Boys Get Blogging Bug, Father Summarily Distraught

July 8th, 2009

Originally posted August 13, 2008

Due to my part time job, my boys have had to take care of themselves a bit this summer.

I really think it has been very good for all of us. It has made me appreciate my time with my family much more and it has caused my children to… to… well…. 

To blog their breakfast!

One morning (read early afternoon) my kids arose to ferocious hunger pangs and a hot melting desire for a good breakfast. Cereal would not do. Toast would not do. Rummaging around for stale potato chips and flat soda would not do.  So while one brother grabbed the camera the others cracked open some eggs….



A  certain cousin fried up some bacon.




They set the table…


Look at this civilized scene!

Seriously!  Look at this!  There are napkins!!!  


What are they going to do next?
Start brushing their teeth without me having to ask them five hundred times???
I am not sure what is going on in the above pic. – but as a fellow blogger, I am sure it has some meaning.

For dessert there were chocolate milk shakes.

Photographed from  a few different angles of course.

At least I feel like I am equipping my sons with a few life skills.

Eggs, Bacon and Blogging!

I feel so much more secure about their futures now.


  • The Jillybean:

    I LOVE this post! It cracks me up…and I am impressed, they did a really good job with the breakfast and the chronicaling of the events

  • Living on the Spit:

    Momma, you should be so proud of these boys. I am so impressed. There is a budding Bobby Flay somewhere in that bunch! Great job, boys and CDW!

  • chocolatechic:

    You taught them well.A few comments.1. I totally am in love with your plates. I want them. Badly.2. It tickles me to no end the way that last picture is set up…with the milk shakes are all catty-cornered to each other. Someone has some artistic ability. Which boy did it?

  • Jen:

    Cute post! My boys have been home alone this summer from 0730-1300 each morning. They don't have nearly the motivation yours do! They eat PB&J or bananas until I get home to fix them "real food."

  • Anonymous:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!I am very impressed! Please finish the story….did they put their dirty dishes in the DISHWASHER????? the food does look very tasty, specialy the the breakfast dessert :-)Theresa in Alberta

  • Lorie:

    The breakfast of champions…

  • Snobound:

    Isn’t it amazing what happens behind the scenes when we’re not around to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing? I can imagine it’s refreshing (albeit shocking) to know that they’re going to grow up to be civilized human beings and not hooligans! :~D

  • Rechelle:

    Chocolate Chic – I got the plates at Target several years ago. I don’t know which boy took the pics, but my guess is Ethan or Drew.Theresa – The kitchen was not spotless when I got home, but it wasn’t disastrous either. They can’t seem to hand wash anything like the big frying pan, but they got the little stuff in the dishwasher. They did a pretty good job.

  • Mama Hen:

    I love your plates too! Now you know you never have to cook breakfast again. Your boys can do it and even serve you breakfast in bed!

  • Katherine Aucoin:

    I know you must be proud. Mine won’t even make a sandwich. Do they know once they started this, you’ll expect breakfast in bed…everyday?????

  • Jenni:

    Good job, boys! My family wants nothing to do with blogging–except for making idle threats that they’re going to start blogging about all the stupid things I do. Hey, what’s that all about? I’ve really held back in telling stories about them!BTW, I really like your dining room rug–from what I can see of it.

  • Katwolftex:

    What a beautiful sight! It gives me hope for my own kids one day, far, far in the future…..and I love your plates, too.

  • Kay:

    You didn’t show a photo of the table or kitchen after the meal! I really am impressed though, my son is 18 and I’m still not sure he gets the whole napkin thing.

  • Lori:

    That is hilarious! Boys are the best. Napkins, who knew they even knew what those are for. Too funny. Thanks for brightening my day.

  • Brian, Mason and Cortni:

    Can I get a hell yeah for your boys! It’s important to be self-sufficient…next is laundry!

  • Katy:

    Ha! Eggs, bacon and milkshakes. That’s my idea of a balanced breakfast!

  • ann marie:

    I found your blog by way of Pioneer Woman, which I found by way of a little piece about her on CNN. I think you should be on CNN. You are an amazing, funny, smart writer and I love your site. I click on Pioneer Woman just so I can click on your site. I’m too lazy to type in the site myself. I absolutely loved the post about your business lunch with your sister. The only thing is I feel pretty inadequate and lame after I read all of your posts, but I simply can’t stop.

  • Jess to the Lo:

    I am impressed that any group of boys pulled this one off! Eggs followed with a dessert of chocolate milkshakes!? When can I come for breakfast/lunch?

