Blogger Buys Seven and a Half Tickets to Paris, but One and a Half is Actually a New Camera

June 2nd, 2009

I am going to buy a new camera today.  I have been thinking about one that I saw in a Topeka camera shop a while ago and I am going to go and get it today. Yes I am.  I really am.  Here I go.  I am going.  I am going now.  I am walking out the door to go buy a new camera.  This is me leaving.  This is me going.  Goodbye.  I am going now.  I am off to buy a new camera.  I am going to count to three and then I will go.  One… two… three… Okay, I am going to count to five… one… two… three… Okay.  I am going to make a sandwich and then go…  But first I need to go to the bathroom and then I will go.  Here I go.  I am going to go buy that camera now.  I am leaving now… One… two… three…


I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on this purchase!

It is a very nice camera, one of those SLR’s types for which I have no idea what that means except for that it clearly means very complicated and absurdly expensive.  Strange how none of those words start with an S, an L, or an R.  

This fancy new camera that I am thinking about also does not take videos like my old camera does, but it will allow me to take photos with fuzzy backgrounds, because clearly this is a complete necessity to have a decent blog.

Is you’re blog suffering from shrinking stats?  

Perhaps you need more photos with fuzzy backgrounds!


Let me get this straight…

I am trading video capability on my camera for fuzzy backgrounds.  

I am trading a simple point and shoot that takes very nice shots for a huge behemoth with a set of complicated directions because it takes fuzzy backgrounds?

Now who’s the loony loony loon-o?


Should I go through with this bit of absurdity, the shop where I am possibly purchasing a camera, also offers a class that teaches you how to use the camera and hopefully how to take a photo with a fuzzy background.  I purchased my last camera at the same shop and did not take advantage of the free class because once I located the little button that you push to snap the photo, I decided the class was a ludicrous waste of time.  I wonder if I will ever get around to taking the class this time?  That fuzzy background is a pretty big pull for me.

I really do need a new camera.

I do!

No, really!

I do!

Can someone please come over and explain why I need the new camera to the Country Doctor this evening?

He is not going to understand the whole fuzzy background thing.

But the main reason I need a better camera is because we are going to London and Paris for our summer vacation!


Did I just say that out loud?

We have been watching the ticket prices for several months, hoping for a good deal, and then the talking heads and the internet spun Swine Flu into a pandemic and plane tickets hit rock bottom prices.  

It is always good to wait for world wide panic to plan your vacation.

You will save a BOO-COO of BUCKS!

Sadly, Swine Flu has not affected the price of SLR cameras.

But I need to get one anyway.  

I just do.  

It’s time.

Maybe I will have a photo with a fuzzy background up by the end of the day.

Or maybe once I arrive at the camera shop, I will balk at the expense and go to Target and buy some plastic hair accessories instead.

I imagine I will need a few of those in Paris too.


  • I have the fancy camera. I don’t know why because I never took the class so I treat it like a point and shoot. Sometimes the background is fuzzy though!

    I have not, however, noticed an increase in my blog stats due to fuzziness.

    But I do have pretty pictures. There is a difference.

  • Northfordy Sue:

    They have new fancy SLR cameras that take video, Canon and Nikon, problem solved!

  • Okay – total gold star for the rock bottom deals on the trip to Europe this summer. FUN!

    I feel your pain on the spendy camera, though. That’s why I buy the relatively cheap one over and over again. There’s an occasional fairly amazingly good photo in there – but to be painfully honest, I thinkit’s more to do with the photographer. Yeah.

    Just remember – been there/done that – DON’T buy the camera in Paris. I nearly broke down and got one in Spain once – and phew! – that was a close call, was twice as expensive as at home. Remember the exchange rate when you’re shopping with the Euro!

  • Cherie:

    Rechelle, We bought one of those fancy SLR from that Topeka camera store last month and it is the best buy we’ve ever made! You need one if only to take really great pictures of your kids!
    So GO! Get in the car and go get one! I highly recommend it!

    ps. It takes beautiful pictures – and I haven’t even taken the class yet!!

