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My garden needed an urn…






An urn full of flowers for the center raised bed.






I was hoping to find a tall urn.







Or even better, a tall urn with a matching pedestal.






The Garden Center where I work carries all kinds of beautiful cement urns and I have been drooling over them for weeks trying to decide which one to get.  However, as much as I love the look of these cement urns, I could not quite adjust to the sticker shock I suffered from every time I checked out the price tag.

Still, I really loved them and I figured that the five or six salads I have managed to harvest from my garden over the course of the next forty years will at east add up to the price of half an urn.

Won’t I make the rest back in tomatoes and cucumbers?

Once again, I was faced with a purchase that I was unable to talk myself into.  The only thing that I am really good at buying without being plagued by guilt are groceries, used books and plastic hair accessories.

Oh!  And six plane tickets to Europe.

Someone explain please?


Fortunately for me, I was not forced to purchase an expensive urn for my garden.  Instead, I drove past a neighbor’s house and noticed that he was having a garage sale.  I stopped and found the perfect thing to use in place of an expensive cement urn.  Something that captured the spirit of my farmhouse garden even better than a dumb old, beautiful urn.

















My country urn.








To fill my new/old urn up, I grabbed a few of my very favorite petunias from work.












Some tall spiky grass.







A sweet potato vine…

A trailing strawberry…

Yellow lantana…









Some millet…

Some dianthus…

Some bright red verbena…

Turns out that my country urn will hold a lot of plant material!





I tossed it all together adding a few perrenials and some more annuals at the base of the urn.

I also threw some zinnia and sunflower seeds in the dirt behind my country urn.







I think this urn will do just fine, though I do wonder what Beverley would think.

Wilted Lettuce

June 3rd, 2009

As soon as people discover I have fresh lettuce in my garden, they start talkin’ wilted lettuce.

Oh! You have to try some wilted lettuce they say…

My grandmother always made wilted lettuce…

We ate wilted lettuce when I was a kid…

Have you made any wilted lettuce yet?..

I had never even heard of wilted lettuce, but I managed to wangle the recipe out of my pastor to whom I recently gave a bag of my fresh garden greens.

But I must warn you…

This recipe is not an easy one…

Because first…






You have to plant a garden…






You’ll need some bacon… and some lettuce… and oh for crying out loud!… just look at the photo!






Fry the bacon…

Does anyone else feel like I am overstating the obvious here?






Host a celebrity milk-off…






While hosting a celebrity milk-off, your bacon will mysteriously disappear.








Fry some more bacon.








I certainly hope you had the foresight to soak your lettuce a bit and then gather it into a pillowcase.







Get a young’un to swing the heck out of that pillow case.







‘Tis penance for the stolen bacon.





Take a tablespoon of bacon grease out of the pan.

I’m starting to wonder if I should write a bacon grease cookbook.






Add the bacon grease to a small mixing bowl along with a tablespoon of vinegar…






And a teaspoon of brown sugar.

And yes, that is a tablespoon of brown sugar in the photo, but that is only because I couldn’t be bothered to find a teaspoon. After the celebrity milk-off, I was far too weak and shaky to hunt for a teaspoon in my kitchen, but a tablespoon really is more sugar than you need. If you use a tablespoon, like I did, you will have to add more vinegar and that will result in adding more bacon grease and before you know it you will have filled every jar in your kitchen with this concoction in an attempt to try and find the right mix, and I really don’t want that to happen to you.








I also added a little salt.

Do I seriously need to post a photo of the adding of the salt?

Surely you can picture it in your mind!

When you get the mix adjusted to what you think tastes good, pour it right on top of your lettuce and mix well.







I also added some sweet olive tomatoes…






And whatever few scraps of bacon that I managed to protect from my kids.







Next, because you are a total weirdo, take your salad for a tour of your yard.

Then hurry back inside because the wind is blowing your salad all over the place.







Eat your first bite ever of wilted greens.


I gotta tell you this whole bacon grease thing is a pretty good idea.

I think I might get to work on that cookbook.




Right after I finish the celebrity milk off.

I am going to buy a new camera today.  I have been thinking about one that I saw in a Topeka camera shop a while ago and I am going to go and get it today. Yes I am.  I really am.  Here I go.  I am going.  I am going now.  I am walking out the door to go buy a new camera.  This is me leaving.  This is me going.  Goodbye.  I am going now.  I am off to buy a new camera.  I am going to count to three and then I will go.  One… two… three… Okay, I am going to count to five… one… two… three… Okay.  I am going to make a sandwich and then go…  But first I need to go to the bathroom and then I will go.  Here I go.  I am going to go buy that camera now.  I am leaving now… One… two… three…


I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on this purchase!

It is a very nice camera, one of those SLR’s types for which I have no idea what that means except for that it clearly means very complicated and absurdly expensive.  Strange how none of those words start with an S, an L, or an R.  

This fancy new camera that I am thinking about also does not take videos like my old camera does, but it will allow me to take photos with fuzzy backgrounds, because clearly this is a complete necessity to have a decent blog.

Is you’re blog suffering from shrinking stats?  

Perhaps you need more photos with fuzzy backgrounds!


Let me get this straight…

I am trading video capability on my camera for fuzzy backgrounds.  

I am trading a simple point and shoot that takes very nice shots for a huge behemoth with a set of complicated directions because it takes fuzzy backgrounds?

Now who’s the loony loony loon-o?


Should I go through with this bit of absurdity, the shop where I am possibly purchasing a camera, also offers a class that teaches you how to use the camera and hopefully how to take a photo with a fuzzy background.  I purchased my last camera at the same shop and did not take advantage of the free class because once I located the little button that you push to snap the photo, I decided the class was a ludicrous waste of time.  I wonder if I will ever get around to taking the class this time?  That fuzzy background is a pretty big pull for me.

I really do need a new camera.

I do!

No, really!

I do!

Can someone please come over and explain why I need the new camera to the Country Doctor this evening?

He is not going to understand the whole fuzzy background thing.

But the main reason I need a better camera is because we are going to London and Paris for our summer vacation!


Did I just say that out loud?

We have been watching the ticket prices for several months, hoping for a good deal, and then the talking heads and the internet spun Swine Flu into a pandemic and plane tickets hit rock bottom prices.  

It is always good to wait for world wide panic to plan your vacation.

You will save a BOO-COO of BUCKS!

Sadly, Swine Flu has not affected the price of SLR cameras.

But I need to get one anyway.  

I just do.  

It’s time.

Maybe I will have a photo with a fuzzy background up by the end of the day.

Or maybe once I arrive at the camera shop, I will balk at the expense and go to Target and buy some plastic hair accessories instead.

I imagine I will need a few of those in Paris too.