For all the Twits

June 8th, 2009


  • That was fantastic! :-)

  • Wow…

  • LOL. This year I’ve been sucked into Facebook, MySpace and blogging this year but I’ve managed to avoid Twitter. Blogging is the only one I really enjoy!

  • Jordan Jacobson:

    Don’t judge.

    • Totally judging Jordan. Totally judging. Also tweeting, but also judging.

  • I love this! Too funny.. from a new Twit!

  • Yea, I have a blog and now joined facebook! What is next??
    These are just more places that I waist time on!

    I’m going to play computer solitair and waist some more time!

    Oh yea I have been sucked into the void of time waisters!!

  • What a hoot!