Name that Author, Winners Announced!

June 6th, 2009

Sarah Susanka, architect, author, and cultural visionary.

I got to have dinner with her.

We didn’t uh… exactly sit at uh… the exact same table, but I could see the back of her head from my seat!

After dinner, she gave a talk to the attendees, a truly wonderful talk. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the evening…

Architects need to re-connect with what normal people want.

Bungalows bespeak the value of good design.

Most people spend their lives searching for a sense of home, It has nothing to do with size, but rather a certain quality of home over quantity of home.

Most house plans today are chosen based on the front facade. They really only have one side.

One fourth of the American population is comprised of ‘cultural creatives’. These are people that choose quality over quantity, desire beauty and balance, seek harmony and sanctuary in their surroundings, prefer sustainable options, believe that well being begins at home, and that the character of their homes is reflected back on them.

These cultural creatives are the same people who made Sarah Susanka’s first book The Not So Big House, skyrocket to the top of Amazon sales just weeks after it was published. They were desperately searching for someone who understood what they had always wanted in a home, who could put in understandable terms, with great photos, drawings and and a hefty dose of good old common sense.

Did I mention that I got to go have dinner with her?

Here she is signing one of the TEN books that I had.

Some of them were well worn copies from back when I was designing our home, but some are for tonight’s giveaway and for some future giveaways.

Mr. Random Integer Generator chose two winners for me.

Here are your random numbers:

2 24
Timestamp: 2009-06-06 04:41:13 UTC

Of the correct guesses, those numbers line up with…

#2 – Barb
Sarah Susanka is going to be my guess. She has some great ideas.

#24 – Erin
Sarah Susanka – LOVE her books – I’m jealous, where do you get to meet her? I just read a bunch of her stuff because we recently bought 115 acres (crazy, I know) and will be having my dad design us a house here one of these years…

Winners please email me your mailing address at and please feel free to tell me your top two choices of the above pictured books. I will attempt to accomodate your wishes.

Everyone else… hold on!… more Susanka giveaways coming soon.

But tomorrow!

I get to visit the home of Mary Carol Garrity!

Good Grief! This might be too much for a weak and shaky sort like myself!

I better go lie down for a while.


  • I am designing a not so big house. My goal is for it to be under 1100 sq feet. I then want to make it into a bungelow community project. We are still going through the planning and entitlement stages. Unfortunately communities don’t want small houses with character they want big boxes.

    • That is so cool Gladys! Do you want to borrow my electric pencil sharpener?

  • Neena:

    Two great events in so short a time!! You lucky girl. I love to go to Mary Carol’s stores. She is so talented.

  • I didn’t win? Oh, wait, that’s right…I had NO idea who you were talking about. darnit.

  • caren:

    I just downsized and let me tell you that is the hardest thing. I am a pack rat and when you live in a McMansion for a long time you have a lot of stuff. When my daughter moved out I used her room to put things in, I guess because all the spare bedrooms had their on style/stuff. We never used the formal living room or the dining room but maybe 2 times a year. And it got where we didn’t even use 3 of the bedrooms anymore and well it didn’t make sense to live in a big house that you didn’t need. The boys had the downstairs pretty much to themselves. Our new house just makes more sense now that some of the kids have grown up and moved out. But we have to do some work to do on it. It is an older home. But for the 4 of us this house if better and less housework!!! Also the heating and cooling bills are so much nicer!

  • So awesome, Rechelle!! Congrats! I’m off to see where Sarah is speaking next…