    • Cherie, I have every intention of going to the class this coming Saturday. I am going. Yes. I am. I must. I really don’t have a choice.

  • I get fuzzy backgrounds with my point-and-shoot if I use the macro setting and/or do it just right. Though I do also want the fancy SLR as well. I have a 35mm Canon Rebel, and now I want the digital version… and GIANT congrats on the great tickets to Europe!

  • The Nikon d90 takes video. Take that class, buy some Scott Kelby books, read Pie Near Woman’s site, along with Miz Booshay & Mrs. Mama, join some Flickr groups and go out and start taking pictures of those pretty show cats.
    You won’t regret buying the camera and who cares what your CD thinks. As long as you are happy, he will be as well. That’s my motto anyway.

  • Fantastic post! Everything you say has been rattling around in my head for at least two years. Thanks. Now I don’t feel so alone any more.

    Like you, I will probably spring for the SLR (please! someone tell us what that stands for – I’m too lazy to Google it) but I reserve the right with Costco to return it just before they will no longer take it back. Then I will probably repurchase it. Because I’m crazy like that.

    • The Country Doctor returns everything he buys at least once, sometimes twice. He also returns all the gifts he receives. He is fanatic about keeping reciepts because he knows he is eventually going to take it back. Perhaps you can help me to understand…?

  • Couldn’t stand it another minute… I Googled it. S – Single L – Lens R – Reflex. Something about mirrors moving to exact the image seen by the photographer.

    At least it sounds expensive!

  • Get the camera. I will sit at my computer and lust over your fuzzy background pics. I will long for an SLR of my own. I will eat a piece of cake.

    • A piece of cake solves a multitude of problems… instantly.

  • Hello? I think I may be your long lost sister. Who’s that April chick again?

    I have been coveting an SLR (which stands for stupidly, ludicrously, ridiculously expensive – they just keep forgetting the E) for over a year. I can’t seem to pull the trigger either. And my husband doesn’t get it. And I quote “What’s wrong with the camera you just bought a year ago?” I talked myself out of the SLR and got a high end point and shoot. I can get pictures with fuzzy backgrounds. In fact – I need to post some today!

    And I’d totally be going on a trip overseas this year (we were thinking Scotland) except for that pesky house project…and the baby project. Both have depleted the funds for a glorious vacation. Probably for another 5 years. (We went to Italy 5 years ago! Paid a whopping $175 per person for the plane tickets.) *sigh* At least work sends me to some pretty awesome places…

  • I haven’t figured out how to “bokah” or “fuzzy background” my pictures yet, either, but Picasa has a magic button that does it for you. I love it. You can change the area of focus, the amount of fuzziness and the size of the focused area really easily. And it is FREE!!

    I tell you this because I cannot afford to buy a new SLR camera or take a class on how to use my current point and shoot and I am insanely jealous.

    And because I really do love Picasa sometimes. Today included.

    • I am going to look that up Heather. I had no idea and I love Picasa.

  • I totally understand your predicament! I bought my SLR a couple years ago. Although it’s ‘out of date’ by now, I still ADORE it (though I shoot everything on manual because I don’t know what the rest of the settings are for). That being said, I took a point and shoot to Paris a few summers back and everything turned out just fine… it’s hard to mess up a picture of the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame!

    Also- can’t wait to hear all about your European vacation in the coming weeks! Thanks for another great post!!

  • I have the Nikon D90 (SLR), and along with the fuzzy backgrounds, it takes video too! The best of both worlds!

    • I just couldn’t spring for the Nikon with video. Major sticker shock. I am sure I will regret it soon. The idea of carrying around two cameras is insane to me.

  • When in doubt, do the positive! That means, girlfriend, buy the camera!
    London and Paris? Get out! I want to come along! Do you have a suitcase I could fit into?

  • How about instead of the camera, you give me the extra ticket & a half! I could use the extra seat-room :)

    I can’t take pictures with fuzzy backgrounds for you, but maybe we can drink enough champagne & french wines on the trip that our minds will have fuzzy backgrounds! Clearly, a mind is more valuable than a photo.

