Will You Do Something For Me?

May 6th, 2009

The Country Doctor took all four boys on the annual ‘man camp’ this past weekend. This is a get together where all the Country Doctor’s brothers, brother-in-laws, and a varied assortment of friends take all their kids to a centrally located campground and… well… they … camp.

No adult women are allowed.

I know… I know… It is a very sad thing and it makes me feel both deprived of my children’s presence, and mercilessly discriminated against for being a female.


While they were gone, I planted potatoes, lettuce, spinach, and onions in my garden. I worked on this insane new blog. I drank far too many glasses of wine with a few of my girlfriends… which I decided to call woman camp… and woman camp ended long before anyone had to cook a meal over a campfire, set up a tent, sleep on the ground, or use a campground toilet.

I also got enough take-out chinese food to sustain myself for two days.

…and I watched… or attempted to watch… three different movies.

One of them was Lost in Austen.

I had been hearing about this movie every day for months from Melissa (who is the boss of me) at work. Melissa can talk me under the table when it comes to classic movies, great books, and Jane Austen. The girl knows her Austen… backwards and forwards… she makes me feel like an imbecile, a phony, a wannabe, a fraud and a fake, when it comes to Jane Austen… and because of her, I have been trying to find ‘Lost in Austen’ via Net Flicks for weeks! Finally, I found it in a local movie rental place and I almost danced a jig… right there… in the far right aisle of Hastings!

But I held back…

And instead I celebrated with an extra large box of hot tamales.

Which is almost the same thing.

Lost in Austen is a hilarious story and a fun salute to Jane. If you are an Austen fan you will love it. If you don’t know what I am talking about when I utter the mystical cantation… Jane Austen… your life is an empty hole in the dirt and you need to go out and get yourself some Mansfield Park… right now… no… now!… NOW!

The best part of the movie is when Amanda Price says to Mister Darcy…

“Will you do something for me?”

And I think we all know what comes next…

And no… this is not a baptism…

This is Mr. Darcy in the white shirt in the lake.

It only looks like a baptism because it is one of the most holy moments in all of literature.

Except it never actually occurred in literature.

It only occurred in the movie…

This movie.

The most holy of all movies ever made.

Because Colin Firth…

And Mr. Darcy…

Created a perfection that rarely exists on this earth.

But this Lost in Austen scene will do.

Yes… I think so.

I think it will do just fine.

The Lost in Austen Mr. Darcy Lake Scene

The Colin Firth Mr. Darcy Lake Scene


  • Sandy in MI:

    The 1996 P&P is one of my favorite movies! Alas, I have not seen Lost in Austen yet.

  • WOW. I hadn’t even heard of that one. I’m completely in love with Colin Firth … I’m so renting that movie! THANKS.

  • JUST IN TIME!!! My husband is leaving for Boy Scout camp tomorrow!!! I’ve got to find that movie – or maybe just that one scene.

  • Jennifer:

    Love that series!! In fact, just yesterday (and I am not making this up) I received it in the mail. I ate it up when I watched it, and just had to own it. My heart definitely went pitter-pat and I came over all flush during that scene. Oh, Mr. Darcy!

  • I can’t watch.
    There is work to be done in my house. If I watch that’s all over. I’ll be nothing but a head in the clouds mush the rest of the day. Then I’ll have to go rent it again and it’s all down hill from there! Then next I’ll be googling Colin and Coffee….
    For God’s sake, Rechelle can’t you post something that will help me get my life’s work as a mother done!

  • Susan:

    There is ONLY one definitive film of Pride and Prejudice and ONLY one Mr. Darcy – that being Colin Firth. I have it on VHS and now on DVD. Even the supporting actors are fabulous – the dreadful mother and the awful, unctious cousin that wanted to marry Elizabeth. I shall have to visit that film again this weekend. THE BEST.

  • Dear CDW,

    Has your boss read “The Chronicles of Pemberley”? She might enjoy those books.

    • Rechelle:

      I think I am going to have to read the Chronicles of Pemberley!

  • Cate:

    Oh my heavens — there at the start I thought you wasted your ‘man camp’ time… I see NOT! Good job!

  • Kathy M:

    I just finished watching “Lost in Austen” – Thank you SOOOOO much for the recommendation. LOVED it. I’m thinkin’ Colin Firth losing some Darcy ground. That lake scene was…yummy.

  • how have I never heard of this movie??? just what I need for the Prairie Guy’s fishing trip coming up. Looks like one to watch and re-watch and watch again!!!

  • Nancy in PA:

    Wow! Just based on your review I bought this on Amazon and have watched it…I’m embarrassed to say three times with three different people (all P & P fans) who loved it as well. Can’t thank you enough for bringing it to my attention! It made for some interesting discussion!

  • Kait:

    What did she ask him to do? Fetch something from the pond? Or just get wet?

    • Rechelle:

      She asked him to get in. Because of the whole Colin Firth thing. It’s one of those things that make Austen/Firth people quiver all over.

  • Geo:

    I rented Lost in Austen after reading this, and fell in love with the movie! It was hilarious and I was extremely anxious to see who would end up with Mr. Darcy. Very good! Now I will have to rent the version with Colin Firth.