Mother Dies of Fatal Cuteness Attack

May 27th, 2009

School’s out!






After a day of relay races at the park…







School swimming parties and eighth grade graduation for which I did not have my camera because I am an idiot…

We are already fully submerged in the rites of summer.






For my family that means baseball, baseball, more baseball, with a side of baseball and please could you please give me some extra baseball with that?





Every other year, my two middle sons play on the same team.






Instead of trying to be at four different games, in four different towns, all on the same night… this year I only have to be at three different games, in three different towns, on the same night.






It’s a huge relief!







I know that baseball is supposed to be a very competitive sport and my boys are very serious about the game…






But I gotta tell ya, the cuteness of these two boys on the same team this year is literally killing me.

I don’t know if I will survive to the end of the season.






And if I keep talking about the cuteness all season long, my sons might actually prefer that I don’t survive.


  • They are so cute! But don’t tell them I said so… I’ve got a couple of boys myself and I know how they feel about these things. “Muh-ther!” They say in horror, in agony.

  • Yes they are very, very cute. You are a very nice mom. The day my son told me he didn’t want to play baseball anymore I went into the next room and jumped for joy. Literally. Three games in one night would kill me.

  • Sandy:

    Reminds me of when my four boys were little. What fun, but it was hectic when they all had a game the same time in one day. I had to get extended family to help out.

  • Jennifer:

    They ARE SO cute… I had two cute girls to watch grow up – so I will have to look forward to GRANDSONS some day. I can hardly wait!

  • Michele:

    My kids still have another MONTH of school. I wish they were done already. We have to do summer fun things only on the weekends right now.