Love Letters

May 15th, 2009

The following letter fell out of the laundry a few days ago. I cropped the first page to protect the identity of the sender and the intended recepient. It is about the cutest thing I have ever read and to think it is actually written on a KLEENEX! The author of this letter is going to break a few hearts, but the real question is… Did she break his?

Fowllow the arrows – I hope she doesn’t have brilliant speller at the top of her list of most desirable attributes in future mate.

See how he gives her time to prepare herself! What a sensitive soul.

The all important questions… Have you ever liked someone? Do you like someone now? What is your favorite team? Clearly, he understands the primary building blocks of any good relationship.

Sounds like he has got some competition, or he really knows how to flatter a girl!

Well you go out with me… Again – I hope spelling is not big for her.

Ya right?!?!?! In Your Dreams!?!?!? He must be made of some pretty tough stuff.

And then this ending… I will like you still even if you do say no… If she hasn’t fallen for him by now, I think he got her at the end. At least he got his mom and I don’t even have to Think about It.


  • Heather:

    quite possibly the cutest and sweetest thing ever.

  • Pansypie:

    Where did you go? I just found you, and now you’re gone? Please write more, more, more! ‘I see you’ -to quote Avatar dialogue, and I’m sure a lot of people find you an inspiration as well! You are VERY funny!