Jim Halpert and Gromit! Are They Related?

May 19th, 2009

Is it just me???





Am I seeing things???





Or is it possible that there are some very striking similarities…





Between the handsome and rubbery face of Jim Halpert from The Office…




And claymation star of stage and screen, Gromit?







































Dwight as Jim…








Gromit as Jim…?
Quite possibly yes.








Can you see it?








They could be brothers!






Maybe they should switch places in an episode!






Jim could play Gromit and Gromit could play Jim!

And I could play Pam when Jim is playing Jim again!





Cracking toast Jim!  

I mean Gromit!




  • You’re so funny!

    I had never seen a resemblance until now.


  • Are you on cold medicine?

  • Florida Liz:

    Why yes, yes he does ! Thank goodness he doesn’t look like Wallace.. whew.

  • Susan:

    I do think the polka dot cup and saucer being used by Gromit is adorable. Other than that………….what??????????

    If you didnt see the finale of The Office last Thursday you might get a little verklempt.

  • I think you might be one to something….

  • How have I never noticed that before? You’re absolutely right.

  • Gina:

    Sooo funny!! Yes, if I squint my eyes and try not to focus I do see a resemblance. :0)

  • Separated at birth.


  • I love gromit. We have all of the movies and watch them when we want a good laugh. The sheep one is my favorite.

    I don’t watch the Office, so I never would have thought about anyone looking like gromit, but your post is too funny.


  • So does that mean you have an “old lady” crush on Jim??

    Old Lady Crushes are one when you just want to have lunch with them and talk!! Oh and of course just LOOK at them!!

  • OMG, YES!!!! I have thought for a long time that Jim looks like SOMEONE but couldn’t place it. That’s because my mind didn’t travel down the correct path. Or the odd path. (Just sayin’) Holy cow. Thanks for pointing this out. I will totally sleep better….off to send this link to a couple of people who will be relieved as well.

  • Janet:

    You are too cute!!!!!

  • hahahaha Too funny, Rechelle!! :)

  • Stephanie:

    I definitely see the resemblance and I LOVE them both…

  • Thanks for pointing this out … I never knew that I knew there was a resemblance. Good thing I check your blog today! Jim … ahhhh … love him.

  • Corinne:

    I definitely see the resemblance. Now I just might have to fight you to play Pam when Jim is playing Jim. I think that John Krasinski is absolutely adorable. Seriously, the picture of him with the ipod makes me wanna squeeze him.

  • LOL!

    Yep – they are obviously twins who were separated at birth…

  • Nikie:

    LOL!!! I am sure Jim likes cheeese.

  • Um, first of all, I think Rechelle is too young to have an old lady crush on anyone. She must be because she is only a teensy bit older than me and I am waaaaaay too young to have an old lady anything. But I don’t really go for these young guys who look like they could be my son’s age either. But Jim does not look that young. How old is Jim or the actor who plays Jim? Inquiring minds want to know, but they don’t really want to use google right now.

    Second of all, I already told you, Jim and the West Wichita Verizon guy are twins. Gromit could be his dog. (Because he is a dog.) You know how people look like their pets and vice versa. (I wonder which of these farm cats I look like. Or is it one of the dogs? One of the horses? Good lord! Not the goat! Good thing we don’t have cows or pigs.)

    Finally, if Gromit was Jim’s dog, I’m sure he would not allow him to attack innocent government employees. And if he did, I might shoot them both. The end.

  • Ah, yes! Striking resemblance!

    Someone now needs to do a youtube spoof or something…

  • this was stinkin’ hilarious. my son and I love wallace and gromit and the resembalance is really uncanny

  • HAHAHAHA! You’ve just combined 2 of my favorite shows and made my day. Thank you!

  • polish_punk:

    Oh my god! I thought I was the only one who saw the resemblance!

  • You make a good point.
    Jim is Grommit and Grommit is Jim!
    I will never seen an episode of the office the same way….