A Stately New Urn for the Garden… Except Without the Stately Part

June 4th, 2009

My garden needed an urn…






An urn full of flowers for the center raised bed.






I was hoping to find a tall urn.







Or even better, a tall urn with a matching pedestal.






The Garden Center where I work carries all kinds of beautiful cement urns and I have been drooling over them for weeks trying to decide which one to get.  However, as much as I love the look of these cement urns, I could not quite adjust to the sticker shock I suffered from every time I checked out the price tag.

Still, I really loved them and I figured that the five or six salads I have managed to harvest from my garden over the course of the next forty years will at east add up to the price of half an urn.

Won’t I make the rest back in tomatoes and cucumbers?

Once again, I was faced with a purchase that I was unable to talk myself into.  The only thing that I am really good at buying without being plagued by guilt are groceries, used books and plastic hair accessories.

Oh!  And six plane tickets to Europe.

Someone explain please?


Fortunately for me, I was not forced to purchase an expensive urn for my garden.  Instead, I drove past a neighbor’s house and noticed that he was having a garage sale.  I stopped and found the perfect thing to use in place of an expensive cement urn.  Something that captured the spirit of my farmhouse garden even better than a dumb old, beautiful urn.

















My country urn.








To fill my new/old urn up, I grabbed a few of my very favorite petunias from work.












Some tall spiky grass.







A sweet potato vine…

A trailing strawberry…

Yellow lantana…









Some millet…

Some dianthus…

Some bright red verbena…

Turns out that my country urn will hold a lot of plant material!





I tossed it all together adding a few perrenials and some more annuals at the base of the urn.

I also threw some zinnia and sunflower seeds in the dirt behind my country urn.







I think this urn will do just fine, though I do wonder what Beverley would think.


  • I love it. I’m not really a fan of the concrete urns. Yours is much prettier and fits the environment better.

    Plus, this winter you can use it to hold cold beverages. :)

  • Lucy:

    I don’t know about Beverly, but I like it. Great idea.

  • Awesome! I think it’s perfect! Who needs a stuffy old urn when a perfectly good washtub will do? More character I say!

  • I think it’s Fabulous and a perfect use of something that clearly needed a home!

    Whenever I see your photos and I miss Kansas a little. I lived in Junction City from 1970-1972 and from 1979-1985. Went to K-State in Manhattan from 84-85 and loved Kansas. My dad was in the Army for 20 years and when we weren’t in Kansas, we were in Germany where I was born.

    Any way… I love your photos and your Blog!



  • mimi:

    May we see a picture of this again in August please?

  • oooo I love the wash tub!! How perfect for you country farm house!!

    But I really like the dark on with the red gerainums (sp?) in it!!

    But the wash tub is totally what I would go for if I lived in the country!!

  • It’s GREAT! Seriously – now I want one, too! Only I don’t live anywhere near anyone with enough history of geography to make it half a hope to find one affordably at a yard sale. Dang, girlfriend – double gold star for awesome find and cheap one at that!

  • This year I turned two big old steel watering troughs, two slightly rusted pale yellow tractor tire rims and one twin wash bin stand into planters and I am ADORING them!!!! Great minds think alike is what I say =)

  • I’m sure that I’m one of MANY who would RATHER have that lovely item instead of an urn!! :)

  • Kait:

    Oh I LOVE it! Much more likely to be stately than same dang old urn. :) Pioneer Woman will be jealous of your grasses. After what happened to hers…

  • It reminds me of a miniature water tower. Cool!

  • Sandy in MI:

    Fantastic! I love a good garage sale find!

    Sweet potato vines and dianthus are some of my favorites.

  • Anoria:

    “Aquatic” Blue Rush spiky grass, you say? Hmm.

    I think urns are overrated. Give me half a whiskey barrel any day. And you can even keep the whiskey if you’re so inclined. Your country urn is a better choice than anything all scalloped and curvy and expensive.

  • Oh you made me laugh and laugh and laugh.
    In my early years of marriage I had 2 of those.

  • Oh yes, to rinse my clothes, not as a flower bed.

  • Charlene:

    I love it! I want it! Make CD buy you a stately concrete urn so you can send me the washtub! Don’t you just love repurposing old stuff? Great job on the planting too!

  • I love it!! It’s perfect. I don’t even like the word “urn”, gives me the creeps. :)

  • P.S. Your clock here is way off isn’t it; just askin’. :)

  • Southern Gal:

    Love it! It’s perfect.

  • I love it! Looks really good.

    Um…where are you going in Europe?

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    That planter is perfect!!!
    Glad I’m not the only one who has sticker shock from urns at your garden center. Had my eye on one, but figure I can buy lots of “art” at farm auctions for that much.
    However, my great-aunt, who’s lived on farms for 80 years, can’t believe people decorate “with that old junk.” She ain’t seen nothin’ yet..

  • Kellye:

    The country urn looks perfect. Hey did I see a boy on a riding mower in one of those pictures? Way to go CDW – make those boys earn their local dairy milk!

  • That’s awesome… much deeper and able to hold more than any urn you could have purchased with all that extra moola. Looks great!

  • That is awesome. However, promise me this Rechelle. Do not paint a large tractor tire white and add dirt and flowers. Please just do not. When I moved I left behind an old washer tub just like this. It was my hamper for awhile. I couldn’t move it out here with me….sigh…who’d a thunk flowers! It’s really perfect…very urn-est. (Get it? URNEST!! HAAhahhahh…hmmm…)

  • gorgeous. How do you keep the rabbits out? I have nothing left. NOTHING. Not even oleanders. They have eaten it all.

    • Rechelle:

      I think the showcats might control the bunnies.

  • I love it! It’s adorable. I love the spout kinda lookn’ thingie at the bottom. You may have started a whole new trend in faux urns :).

  • I have the same problem with spending. I vow that I will buy that object that i want so much, then I go look at the price tag and I don’t buy it. I find much more satisfaction in second hand–I can sell the thing at the next garage sale if it turns out I don’t want it after all and sometimes make a profit!