My French Wife

June 10th, 2009

A hundred million years ago, I used to be a song writer and I had many songwriter friends. I have lost touch with many of these friends, but there are a few I still hear from and get to visit with on rare and wonderful occasions. One of these friends is Forrest Whitlow. He wrote the song that goes with this video. I’m the girl singing back-up on this song. A truly beautiful song and an exquisite little film.

Artist and Filmmaker – Peter Max Lawrence.
Bride and Groom – Virginie Falquerho and Peter Max Lawrence
Song - And Now Here We Are by Forrest Whitlow from his album Patch of Blue


  • I think you should still be a songwriter!

  • That song was so beautiful and you sing beautifully! Where else can hear you? Play some more…

  • Bravo, encore!!

  • Another of your talents!! That explains again why you have such a way with words. Lovely! You sing like an angel! More……..

  • Jeanie:

    You are good at so many things-I am jealous.

    • Thanks, but uh,,, I am also very bad at so many things. Many, many things.

  • Step forward Ms. Rechelle for your bow. That was so beautiful.

    Let us hear more of your singing

  • E-Jayjo:

    That was a pretty song. Liked it a lot.

  • WOW. You never fail to surprise us. (Applause fills the air)
    Share more, please.

  • marewood:

    Thank you so much. Today is our 31st anniversary and that was lovely.

  • Lori Anne:

    You are NOT very bad at many things! You just care more about some things than others. (Don’t we all).

    I still love hearing you through my iPod. All I need is a track of your laugh and then my listening track would be complete. :)

    • Uh… Lori Anne, do you remember that dress that I tried to sew in college? I think I tore it apart nineteen times. Did I ever pass college math? I can’t remember because I have a TERRIBLE memory! I am not very patient, I have low tolerance for certain personality types, I roll my eyes too much, (both internally and externally) I am horrid at reading predictable stories and I have taught all my sons that when life gets hard… be sarcastic about it. Also, I am trying to learn French in four weeks by listening to a tape in my car… one time… a week ago.

  • I enjoyed this. Well done. You’re very talented and that Forrest Whitlow fella isn’t bad either. I found some of his music on emusic, which is a download service I subscribe to occasionally.

    take care,

  • That was great! And once a songwriter, always a songwriter… you’re just taking a break, perhaps?

  • Maybe the trip will inspire more of your songwriting? I hope so.

  • Melissa:

    It was wonderful!

  • The video was cool, I loved the style of the singing. But the words, they were so simple and beautiful. I admit it, it brought tears to my eyes, because I still feel that way about my husband, almost 19 years later.

    You have a GREAT voice!



    I knew she was French when she smokes at the end.

    I have one of your CDs. All I can say is that it is fun and that I listen to it often.


  • Thanks for the post and sweet comments.

    I always wondered about who was doing the beautiful back up vocals on this song and now I know.

    good stuff.

    I miss Kansas often and this post helped me remember why.

    best wishes to you all.


  • That was beautiful!

  • Jill:

    Just beautiful….