Hometown vs. Hometown… Hometown wins!

June 11th, 2009

Our town’s two 14-16 baseball teams played each other in a double header a few nights ago.




The Country Doctor is coaching my eldest son’s team this year and there’s always a lot at stake when you meet up with the other hometown team. The boys all know each other. They go to school together. They play football and basketball together. They are all serious about wanting to win, but there was also a lot of kidding around on the bases. Even when a baseman tagged a runner out or the pitcher struck out a batter, there was a clear sense of camaraderie amongst both teams, making the game even more fun to watch than usual.




The other team had a great pitcher and they shut us down hard in the first game.





But in the second game, the star pitcher had pitched all the innings he was allowed to pitch according to the rules so he could not take the mound.





Our team won the second game.



The teams met in the middle of the field for the usual post-game handshake.




But just as the two teams heading back to their own dug-outs, the other team’s coach called them all back to the field.










“Team!” they shouted together.


Sometimes living in a small town really is all it’s cracked up to be.


  • Now that was heart-warming!

    And hey, at least it was a hometown who won?!

  • Yay Hometown!!!

    How cool was that!?!?!


  • You got some great shots with your new camera. Lovin’ it?

  • Peggy:

    I like that!

  • Melanie:

    I agree! The graduating class here this year was 12. There is just something different when you REALLY know everyone here. It comes with its downs, but mostly it’s wonderful:)

  • What a great story! Thanks for sharing! I agree, sometimes living in a small town is where it’s at :)

  • Great post! Love small town life, wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Small towns rock!

    Photos are lookin’ good. Are you reading Pastor Ryan’s blog this week? He’s having photo class, step by step.

  • Linda Joan:

    Thanks, Rechelle, for sharing that story!! What a fun, fun story! I bet you guys in the stands were going nuts after the sweet realization passed over you of what the coach had thought to do!

  • Yay Small Towns!

    Amazing how poignant photos of a simple baseball game can be.

  • Awesome. Love CD’s glasses. So studious.

  • Aw, that’s really sweet. Don’t tell the boys I said that. I don’t think boys like their actions being referred to as “sweet”. Well, not in the sense I mean it and not without also using the word “dude” with it, as in , “Dude! That was some *sweet* pitching during that first game!” When I say “sweet”, I mean heartwarming and enough to almost make me want to watch a baseball game between two teams from the same small town kind of sweet.

  • Having just gotten home from Smalltown, Kansas, where I spent the first nine years of my life, I’m loving this. So heartwarming.

    And now the question… what’s with the tiny little smiley at the bottom left of the page?

  • Catherine A.:

    The pictures are so crisp! new camera, yes?