The Goats and the Sheep

June 12th, 2009

We spent last night in a barn.  Not a cute converted barn with faux Victorian furnishings and knotty pine panelling… a real barn.  A goat screamed ‘MAAAAAAAW’ MAAAAAAAAW’ ‘MAAAAAAWWWWWWW” right in my ear every nine minutes all night long to make sure I stayed properly awake, while several huge turkeys did their robust ’jibble, jibble, jibble, in between.  At one point I regained consciousness after a brief slumber to discover some type of smallish slow moving animal sniffing around my luggage.  Opossum?  Rat?  Skunk?  It was too dark to tell.  I sat up and looked at the animal.  The two of us held a staring contest while I tried to decide whether or not to scream like a little girl.  Fortunately, the animal scuffled away before I could respond, which wouldn’t have mattered anyway as even the most fierce scream I could muster would have been totally drowned out by the goats. 

It might seem that I was having a terrible time, but actually it has been delightful (except for the goats, which are charming in their own goaty way).  Last night we played charades with the natives.  This morning after two cups of fabulous organic coffee with cream and honey, I feel wholly revived and ready to tackle our hike to the village… via a ropes course.  I still don’t know which country I will end up  in, I just hope that wherever I land, they don’t have goats.


  • Glad you are having a better time…

    I thought CDW was going to turn into “I’m a celebrity! Get me out of here!”….

  • I’m seriously confused.
    Are you practicing for the third world country’s accommodations?

  • So where are you??? Or did I miss that??

    I hate when I miss inportant points!

  • HUH??????????

  • kathy:

    Are you at the Heifer project in Arkansas?

  • What?! Where are you??

  • caren:

    I have done the Heifer Project in Arkansas! My son’s 7th grade class went last year and I was one of the parents that went. I live in Arkansas. Great experience for the kids.

  • Goats are delightful as long as they are not getting jealous of you or eating your clothes….

  • Kathy from NJ:

    It’s really nice that there is internet service in the barn.

  • He he he, I thought the same thing as Kathy — what kind of barn is this with internet access? We have the same debate every year at the 4H county fair about which animal is noisier at night, the goats or the sheep. The goats win, hands down.

  • Maybe I could stand a barn like that. Except for the rat, possum, skunk visitor. How bad were the bugs? That would be a deal breaker, too. Are there even barns in third world countries?

  • You’ve gone to third world camp in a barn? What language do you have to learn? Food? With or without kids?

    Or did you lose a bet and have to sleep in the barn as consequence?

  • Are England and France third world countries now?

  • flutterby:

    Betcha Rechelle is in the Dominican Republic.

  • LOL, I soooo can’t picture you sleeping in a barn with goats. I can’t WAIT to hear about your adventures.