  • Accidental Housewife:

    Me too I love your plates too! Then again I have a dish fetish. I love your boys and the fact they set the table, with napkins and everything. Heck I’m impressed they weren’t drinking milk out of the carton and eggs out of the skillet. Oh wait that was me this morning!

  • Melissa Hadley:

    I love that eggs and bacon should always be followed up by chocolate milk shakes…and apparently someone in the group deigned that the younger boys should definitely NOT get as much chocolate milkshake as the “bigger” guys. Probably too much sugar for the little tykes, huh? …and the littler boys accepted this fate without running to Mom and explaining the injustice? Now that is something to be impressed with!Thanks Blogger Boys!

  • Tammy518:

    Awww, too cute! They look like such gentlemen and I love how they set the table, all proper and all!

  • Baba:

    Way to go getting the boys to cook. Makes them independent. Which is nice sometimes. I know maybe a bit early for that, but now they can help mom cook. Nice job boys! Keep it up!

  • noble pig:

    I think for each of their Birthdays you should get them a blogspot.

  • tournesol:

    I love it! I have three boys and I would FAINT if they did anything like that. Looks like they cleaned up too. Wow!!!

  • Alisa:

    It’s so nice to see the next generation of bloggers coming up. Can they come over to my house and make me a chocolate milkshake for my breakfast dessert? Speaking of chocolate and bacon, have you heard of the chocolate covered bacon? Maybe your boys would like to try that?

  • Tracy:

    That was cool! Sometimes boys can really surprise you! You’re making a great impression on them!

  • Kristin:

    Cooked for themselves???? SET THE TABLE??? NAPKINS??? Oh my!! And all this without the supervision of and threats from an adult. I must bow to your motherhoodliness, oh Great One!! ;0)I’ve threatened to dress my kids in napkins as they seem to use their clothing more than that clothlike article placed next to their plate and then plopped onto their laps after many glares, yells and threats! But seriously. It must warm your heart to know that at least some of what you try to pound into their thick skulls is actually sinking in. Good job mom!! :0)

  • Rhea:

    No way. They cooked themselves a big breakfast (with shakes for dessert), set the table AND took photos! Photos from different angles, nonetheless?! You are doing something righ over there. I’m impressed. Super impressed.

  • Anonymous:

    My son started cooking when he was around 15 and now at 23 he’s quite the gourmet. He’s an Engineer and approaches cooking in the same analytical way. LOL My advice is let ‘em in the kitchen whenever they want, it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking after all these years!- Bertie

  • SisterTwo:

    Ooooh I’m impressed. I hate frying bacon. Love to eat it, but hate to make it. My girls have been making videos of themselves this summer. I only wish it was cooking videos, instead of “I want to be a rock star video”. At least then, maybe I would have to something to sample when I get home from work. I’ve enjoyed reading about your life and your sister’s also. Keep on blogging.

  • Anonymous:

    Wonderful. When my youngest son (now 21) was about 9, he called me at work one day and left a voice mail question? “Mom, how do I boil eggs in the microwave?” ugh But I did manage to catch him before he tried it. :) Margie

  • patty:

    Any trips to the ER? Broken dishes? Fistfights when it was time to clean up?You’ve done something right. Even if one (or all!) of the above happened, you’ve done something right.

  • Restyled Home:

    This is adorable!! Really, what else do they need to know??Mmmm…bacon…

  • schdebby71:

    This is wonderful!! But the Big question—-Did they clean up? So impressed. I love your blog.

  • Anonymous:

    This is great! Setting the table, napkins – total civility – WOW!!!Mrs. I.

  • Angie:

    They are so cute! And look, they didn’t burn anything!

  • Dejoni:

    I am impressed. You have taken these boys and turn them into the small percentage of men that can turn a stove on! Congrats!!!

  • Lorraine:

    Great job, boys! I think choc milkshakes are an awesome breakfast drink! Now my kidlets are all grown up and gone (not too far) and my darling hubby has decided he likes cooking. I’m just backing away from the kitchen. His momma taught him right, too!!!! Yeah!!!

  • Rebecca:

    I love a good post-breakfast milkshake. Bobby Flay did breakfast episode with a milkshake. A milkshake with Kaluha. That IS a good morning.

  • Carla:

    Sur make a mama proud huh? This is too cute! Guess it goes to show you don’t have to be TOO talented, or TOO mature to blog??? There is hope for me yet!

  • Shay W.:

    Wow, boys learn how to cook for themselves? I look forward to that day.

    But what struck me the most? How very much I love those plates!

  • Margaret:

    how are they doing this summer? I love the table itself.

  • That’s incredible! All those boys and they cooked fod and ate like civilized people! I love that they blogged it, too!!