Goat Walk

June 19th, 2009

After our night at the Heifer Ranch Global Village, we had to get up the next morning, prepare breakfast over a campfire in the urban slums, and then each group had to go back to their homes and do their chores. 

My group stayed in Guatemala, so we did chores that would be typical for a family in Guatemala living on a coffee farm.  



We weeded the garden.

We turned the compost pile.

We swept and cleaned the small house.

We fed and watered the rabbits.

We gathered wood…





 And then we took the goats for a walk.




Or maybe we took the goats for a run…







Or maybe the goats took us for a run…





And if the goats wanted to stop and eat a fallen tree limb, there was really no persuading them…






Then the goats took off again.





We were really just along for the ride.





Finally we got the goats back home and moved them to a grassy pasture.





It was good exercise, that goat walkin’ was.





And just in case you were too weak and shaky to go on the Global Village tour yesterday, here are some great links about Heifer’s Global Village locations (they have more than one) and how you can help Heifer help families around the world.


Information on donating to Heifer International

Heifer Learning Centers
Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas
Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills, California (Scheduled to open in Spring 2010)
Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts

Heifer Global Village Site Sponsors
Howell Nature Center in Howell, Michigan

Shepherd’s Spring in Sharpsburg, Maryland


  • That’s funny because we’ve had goats for years and we pretty much never take them for a walk. Sometimes they take themselves for a walk when the gate’s not latched and then they dine on roses and lilacs. The white goat looks exactly like one of ours.

    Looks like y’all are having a great time!

  • You are taking gorgeous pictures with your new camera, by the way!

  • I didn’t know you were supposed to WALK the goats I thought you were supposed to ride them.

  • I have given you a “blog award” for having a lovely blog. You can go to my site to see it. Although you may not participate in this I could not help but add your blog to the list. It has given me some smiles along the way.

  • Laura:

    What a great experience. I’ve learned that one can not MAKE a goat do anything said goat doesn’t want to do in the first place. They are master escape artists as well. Fun stuff all around.

  • Apparently my dogs learned how to walk on a leash by goats. Thank goodness I’m not to blame.

  • I think I’m glad we opted not to pick up the free goats that were in the paper a couple weeks ago… : )