And Now CDW Will Tell You What Her Favorite Perennial Is…

July 1st, 2009

The Harvest Moon Cone-flower is absolutely my favorite perennial.  


That’s the one.

No doubt about it.

Now what should we talk about?



Did I say the Harvest Moon Cone-flower?  

What I meant to say was the Purple Cone-flower.  

The same one that Hal used to make his tincture.






It’s Russian sage!  

It’s Russian Sage!  

Gosh I’m spacey today!

Russian Sage is my absolute favorite perennial.




Except for the Purple Cone-flower.

Did I say this one before?





What I meant to say was Purple Gay Feather.


Because of the name and also…



The way it seems to glow when the sun catches the spiky leaves.  

Can you see the glow?

Can you see it?

You are just going to have to trust me… 

It glows.

And it’s my favorite…





How can lavender not be my favorite?!?

I love lavender!

With all my heart!



But what about the humble Valerian?

Such a sweet flower.

And if you know what you are doing, you can turn this plant into a sleep aid.

Maybe I can get Hal to teach me how sometime…




Be still my heart.

I do love Bee Balm.  

I do.

It might really be my very favorite of all the perennials.

That funky bright red bloom just really gets to me.



Did I mention the Purple Cone-flower yet?   

It is certainly winning the ‘most photogenic’ award today.

I love coneflowers.

And they really are my favorite.


They are all my favorites.




Perrenials take time… they take patience… they tend to come on slowly… but once they are established, they thrive under benign neglect.

Maybe that’s why perennials are my favorite of all the plants…

I raise them the same way I raise my kids.


  • Oh, that did make me chuckle. I love lavender. I did my college internship on a cut flower farm on the Oregon coast, and they had row after row of lavender. I’ve tried growing it here, but not very hard really. What variety, all knowing garden center guru, do you plant in KS?

  • Rechelle:

    We sell a few varieties…
    I copied the following info. from the Garden Center website where I work.

    Lavandula x intermedia ‘Grosso’
    Sun 24-30″ tall Blooms Summer
    Large plant with blue-green foliage, large purple flowers in
    summer. Very fragrant. Excellent for drying.

    Grosso Lavender
    Lavendula angustifolia
    Sun 16″ tall Blooms Summer
    Compact habit, outstanding flower and fragrance. It’s excellent
    for edging, low hedges and containers.

    Lavender Lady
    Lavendula angustifolium
    Sun 12″ tall Blooms Summer
    Foliage is aromatic and grey-green and flowers are lavender,
    appearing in July and August. Thrives in full sun and loose, well-
    drained soil.

    The one in the photo is Grosso Lavender

  • That’s exactly how I feel! I’m like that about annuals too. It’s sweet peas… no it’s sunflower’s…

  • What beautiful blooms! You just can’t beat a purple cone-flower – it’s my favorite…….. although that Harvest Moon cone-flower is spectacular!

  • Mine is and always will be the coneflower of all types. I’ve spent upteen pictures photographing the ones in my yard. I have so many in fact that I named my business after them…Coneflower Ranch Bath & Body, and have them on my business cards…the coneflower has “bean” veddy veddy gooood to me. (If you aren’t old enough to get the Garrett Morris Saturday Night Live reference, just ignore me, thanks) ;-)

  • Wow, that Harvest Moon cone-flower is amazing!

    I’m in garden envy again…starting from scratch leaves so many possibilities that it’s overwhelming me. But lavender is at the top of my list (partly because deer = no eat).

  • I can’t get past the bokeh in some of your first couple pics. Figuring out your new camera hey?
    Love your favorite flowers. Perennials rock!

  • Kellye:

    Those are beautiful. Did you do something to improve your soil when you planted. Please tell us step by step.

  • When I read the title and beginning of this post, I thought “Really? You can choose ONE?”

    It seems that, except for the liatris (and the valerian), all your favorites are herbs. Medicinal ones. Things you can make tea with. You can doctor people and have tea at the same time. How appropriate!

  • Oops. I just reread what you wrote about the valerian. My understanding is that the medicinal valerian is a different plant ( I have one and it looks nothing like Jupiter’s Beard and it grows six feet tall). Do you or Hal know if the valerian variety you have (Centranthus aka Jupiter’s Beard) is medicinal too?

  • Thanks Rechelle. I appreciate the info :)

  • You are really doing well with that camera~~the first picture is awesome!! I love all of them so I guess they’re all my favorites!

    P.S. Received the Annie Wolfe tote that I won here~it’s lovely, and again I thank you. My granddaughter chose the one she liked the most!!

  • All of my favorites!!! Cone flowers bring the yellow finches in the fall.

    Beautiful arrangement!!

  • Very lovely… though I have to say I’m partial to the Russian sage myself.

  • Gayl Venman:

    If you love lavender…you will love the lavender fields in France…..they are amazing!

  • Hey, those are all my favorites too! Except I have a huge Texas giant catmint plant that smells divine–kind of sweet. It has blue stalks of flowers similar to lavendar only they fall off. It MIGHT be my favorite because of the scent!

  • I have some catmint too, but she was not smiling at the camera when I took her photo so she did not make the cut.

  • Wildflowers are my favorite. Beauty with no effort on my part. I can’t choose just one. I love all of these in this post, too, especially since some (like that purple coneflower) grow wild with, you know, no effort on my part. There is nothing more beautiful than a bouquet of wild (or wild looking) flowers in a Mason jar. Forget the fancy vahz, a Mason jar (blue are my favorite) or an old honey jar or even an old glass soda bottle really makes for the best presentation. Don’t you think?

  • My absolute favorite is the black-eyed-susan. Lavender is a close second, although it has taken me some time to get it to survive the Utah winters. I have lost a lot of lavender to Utah winters.

    I also love butterfly bushes. Mine are 6.5 feet tall this year and totally out of control, but I love them.

    My child is also out of control, but I love her too.


  • Sheila:

    Has to be Lantana it is the best with the Oklahoma heat and winds

  • Until this year, I had never heard of Coneflower. I love them too, especially the purple.

  • Benign neglect! That’s how my third child describes the way we parented him, and it’s fairly accurate because he followed a very high maintenance sibling. We thought that phrase was original with our family. Or have you been talking to #3?

  • Marin:

    Your blog makes me happy!