The Celebrity Milk-Off

June 4th, 2009

We hosted a celebrity milk-off.


Minus the celebrities…





In one corner, a local family operated dairy milk wearing glass bottle, with sloped shoulders and vintage styling, charmed his opponents to death…






In the other corner, your typical mass produced plastic milk container threw out his chest and slew his opponents with his cheaper price tag.







I have been purchasing milk from a local dairy for about a year now.  





The first time I brought it home, my son Drew drank almost the entire container in one sitting.

The kid has a thing for liquid nourishment… any liquid nourishment.  I honestly fear for the day he drinks his first beer.

Drew instantly became a die-hard fan of the local dairy’s milk and could not stop exclaiming over how much better it tasted than regular milk.






Because of Drew’s enthusiasm, the other boys also jumped on the local dairy milk wagon and began to much prefer the milk from the glass bottles, to the milk from the plastic jugs.  I still buy both, as my family goes through about six gallons a week, and I can’t purchase all of that in half gallon glass bottles because honestly, at last to me, that would be insane.  But I do buy one or two glass containers a week because it really is delicious milk. 








The Country Doctor however, is very skeptical of any type of product that claims to be better tasting due to brand name, organic content, or family farm quaintness.








He is really the one who should be participating in the celebrity milk-off.

Minus the celebrities…







But we were out to prove at least to ourselves that there truly is a difference between the two types of milk.  My family had tested me on several ocassions in the presence of the CD and I always knew which milk was which.  They really do taste very different.  To me, the milk from the glass bottles is clearly better tasting.  It’s colder, creamier and lacks the strange saltiness of factory milk.






But in this taste test, the boys had to determine which milk was which (I switched the milks around each time) and they also had to decide which milk they thought was better.





Jack had a hard time making up his mind.







The other two boys knew immediately which milk was which and chose the Hildebrand Family Dairy milk as the best tasting milk.






Jack chose the commercially produced milk as his favorite milk and guessed that the commercial milk was the local dairy milk and vice versa.






Maybe all these freckles cause Jack to taste milk differently than his brothers do.







Or maybe he just likes the commercial milk better.

He can drink it with his dad.







The rest of us will drink the good stuff.


  • Great post! We buy the good stuff for the kids. We figure it’s too late for us anyway. ;)

  • Those freckles are so cute. (Ahem….handsome.)

    All we have around here is factory salty milk. WHY?

  • Nothing like the real thing. Scares me a bit what may be in that store bought milk.
    I’ve never seen so many freckles! Whew, what a cutie.
    I just noticed I have those same glasses, except mine have hard water stains I have yet to scrub out.

  • Just checked in and couldn’t help but chime in… There is definately something to be said for GLASS bottles… we have 2 dairies that deliver milk… one in glass the other in plastic… and both are fresh… but glass beats plastic hands down… it gets colder… it seems to stay fresh longer… so I will concur from many miles away… “It’s the glass… hands down!”

  • eclecticdeb:

    I always love your “tastings”. What fun. Your boys are going to remember those forever.

  • Are you using whole milk or 2% from the dairy? Whole milk would almost always beat out 2% (except for Jack!) since it’s so much creamier.

    • Hey Jennifer… they were both 2%.

  • They look like celebrities to me! :)

  • We tried some Dillon’s was selling in glass bottles from a dairy up near Topeka. It was soooo much better than the milk in the plastic jugs. Braum’s milk is better than regular store milk, too, and usually cheaper. I need to see if the glass bottle milk is better than the Braum’s milk. I can tell you, though, that *nothing* beats unpasteurized milk fresh from the farm with the cream all thick at the top. I won’t touch that 2% stuff, though.

  • I had a friend in college who grew up on a dairy. He could taste a difference between Walmart milk and a few of the local grocery stores milk. His mom didn’t believe him and did a “milk off” too. He proved he could taste the difference.

    Now I need a cold glass of milk.

  • Janet:

    Really, too cute….I like the bottled milk!

  • At the risk of being hung, drawn and quartered, or at least flogged, for my dairy heterodoxy, try tasting sweet raw milk (which has nourished the human race since the beginning of time until the twentieth century when it became anathema), side by side with ANY pasteurized milk and see what real, sweet goodness tastes like!

  • So funny! My son has been insisting for a while that I buy the local brand milk. He’s sure it’s better than the regular grocery store one. I think he’s right.

  • I grew up on a ranch, where we had a dairy cow we had to milk daily. And I grew up drinking that milk. But I’ve never really liked milk…and I have no idea where I’m going with this.

  • How cute! I love the freckles!

    I do have to concur with the (few) suggestions for fresh, raw, whole milk– nothing beats it! Delicious AND extra nutritious!

    BTW, factory milk is salty from the infection the battery cows are constantly battling. How does blood and pus taste? Salty… I once had a goat who started having chronic mastitis. I could always tell when the infection was back because her milk tasted salty.

  • You have a lefty!!!

    And now I really, really, really want to find a place that sells local milk. In glass jars.

  • We’re not big milk drinkers ’round these parts (excepting the 2 year old). But I’d kill to have a local dairy to buy milk from. I buy the pricey organic stuff in cardboard containers. Because I think the milk in the plastic jugs *always* tastes funny. And I prefer my growing boy wasn’t loaded with hormones – that’ll come soon enough.

    I prefer my milk with equal parts chocolate. : )

  • We have a local dairy that we buy milk from. Both my daughter and I can tell the difference. It is a HUGE difference. We started buying the milk because it didn’t contain hormones and my daughters doctor told me to be careful of that with some health issues she was having.

    The milk at that WAL…. store has hormones.

    Anyway, we are hooked.

  • OMG, I must have a celebrity milk-off minus the celebrities (ummm I don’t know any of those) in Marrakech, too!!!! Love those freckly faces (sweet photography). And can I tell you that your banner is gorgeous?

  • We’re spoiled by local milk in glass bottles too. We always get a little freaked out if we run out of ‘good milk’ before the milkman is due to deliver.