My First Salad!

May 27th, 2009

I am calling this one Garden Greens with Blue Bowl.






And this one… Garden Greens, Blue Bowl, Show Cat #1.






Green, Blue, Scissors.






I snipped the tender lettuce, the crinkly spinach, and a mesclun mix that is primarily dominated by a robust arugula, brought them in the house and covered them in cold water to get rid of the dirt.  While they were soaking, I made up a batch of Rita’s salad dressing.

I would give you the recipe for Rita’s salad dressing if I could, but it is one of those things you never really write down.  It takes about a half cup of mayo, a quarter cup of vinegar, salt, pepper, and sugar.  Keep adding things until it tastes good.  You may want to throw in some garlic… or some mustard… or some rosemary… you know… mess with it… until it tastes good.  

It will eventually…

Hopefully you won’t have a gallon of salad dressing made before you get it right.





The Country Doctor heartily approved of my salad.

Feeling kind of giddy, I decided to take my salad on a tour of our fake farm.

Which is a lot less fake now that it has a real garden!




And here we have garden fresh salad with boys on screen porch…




Garden fresh salad with urn and barn…






Garden fresh salad with show cat and a metal trunk that I bought at a neighbor’s garage sale.






Garden fresh salad and a different neighbor’s dog named Bailey.






This is my garden fresh salad sitting on the driveway.

I really don’t know what motivates me to take these odd food photos, except for a desire to make fun of all the food blogs in all of the world.






Oh… and also the photographer is kind of an oddball herself.

That salad was really good.

Maybe the best salad I have ever had in my life!

There was so much more than just the tasting… there was the planting and the watering and the weeding…

All in one bite.

I am making another one tomorrow!


  • Ohhh…we just managed to harvest a few leaves the other day for our first…most plants are just starting to grow. Got a white radish today :-)
    Love all your crazy photos! LOL

  • That looks DELISH- I can’t believe you grew it… I’m very impressed! Plus, I’m totally cracking up at your “salad tour”!!!

  • It always tastes better when you grow it yourself! Gorgeous salad and great pictures!

  • Lucy:

    OH! The salad looks just wonderful. From early in my childhood we ate “lettuce sandwiches.” Which consisted of LOTS of leaf lettuce, mayo, toasted bread, salt, pepper and maybe some onion. I still love it.

  • This is sooo fun! I love the salad tour of the farm…you make me laugh on a dark rainy day in New York! Yea for the garden!

  • Florida Liz:

    HAHAHA at your tour.. particularly loved the driveway. I’ve only grown 6 carrots when I was very young. How does one harvest lettuce – just cut off leaves? er… do they grow back?
    Here in Florida I spend my time wacking unwanted foliage down.. have yet to try growing things on purpose.

  • Had a fresh spinach salad myself today..and still plenty to to search recipes on using spinach..

  • Jenny:

    Your first vegetable garden fare!!! I bet it tasted incredible with a side of pure delight!

    I do not recognize that dog…Bailey, did you say. I’m sure I do not know how that dog, Bailey, ended up in your yard.

  • Great looking salad. My mom makes that same dressing. I’ve tried but I don’t have the patience to keep tweaking it, so it never tastes like mom’s did. The driveway shot is my fave!

  • Fran:

    ooh, your garden has grown so quickly! It’s gorgeous! I love your ‘avant garden’ pics. My favorite one is ‘Green, Blue, Scissors’!

  • That is a HUGE and prolific salad patch! You get to eat that good salad three times a day! Great job!

  • I am particularly moved by Salad On Asphalt and I”m pretty sure it says something about the modern age and the foods we eat. I also thought that Salad With Shadow was very moving and spoke to the transient of shadows and food. Can I be your PR person? I’m off to see if MoMA will accept an exhibit….

  • Catherine A.:

    love the pictures and the tour of the salad through the farm

  • Fran:

    By the way, Rechelle, I just finished reading It Takes a Village Idiot by jim Mullen and want to thank you for turning me on to it. It was a hoot! On to the next book on my list. Hope you are enjoying Pearl Buck. I love her books. Always meant to read The Name of the Rose. Is that Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier in the middle of your book stack? That’s a good one to read every so often!

  • Kellye:

    If I ever grew a salad I would photograph it extensively too! Great job.

  • Sharon:

    That was one of the most photogenic salads I’ve ever seen. I mean it really looked good in any setting.

  • What a great looking salad. Your garden is fantastic! Your photos crack me up. Great job!

  • That looks fabulous. Your garden is gorgeous. What do you do to keep the bugs from eating your greens in the garden? All of my spinach has holes … can’t figure out what’s getting them.

  • I’m excited to try some of the food from my garden, I just need to get it to grow first!

    and I like your kooky food pics, they crack me up

  • Cheryl in Arkansas:

    I loved the salad tour…although it did seem like it got a bit smaller…maybe my imagination?! Hopefully it didn’t pick up any stray little flying bugs on the tour. There’s just something about fresh, home-grown veggies, isn’t there? I imagine that salad was delicious!!! Just wait until you have a vine-ripe tomato in there. Yummmmmm….

  • Yum! Your garden puts my little planter full of greens to shame. What was I thinking, I will have enough for one plate, maybe. My husband couldn’t stop laughing. At least I planted enough tomatoes, and green peppers to feed my army. However, I accidentally weeded my cilantro! I feel like such a fake when I “garden” :)

  • Gen:

    That is one fabulous salad garden. The photos aren’t too shabby either.

    One question, though. How does one keep one’s show cat from using one’s raised bed garden as a personal, umm, “facility”? It’s a problem we city gardeners sometimes face with cats not of our own families.

    • Rechelle:

      I just try really hard not to think about it Gen. So far it is working for me.