the looney bin dress….I think you don’t give yourself enough credit!

  • I think it all looks great and for the opportunity to go to Europe this summer, I would throw on a feed sack! I hope you guys have a great time and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  • priscilla:

    I love your looney bin dress. I think you will look very chic in Europe.

  • I’m with whoever left the first comment. I like the looney bin dress, just pick some different shoes. Maybe something with a bit of a heel. Regardless, have fun. That is the point, afterall.

  • I LOVE the looney bid dress. And love it with those shoes. It’s casual and you need comfy shoes. I love all the outfits, excepting Mom’s!

  • Your wardrobe is wonderful. also your organized closet it makes me cringe to think of mine full of junk to the poing that I can just step in get clothes and close the door quick.

    Have a great time in Europe. do you think you can squeeze me in your suitcase between a pair of jeans or something? I don’t take up that much room. LOL

  • Liz:

    I love the hospital gown dress! Anthropologie? I really like everything in your wardrobe. Are you going to take some shorts?

  • I love the looney bin dress! It looks like stuff this lady Elizabethann does. I have some of her stuff, all old clothes redone into skirts, shirts, etc… If that’s your hobo chic style go to Smoky Hill River Festival next year and get some! I like all the shoes, but I wear flip flops with everything in summer! Have an awesome time! And Rechelle you still crack me up! You have a great gift for words and your desciptions are hysterical! If I need a laugh, I can count on you.

  • So funny! I like the looney bin dress!

  • Amy in West TX:

    Pack your bags, then take out at least 1/2 of what you packed. You won’t need it. Take enough underwear and socks for the length of the trip and throw it away after wearing. That will give you more room on the return, same thing for the boys and CD. It seems wasteful, but you won’t believe how much more room you’ll have in your suitcase! You really only need a skirt, 2 blouses, a pair of jeans and a nice dress. Trust me on this, I overpacked way too much on a trip to Italy. My suitcase got lost and I had to make due with what was in my carryon (always carry on at least one full change of clothing!) for several days. That was all I really needed the entire trip. Hand wash in the hotel sink, hang to dry and wear the alternate outfit.

  • I LOVE Part Time Waitress at a Spanish Restaurant, & I really like The Looney Bin A LOT!

    But, what I love the most is… your facial expression in all the photos! It says, “I am VERY serious about taking pictures of myself in my travel outfits! So, don’t even THINK about laughing!”

  • Part Time Waitress at a Spanish Restaurant and Not Trying Hard Enough are my favorites. Little Black Dress With Four Kids in Tow is very cute, too. I almost like the hospital gown. Maybe different shoes or some accessories could make it look less hospital gown?

  • Jeanne:

    I actually like all of your outfits! (I’m thinking that says a lot about me!ha) I know you will have the best time ever in Europe! Take lots of pictures cause we all want to feel like we were there with you!

  • Sandra:

    Oh, dear god, people, seriously? The Looney Bin dress needs to be set on fire immediately. And I say that with love.

    • I know Sandra… it’s bad. It looks like I made it from a sheet.

  • Don’t pack too many clothes but take your makeup. I always want to look good in the pictures and I look like “crap” without it. Otherwise just have a blast..I speak French, are you suuuure you don’t need an interpreter?????? Have a blast! Oh, and take lots of batteries if your kids have electronic games as they probably will be bored … Let’s hope not!!

  • I kinda like the dress too. And perhaps you should take your mom’s dress–It will pack nicely and not wrinkle! :) But I know from experience that doubleknit takes up lots of room and is heavy….

  • Janie:

    Yes, the Looney Bin dress looks like a sheet. It does look comfy, though!

  • My vote is for Warden ess and Night on the Town with a splash of Smokin’ Hot.

    Have a great time!!!!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I bet you get over there, see what the weather feels like and what everyone else is wearing, and then you’ll know which outfit is perfect (which you’ll wear every other day) and have 4 outfits you may never wear, at least as planned. I’d probably go with Spanish Waitress most of the trip.

  • Hilarious. With Loony Bin – which actually is kind of retro and that is cool in London.. plus we are all bonkers in England – so you’ll fit right in!

  • Meg:

    The Looney Bin dress is a keeper! You have great legs, so strut forth with confidence! I think the red number with coordinating jacket (my mother owns something similar!) would actually fly in Paris. Being double-knit, it should pack well, too!

    Have fun!

  • I love the “Night on the Town” and “Not trying hard enough.” and I don’t even have a comment on the last outfit, but then again I only own polos and flannel shirts. haha

  • My favs are Spanish Waitress and Night on the Town. Surely the kids can stay at a hotel by themselves by now? ;)

  • kathleen:

    I like the black dress and the looney dress too, well spanish waitress is good too. Seriously take the double knit I bet it would fit right in!

  • Sal's Girl:

    I hope you have a wonderful time! But honestly, the looney dress is the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen!