The Cliffs of Insanity… Hwahhh, Hwahh, Hwarhhh!

June 20th, 2009

It is 2:32 am on Saturday morning as I am writing this post.   I just got home from driving across the state of Kansas.  My boys had their camp show this evening… or is that yesterday evening?  They decided to stay out west and spend a few more days with their grandparents, so I drove home alone.  April and Clay are bringing everyone home on Sunday.  

Later this morning… (much later)…  I have to shovel my house out for a party on Sunday night and when it is clean enough around here to admit a few guests in the front door, I am going to pack up my guitar and drive to Kansas City for a rehearsal and a gig!  I am playing at Prospero’s book store late Saturday night with a few old friends.  


I have to speed back home, catch a few hours of sleep and get up in time to drive to a nearby town to listen to a preacher who is applying for the pastor position at our church…




I have to work a few hours on Sunday afternoon at the Garden Center.




I have to race home, fire up the grill, and fix dinner for the pastor nominating committee as well as the pastor applicant and his family!




When the dinner party leaves I am collapsing in a heap of exhaustion…




the two tons of camp laundry that my boys will be bringing home…




To arise Monday morning, conduct the pastor and his family around town and enjoy lunch with them…




I will end this marathon of craziness with a…




Doesn’t this sound like a fantastic few days!


I especially love the ending!


I love going to the dentist.


It is my favorite!


  • I need a nap after reading this!! Of course, it is 3:30 AM and I really should be asleep, but hey! Can’t say I’d trade places with you anytime soon, but I marvel that you haven’t already checked yourself into the rubber room!! What a gal!

    Be kind to yourself and have some chocolate along the way!

  • I’m having flashbacks to last weekend – it had tones of similar insanity – only culiminated in bowel prep for endoscopy and colonoscopy. Woo Hoo!

    And on behalf of that candidating pastor and wife – let me thank you. My husband was a pastor for years and being the guy on the hot seat is no joy ride. I can only imagine having the great privilege of being on the receiving end of your hospitality will be a HUGE blessing and highlight of their trip.

  • AUGH! Happy recovery next week.

  • Jennifer:

    Oh My God, I need to take a nap just thinking about it. Good Luck!

  • Where on earth is that laundry faerie when you need her. Of all the times when it would be very helpful for her to appear, this would be it. Perhaps we should be accepting applications to fill a new laundry faerie position. The current faerie just isn’t working out.

    Seriously, good luck. Your schedule is much worse than my making 40 quarts of spaghetti sauce and meatballs for a fundraiser while trying to complete 10 pages of logic homework and a technical writing exam, and being mom to four kids. I juggled that yesterday. As for the mountains of laundry, they did not get done……

  • At least while your at the cliffs of insanity – we can have lunch… I have summer home there and its quite… insane – we actually have some open space in the padded cell if your interested… :)

    Good Luck with the marathon and I hope you got enough sleep!!!

  • Ok, well I’m tired now! At least when you go to the dentist you could get a little nitrous-oxide induced nap if you so desired!

    Good luck with the gig at Prospero’s! It’s a really cool bookstore! Break a leg! But not literally!

  • Been there too often. Feel your pain keenly. AND I just finished numerous dental visits myself with one last one on Monday too.

    I agree – keep the chocolate near.

    That movie is my kid’s favorite. They’ve seen it 14,367 times.

  • (Oh yay! Princess Bride is one of my favorites too.)
    Maybe you can nap in the dentist’s chair. :)

  • Whew! You could apply to be a authenic Kansas Tornado! What a whirlwind! You made me tired just reading about it. BUT the dentist, no way! I was there on Monday to have my teeth cleaned. When they put you back in the chair I guess you could nap but usually my sinuses start draining when they put me down ….Hope you survive we so look forward to reading your blog everyday!

  • Your sister did all of your children’s laundry, so you can scratch that one off the list. Ethan only packed two articles of clothing, so his laundry was pretty easy.

  • Just. Say. No. you silly woman–Pastor search committee! This would be the time to leave camp laundry in the garage. Or maybe your mom will send it all home clean!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I’d come help clean your house, cook, do laundry, hear you play (cool!) etc., but alas I’m on the 30-day homestretch of finishing our house. Long days and late nights of sawduct and polyurethane fumes, which unfortunately don’t give you superpowers or extra energy, just snot that looks like wood putty and a twitchy eye. I’ll still take it over your schedule, tho. Hang in there.

  • Katy:


    “Why do you keep using that word? I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    I love this scene.

  • Would you rather be unemployed, in GREENLAND????!!!!!

  • E-Jayjo:

    Oyyy…made me tired just reading all that. That is a lot of running. I’d be stressed. Hope your not stressed!

  • I understand all of it! When you’re a mom, it never ever stops does it?

  • I used to be dental phobic… but after reading your post I’m cured! Thanks, Rechelle! I owe you big time!

  • Our family has watched The Princess Bride at least twenty times over the years. We quote large parts of it to each other and laugh each time as though we had never heard the lines before. (Hey, we don’t get out much!)

    Nice to know you’re also a PB fan!

    As always, love your site, love your writing, and especially love the fact that it’s YOU with the crazy week and not me. (Although very soon, WE will be the ones trying out for a church and will have crazily overworked puplit committee members entertaining us.)

  • I’m soooooo jealous – NOT! Seriously, I’m pooped just reading about it…….good luck!

  • Lucky you – what a finale! The dentist is my favourite person too!

  • Well you just made my Monday with that Princess Bride clip. I shall now waste a few hours watching it on Netflix…

    I shall hope your dentist appointment is a simple cleaning that goes uneventfully. And not a broken tooth leading to a crown a mere month before your scheduled cleaning as mine was. *sigh*

    I think it’s time to teach a few boys how to run the washing machine. : )


  • Inconceivable!!

    (Ahhh, I was beat to the punch)

  • Gotta love a blog entry that references The Princess Bride. A video is even better!