    I’ll be renewing my passport in the meantime – a tout a l’heure!

  • Girl, you took the plunge. I’m talking about the European Summer Vacation. Oh my, isn’t that a movie? Maybe there will be a ESV II when your family returns. I’m sure you’ll have good stories to share….there’s lots of naked statues in Europe to spark conversation. And nudity at the beach too if you venture to the right one. Oh wait, that was the San Francisco vacation.

    So when’s the departure date? I’m jealous. All I get for a vacation is a few days in Colorado. I’m jealous. Who’s the 7th ticket for? A fake show cat? There’s only 6 in your family unless I’ve totally lost it. Is that sister going with you?

    • We only got six tickets, though I wish I had a few more for a posse of girlfriends. Wouldn’t that be fun!

  • Rechelle you do not have to get a DSLR unless you are really interested in learning more about photography. If you don’t really care about that, spend that money on something else! Go ahead! You have my permission! Then you can tell everyone you were going to buy a DSLR, but some wacko on the internet told you it was okay not to. (But, hey, you will have to admit you listened to some internet wacko.) Seriously, I still really love my Canon Powershot. It works just dandy and I can get all creative with the subject matter and composition of the photo if I need to be creative. I do love my DSLR, but I still have not fully learned how to use it. However! I knew when I got it that I actually did care about learning more about photography when I bought the thing and that I wanted to go beyond what my Canon Powershot would do. (And I will do that eventually. I am just very, very slow.) Not everyone wants that, AND THAT’S OKAY! You can buy a ton of plastic hair accessories at Target for the price difference between cameras.

    Congratulations on your trip, though! I’m so excited for you guys! Please make sure to tell us all about it when you get back. We will love your photos and (better yet) stories no matter what kind of camera you use.

  • Well, you could just get a plug-in for photoshop that will give you fuzzy backgrounds. But I think it’s time for a real camera as well. You finally have your own domain, next step is a real camera.

  • Fran:

    Girl, you buy that camera, you go to that class, and then knock us out with those fine photos from Europe!!!

  • ALL my pictures are fuzzy no matter which camera I use. Go figure!! Good job on the the trip. Hope you have a BLAST!! :)

  • I can take fuzzy pictures with my point and shoot!! You might want to hang onto the money and instead of buying a camera, buy food and stuff in Europe…

  • I think you can probably take pictures with a fuzzy background with your existing camera. Do you have a “portrait” setting? It’s usually a picture of a person. This means that the focus will be on the person and the background will be blurry. I could go into the details about the aperature setting and why it’s fuzzy but I doubt that you would care. Try putting it on the “portrait” person setting and I bet your backgrounds will look exactly how you want. If you can’t change the shooting mode (if your camera is truly just a point and shoot) then you will just have to tell the CD that you absolutely MUST get a new camera. A professional photographer told you so :)

  • I have a fancy DSLR that takes fancy pictures, but haven’t spent the time to learn about all the bells & whistles and feel like I am cutting myself and my kids childhood memories short – so if you aren’t going to take the class to learn how to use it, I wouldn’t spend the money.

    I will add that I got mine at Costco and got a pretty good deal with it and the lenses that came with it, but i have been conveting another lense for some time, but haven’t pulled the trigger. Although I just may after learning that my husband is playing golf for the next FOUR Wednesdays and Saturdays (a whole ‘nother topic)

  • Susan:

    Once you make your decision, check out Amazon prices. No shipping charges nor taxes – when using their Super Saver shipping. The only way to go.

  • Susan:

    p.s. when going to Paris, you HAVE to visit Saint Chapel (sp?) I loved it more than Notre Dame. It has the most beautiful floor to ceiling stained glass windows and the walls are sublime.

  • siltedrepose:

    I have a friend who’s taking a photo class. Or just finished one. Anyway, the teacher insisted she have an SLR camera for the class, so she had to rent one from the library. She wasn’t too enthused about it. But by the end of the course she loved the SLR camera and wanted to trade in her old camera to get one.