Link Carnival Today, Flogging Tomorrow

June 1st, 2009

Dear Sir or Madame,

At long last, I am putting up my old links today.  If you would like to be linked on the MSFH blogroll just say so in the comments.  I will be moving all my old links from my former blog today as well.  I really have missed keeping up with everyone.  This blog just has not felt like home and maybe it is because I don’t know when Gladys… or Marilyn… or Jean… or Toad… or  Masthead… or Jenni… or Greasy… or Dawn…or Miz Booshay… or Heidi… or Maryam… or Lady Fi… or all my old CDW blog links have a new post up.  I also hope to figure out why my new posts are not displaying properly on other folk’s blogrolls.  

I would of course request that any and all link love be returned unless you are scandalized by the content of this blog and only read in the dark of night, under your covers, with a flashlight, while simultaneously flogging your hind quarters.  I do understand.  Sometimes I scandalize myself, although I have yet to flog myself.  Still, you will have to submit a short essay as to exactly what it is about my blog that you find so objectionable if you want me to link to you without a link in return.  I reserve the right to post your essay and pick it apart with blistering antipathy.  

Also… I cannot perpetually link and perpetually post at the same time.  Any links that come in after midnight on Monday June 1 will be added to the blogroll in agonizingly slow motion.  They will be added, but it will be slowly… agonizingly slowly.  

And then you will be flogged.


All my love,



  • Thank you, I wanted to check out some of those links and hadn’t bookmarked them!

    If you feel so inclined please include me. You’ve been linked at mine a while.

    Please don’t flog me- the family does plenty of that and I’m so weary.

  • No flogging for you Clayvessel. I will let you get by this one time!

  • Please link me if you’d like….I promise I will not bring scandal and shame to you….even so, if you’d still like to link me, I’d be tickled (as opposed to flogging). Surprise….You’ve been linked on my blog for quite a long while. I love love love your wacky sense of humor.

  • I would love to be linked to you. I have been reading for a long time and you have been on my blogroll forever!

  • Hi Rechelle!

    You have been linked on my blog for quite some time, and like Val, I would be joyed if you linked me. I found your blog somehow, in one of my searches for something interesting on the internet, and I have been hooked since! You’ve even had me in stitches on more than one occasion. In a way you are a blogging mentor to me, as I am a fledgling blogger, hoping my quirky life in Vermont might be as entertaining to others as it is to me.

    Oh, and I want to hear more about Cowboy Josh (shhh, don’t tell my husband!) Next time you talk to Ree tell her to show Cowboy Josh the way of blogging.

  • i’d be honoured to be linked in your blog! i’ve already linked to you, and you are definitely one of my favorite bloggers!

  • your site is great!! maybe you could add my Schoolhouse website??

  • I would love to be linked to your website. You’re already listed on mine. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I really enjoy your sense of humor. Not to mention that I have great admiration for any mom who has four boys. Wow, what a challenge!

  • Thanks for bringing those links back! I missed them.

    You can link to me too. I have your link up already.

  • I would love to be linked to your site!

  • You are one of my favorite bloggers and I’ve included your link on my blog for almost as long as I’ve had mine (which is since January). I’ve even been known to email links to exceptionally spectacular posts on occasion. If you find my blog worthy enough to be included in your links, I’d be grateful to be there!

    Thank you!

  • I meant I’ve been know to email links to exceptional posts on your blog! Not that all of your posts aren’t exceptional. Oh, crud, perhaps I should just stop before I really get myself into trouble!


  • I posted your blog on my blog roll just last week, but I have read your blog for months. I think you (and your sister) are hilarious. Was this trait inherited from your parents?

  • So. I’m kind of confused. Are we suppose to leave our links here in the comments.

    I like to surf off of your links.

    They are fab!

    • I will have to flog you for your confusion Miz Boo. You are already linked you silly, silly, silly.

  • No flogging shall be necessary-you’re in my blogroll, and I would love it if you linked to me-thanks for providing me with my daily giggle (guffaw, and/or snort )!

  • Between you and your sister I’m on a continuous roll of laughter :)

    Would love a link when you have the time :)

  • Hey, Rechelle. I tried posting a comment earlier, but I don’t think it posted. The gist: Thanks for posting our links! Very generous of you. I am a new blogger who is probably do everything wrong, but I don’t care because I’m having a great time. Thanks for your pretty site. You are already on my blogroll.

    • I’m not sure there are any wrongs, but if there are than I have done all of them.

  • I’d love to be added to your link list! You’ve been on mine for months now (nearly a year). I’ll take your blog but pass on the flogging, thanks! ;)

  • You are linked on my site, and if you wish you can link me on yours.

  • I just started in this blogging business so I don’t post every day. I’m still trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing but I’d like to be included too. I already put you on my list when I started the dang thing. It’s one of the few things I figured out.

