Garden Fence Blocks Rabbits From South

May 31st, 2009

After a few weeks of discussion, I finally got the Country Doctor to build a fence for my garden.






He wanted to pound a few metal stakes in the ground, stretch out some chicken wire, and call it done.






I really needed something a little prettier.  


I did…


My garden is right outside the windows by my kitchen table!  

Can it really be helped if I need a nice view to go with my morning Eggo waffles? 




The Country Doctor finally gave in and built a wooden fence for me.

But not without first commenting…

“The nice thing about the fence that you want, is that it not only requires half a day to build and brutal post hole digging, but I also have to go out and buy a bunch of new supplies instead of using what I already have on hand!”

“I am glad that things are working out so well for you dear.” I replied.





Here are the three brutal fence posts that took an hour to dig, which had to be purchased instead of using the metal stakes that we already had, which could have been pounded into the ground in less than ten minutes.



I never promised that life with me would be easy!









He did however make use of a few boards that we already had up in the barn rafters.








We attached rabbit fencing to the boards as the Kentucky Wonders and the Asparagus beans prefer to climb a metal grid instead of wood boards. 

Which yes, this means that the Country Doctor’s metal stake and chicken wire fence would have made far more sense.

But this garden is not just about making sense.








It’s about trying to create something magical!


What’s the point of creating anything without a little magic involved?

Maybe this fence doesn’t look so magical to you?

Well, it’s a damn site more magical than metal stakes and chicken wire!




A magical country urn!










Thanks dear!  

Of all of my husbands, you are my favorite.


And also the only husband.


So far…


  • Theresa from Alberta:

    well done!

  • LOL You sound soo much like me. When I wanted my garden, did I build a raised one? Noooo… I made my husband help me work half a ton of sand into 64 square feet of clay. Pah… easy way. We like to make our men sweat! (I must say, though, that your garden looks better than mine.)

  • Uh, I hope “boy” above was joking.

    Could you ask the good doctor how deep do you have to dig those post holes? I was thinking of building myself a fence. :D

  • ‘Cause “boy” that wasn’t very nice!!!!!

    • Rechelle:

      I got rid of boy. Ick.

  • Your man and my man came from the same “it only needs to work” planet. Aesthetics? What dat?

    Glad you prevailed!

  • Kellye:

    I can feel the magic of your fence all the way across the internet. Fence looks very charming.

  • That fence *would* be absolutely magical *if* it did not also block the unicorns from entering the garden. How can you have a magical garden without unicorns, I ask you? UNLESS unicorns have some magical powers of which I am unaware which allow them to pass through magical garden fences constructed by Country Doctors. Yes, I think that is the answer. And of course any unicorn special enough to live in Kansas would have such powers. Of course!

    I hear unicorns have one other trick up their, er, “sleeves”. Their poop has mystical fertilizing properties. Miracle Grow ain’t got nothin’ on unicorn poop, I tell ya!

    Now, to attract these unicorns to your garden, you will simply need to perform a series of nekkid moonlight dancing rituals in your garden. It may be best to farm out the kids on the evening you plan to do said rituals, though. Wouldn’t want to risk having one of boys peek outside to see what all the commotion is and catch a glimpse of their mama dancing the unicorns into her garden. Not unless you’ve got a Country Psychiatrist in the house.

    • Rechelle:

      I am all for nekkid moonlight dances Jenni.

  • Erin in Holton:

    You’ve got a great bunch of comments tonight… :-)

    Love the camo shorts, I think every country doc must have a pair, I know we do!

  • What a clever man the country doctor is. Lovely fence.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I’m impressed by the lack of weeds in your garden. Maybe the unicorns eat them? Now I need a unicorn.
    Or… maybe a purple dragon to torch them, especially bindweed. Maybe you have to dance nekkid at the Kansas State U. gardens (school color: purple) to get a magic purple weeding garden dragon. Hmm…

  • Nancy:

    It looks very nice. Tell Country Dr. well done. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. Everything is green and growing well. Would love to be there to eat some of the veggies.

  • Curly:

    CD did a wonderful job on that fence. It looks much better than stakes and chicken wire.

  • I love garden fences! We’re moving to the country in June or July. I can’t wait to have a garden like yours. Hubby already has planted some things out there so we won’t be with out completely this year. Are you located near Wamego? I noticed the McPeak & Pugh realty ad. We’re currently within 15 minutes of Wamego :)

  • Marilyn:

    Pink post hole diggers…REALLY…how can you expect a man to have fun with those things?

  • Will you hire out the CD? Because the current husband (alright, he’s still my favorite…and only) is not moving very quickly on getting my garden fenced. And mine must be or it will be mowed down immediately after planting by the bazillion or so deer on our land. I hate those buggars. Even my 2 year old said the other day “I don’t like deer….they poop too much.” I don’t know where he heard that, but I’m right there with him!

  • Oh, I love your garden. I have garden envy. I’m going to post pictures on my blog later of my pathetic wanna-be garden…but it will only ever shout “I coulda been a contender!”

  • I had a problem with rabbits trying to get into my tomato plants, it old took a roll of the same green barrier fence to take care of them. I love your pictures, you are a good photographer.

  • I also had a problem with rabbits, i made a smiliar desgin fence which so far has stopped the problem.

    Great photography

  • I really enjoy seeing people handle their fence needs on their own. Great description and pictures!