Obsessing on my Son's Nose

May 2nd, 2009

My eldest son’s face has been changing at the speed of light lately.  Every time I look at him I swear, he looks drastically different.  Two months ago, I was completely obsessed by his nose.  

“Where is that nose coming from?”  I asked him.

“Whose nose is that?” I queried.

“Where did you get that nose?” I badgered him endlessly.

“Is it your dad’s nose?  Is it my dad’s nose?  Is it a Bishop nose, a Heitschmidt nose, a Hogan nose…?”

My son did not answer any of my questions.


He just rolled his eyes, looked at me with utter disdain, and asked me if we had any food in the house.


Now I have moved on to his jaw.

Every morning I look at his jaw and I swear it is different than it was the day before… it is wider… it is fuller… it is thicker…





I stare at his nose.  





I stare at his jaw.




Who is this kid?  


This little boy?  


My first born baby.


Who is this boy with the nose… and the jaw… and the shoulders…and the deep voice…


and the height!


Good Lord… the height! 


He is as tall as me now. 


Who is this tall kid with the nose, the jaw, and the deep voice?






I hardly recognize my own tiny, little, baby boy anymore!


  • He’s only just begun!

    Two of my big boys slowly got this manly Cro-Magnon like chiseled jaw (but without the gorilla brow). No idea where that came from but the girls swoon.

  • Catherine McP:

    Awww thats sweet, I dont recognize my two 20 yr something daughters either = ( although they are dang cute now too! Time flies to fast.

  • He looks the same to me. ;)

  • I don’t know whose nose/ears/jaw he has either, but that’s one good looking young man!! Got your bat ready for when the girls flock around??

  • Well, whoever’s features he has, they look good on him. He’s a handsome young man.


  • Oh, how I relate to this! My first born baby, a boy, is now 14, 6 ft tall, a young MAN and I JUST birthed him!

  • Wow, handsome boy! You’re gonna have issues with girls chasing him around!
    My 11 year old is almost as tall as me, 5’7″. I can’t handle this!

  • Amanda:

    As I sit here nursung my 3 month old, I get tears in my eyes to think that, in no time, my little baby will be like your young man.
    You have a very handsome boy there. Keep up the good work with him. :)

  • You sure make handsome boys! All of them.

  • Super cute….then and now. Well done.

  • What a handsome young man! I think he looks a lot like both of his parents. I tried to decide who he looks like more, but I just couldn’t.

    Isn’t it something to watch them grow and change like that? I look at my boys and it’s hard to see the little boys they once were. The fact that they’ve insisted on that stoopid military cut since they were 8 and 10 doesn’t help. I have begged and begged Caleb to grow his curls out again. Now that he’s a Marine he can’t grow it out. I haven’t given up on getting Josh to grow out his and get a bowl cut.

  • This is so depressing.
    It’s amazing but difficult to watch this process. Mostly because it makes me feel old.
    He’s a handsome kiddo.
    I have a daughter.
    She’s changing too.
    Maybe we could broker some sort of deal. Although I have no cattle to go with her dowry.

  • Pioneer Woman:

    Ugh. Devastatingly good looking. Goodness.

  • He is so handsome and I know you are so proud of him. My oldest son just turned 11 and he is almost as tall as me. He can lift things that I can’t and is already trying to be superprotective of me. It is sweet, but makes me feel pretty old.

  • WOW! What a handsome young man. You better watch out … he’s liable to be a heartbreaker! Good thing he has an amazing momma to bring him up right! :-)

  • All 4 of my boys did this to me. Now I have to look a pictures just to remember what they used to look like. My baby is almost 16 and way bigger/taller than me. I still call him my baby. Secretly, I’m sure he likes that!

  • Karen:

    Sorry Mama, sad to say those little doogers grow up…how dare they????? He’s handsome now, but, oh what a cute little sweetie he was in the picture you provided.

  • Beth:

    He’s a very handsome young man. And more importantly, I am certain he has a good heart with you and CD for parents.

    I am in the midst of making picture boards for our 17 year old son’s graduation. Oh my. We are so proud of him as he finishes this chapter and begins the next, but oh how we realize that the time has flown.

    I think I will have a very heavy heart this fall when college begins.

  • What a handsome young man. They just grow up too fast don’t they? I swear my kids seem to grow overnight.

  • He was an adorable, adorable little toddler, and is growing into such a cute teenager! My 12 year old astonishes me every day too. He’s now as tall as I am…and just as wacky. hehe

  • What happened to that little Balder Calder?

  • He’s so handsome! I can imagine how strange that is to all the sudden have this grown child.

    I saw one of my nephews for the first time in 8 years (long family saga as to why not!). Anywho… he was 8 (and looked a lot like my son now) the last time we saw him and now he’s 16 and nearly 6 ft tall. When I met him again, it was like seeing my son grown up and I started crying. I’m such a dork and probably freaked him out big time! LOL!

  • oh, I know. My son is eleven and ,I swear to you, it hurts me to look at him. NO ONE told me that I would feel this way, how much I would miss his little boy face. But I do. So, I feel your pain sister. I wrote a poem about it, I think you will like it. Search BIRTHPAINS at rosieandthebutcher.com.

  • Mine is shaving at 13. Yeah.

  • Becki:

    I can totally identify with what you’re going through. I do the same thing to my son, are you taking after Dad, maybe Grandpa? Suddenly, I can’t see around his head when he sits in the passenger seat of my suv. Every time I look at him, he seems to have changed somewhat. Broad shoulders, hairy legs, heighth, he’s had a deep voice for a while…. It’s surreal watching him become a man before my very eyes! It’s hard to remember that little baby boy. (even though he’ll always be my baby).

  • And what a handsome young man he is. Enjoy, the time just flies so fast.