  • Thank you for the add and for stopping by my little blog! I had no idea how addictive blogging would be when I started. My husband is simply thrilled that I finally found something to distract me from my Harry Potter obsession. LOL

  • I’d love to be linked to you Rechelle! Er…well, you know what I mean!

  • I’m so new to this bloggin lingo. You are in my blogroll and if you feel bored you can look at mine anytime. It is nowhere near as funny as yours.

  • Well…hey…there I am :o)

    I really do love your sidebar ;o)

  • Hi Rechelle, I had you on my blogroll and then took you off when you moved just to see what was going on (I HATE CHANGE), so I will put you back!

    I love your funky posts and love to check up on what you have done recently! You are very funny!

    I have read several books that you have recommended — some I laughed out loud reading (Fifty Acres and a Poodle — I had read an excerpt in a women’s magazine in the ER one night — A Girl Named Zippy — a little weird, but funny) and some I was just like eh (Back to the Damn Soil). But that’s okay! It’s worth it! Keep ‘em coming!

    Please link to Like Mother Like Daughter unless you find our content seriously objectionable, but then you really should tell me why, in an essay that includes a note from your sister.


  • Lovin’ a linkin’ if you’re so inclined, and zapping it right back ‘atcha. Many thanks for the giggles and snorts, and keep ‘em coming.

  • Baby you are soooo linked at my place… er blog, I have you on my list, but must change you – um, I mean your link….

  • P.s…. Thanks for missing me… *blush’s* you did miss me, at least that’s what I read…do I need a flogging now? I bet I do….

    • Yes Heidi. I missed you. How could I not? I would never have known about stray voltage if it were not for you and now I am very paranoid about it. Thanks for that.

  • Yes, please! I’m just moving my blog, too, and trying to get everything up – but I’d consider it an honor to include yours in my blogroll, too!

  • I have your new site on my “links” and I can see your latest post just fine. I am happy to see your links back, I kept your old link so I could go back and check them out.

  • Link me up Scotty. Sorry, just went to see the new Star Trek movie. I have had you linked on my blog for a while now. I am not adverse to a bit of scandal.

  • Hi Rechelle…would love to be added…I know, I know, it’s not June first anymore, but still…just add me anyway. OK? And if you do, I’ll let you flog MY sister. Cause she’s not funny at ALL.

  • Loyal lurker, sometimes poster. Would love to be linked with you!

  • okay, flog me, but add me, please! slow motion works for me.

  • You’re quite spunky in this post. Unlike Mr. Grant, I like spunk. Speaking of Mr. Grant, Ed Asner does a great job in the new Pixar movie. Great movie. Ed’s a fellow Kansan.

    Am I your only male reader? I sometimes feel a bit out of place, but fortunately, I’m quite used to this feeling.

    I’d loved to be linked.

    Gotta go re-caulk the shower, and then I’m making a red chile sauce.

    take care,

    • You are already linked Muddy and you are not my only male reader. There’s expat, and trucking pilgrim, and Toad, and Mud, my dad and my FIL. Possibly a few that I don’t know about. I think the CD may have read my blog once.

  • Much as I’d love a flogging, I’d like it even better if I were still linked up on you blogroll… Thanks!

    And that reminds me.. I really have to take away my link to CDW (sniff!) and link it here…

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • I’m linked! So flog me already… ;-)

  • Toad would be honored to be in such esteemed company.

    • Toad you are already linked. I could never leave you behind.

  • I have you on my Favs list!! I check you out every morning while I drink my tea and eat breakfast!

    Your part of my morning routine!!

  • Hey Rechelle! Came over from Confessions a long while ago. Have had you linked since I started my blog in March. Return the favor?

  • I see you have linked me and I’m so very glad. We’ve been on an Alaskan Cruise with Senior Adults from our church and haven’t been home. I’m slowly catching up on my blog reading. I love your blog and your sister’s and I’ve missed all my bloggy friends this last week. And I’m so envious of your upcoming European Vacation. I’m not sure about the braless part though. Is gravity less over there perhaps???? :)

  • Oh and I have missed the links I formerly followed on your blog! So I’m glad they are back!

  • Hi. You used to link to me but I don’t know if you still do. I believe I link to you. You’re in my google reader. I read you faithfully when I should, no doubt, be doing something more worthy like flagellating myself. I am behind (HA!) with this because I was traveling and am way behind (HA!) on all my reading. Also I have jet lag, although I realize that is no excuse because that should have gotten me all caught up.
    Anyway, if you no longer link to me please start again.

  • Hi! I just found your blog and it is great! I would love it if you would link to me- and I will certainly do the same! (I’m working on getting my list up so I’ll be patient with you if you’ll be patient with me. Or, you can decide against being patient. In which case you will just be disappointed.)