CDW Departs for Places Unknown…

June 11th, 2009

Dear Readers,

I am getting ready to leave for a trip to a third world country this weekend.  I am not sure which third world country I will end up in, it could be Thailand, Cambodia, or Guatemala.  I could also end up in rudimentary urban squalor and the slim chance exists that I will land in a refugee camp.  I really don’t want to end up in the refugee camp.  I am not very suited for  a refugee camp.  I don’t really feel qualified to stay at a refugee camp.  I am very afraid that I will serve as a very poor example to the young teenagers in my group if I am forced to be a refugee. It would really be much better if I could go to a country that has ample running water, both hot and cold, and also WiFi.  

I hope to have an update later this evening as to my exact whereabouts and the type of hut that I am inhabiting. Strange as it may seem, I am actually looking forward to checking out the various types of shelters in my third world country more than anything else.  Must finish packing.


Beans and Rice,



  • Breathing deeply helps. Maybe, like Thoreau, you’ll find virtue in the following: “Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.” My wife tells me to shut the hell up when I starting spouting nonsense.

  • Wow … Enjoy your Adventure ..

  • Well, bon voyage!

  • How is it you don’t know the destination?
    Hope you got all your shots!
    Life will never be the same. You’ll come back a changed blogger.

  • Ooohhh… this sounds like a thing we did with our youth group years ago. I wonder…. if so – cool!

    Waiting anxiously to hear the details!

  • hmmm….I guess you could come along with me! I’m having a knee replacement surgery on Wednesday and then rehab for two weeks!! The only consolation is that I love hospital ice and bending straws oh and of course the drugs!! But NOT the physical therapy!!

    Have fun on your adventure!! Remember to be extra dilligent in the hand washing!!

  • Have a wonderful time and we look forward to hearing all about it!

  • Fran:

    Sounds like you sre taking part in HUT. My son participated in this at his university. It is quite an eye-opener into the differences between our lives and those of citizens in third world countries. Look forward to hearing your impressions.

  • Tell us more – give us all the details… and send enjoy the beans and rice! ;-)

  • Good luck with that whole WiFi thing :)

  • very cool! or maybe it will be hot.