Joe and Rita's Springtime Salad

May 12th, 2009


To make Joe and Rita’s Springtime salad, first you have to plant a garden…






Next, you have to carry a bowl and a knife out to the lettuce patch…







And then you cut enough tender lettuce to fill up the bowl…






You will also want to pick a fist full of green onions and tiny, red radishes.






Further clean up your freshly picked veggies at the kitchen sink…







If you are a man, you may sharpen your knife.

If you are a woman, this step might not be an absolute necessity.








Slice up those onions and radishes into mouth watering bite sized pieces.






Try not to eat all the radishes before dinner time.








Rita dresses up this Springtime Salad with her own salad dressing.






She mixes mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar, and cream until it comes out right.  







For maximum pleasure, a radish must anchor each forkful.

There is sunshine in every single bite.


  • Holy Cow! That is some lettuce patch. Do they sell at farmer’s market or something?

    Rita uses the same salad dressing that my farmer’s wife mother-in-law used. It must be a farmer’s wife thing.

  • that looks great! do you think that she could also share with us the recipe for the salad dressing? i have to go pick me a salad now…

  • Do Joe and Rita need another grandchild? I’m up for adopting if they are willing!

    Seriously, they are precious. Even their kitchen reminds me of my grandparents kitchen. Savor everything they make because when they are gone, nothing tastes as good as what grandparents cook.

  • It looks like you are very blessed to have Rita and Joe and the wisdom that they bring to the table, along with the salad and bread, of course !

  • Yum-my! But honestly? My favorite part is the photo of Joe sharpening his knife with Rita at the sink in the background. Just makes me go “awwww”.

    And once again…garden envy. ; )

  • Your parents are so adorable!

  • What? A Kansas salad without a glob of Dorothy Lynch? Did I miss a post somewhere.

    Delicious looking stuff. For a produce guy, this makes me cry.


  • Wow, what a great garden and a great recipe! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Wow, I haven’t gotten anything in my garden yet. Of course i only plant tomatoes and peppers! That salad looks really good!
    It’s still cold in PA…at least I think so!

  • The lettuce patch is awesome! We can’t go lettuce because the darn rabbits eat it all! We just keep buying it from the farmer’s market. The salad looks so yummy!

  • The salad dressing recipe sound like the one my grandmother used to use for cold slaw. It is the only way I like cold slaw. I think our grandparents cooked before there were microwaves and prepackaged foods, that translates into good food. It is a shame that we more “modern” women don’t have the time to cook like in the good old days. My German grandmother was an excellent cook and so is my Mom, it is great that they are passing along the traditions to the next generation. Or is it just a Kansas thing. Land of “Ahs”, even in the food department!
    Kansas Girl Transplanted,

  • Absolutely charming! I love Joe and Rita! Please post more about them. I just love older folks that garden and cook. They are such a treasure!

  • Helen:

    Awww, what a treasure to have Joe and Rita around, gardening and cooking ! That lettuce garden is a million times amazing !!! The older generation just has a special talent to just about cook anything you can think of and make it taste like a million bucks ! I treasure my grandmother’s old iron skillet she used to cook up gravy, biscuits, scrambled eggs and FRIED SQUIRREL ! I am not kidding. Ugh. I can promise you that no squirrel ever crossed these taste buds !

  • I love his hands….you can see the work they have done…. What an awsome garden!