Ethan Pitches… Drew Swings!

May 27th, 2009

Did I mention the cuteness yet?  




I know this is supposed to be a wind-up and I am supposed to be a nervous wreck…




My son is on the mound and the game is hanging in the balance…




If he can just strike that batter out, our team will keep their small lead and we will win the game…





But then my son’s face looks like this…





And if he disagrees with the umpire’s call he does this…




And sometimes he does this…






And this…






Can I help it if all I see is my little boy throwing a ball just like he used to throw things at his brothers when he was little?



And then his brother does this cute little shake thing when he is up to bat…


And I am dying people!



Somehow I don’t think I am taking this baseball thing nearly seriously enough.


  • debra:

    I went into mourning when my boys quit playing baseball, but my friends never tire of reminding me I was the only mom who had to be jostled out of “The Complete Book of Composting” when my boys were up to bat. –how embarrassing!!

  • caren:

    You have been busy today. Love action pictures. I love taking pictures of my kids. Only have about 5000. Today I took pictures of my 12 year old son riding his favorite horse after school. He is getting good. I need a house in the country so we can have room for a horse.

    So when does the salad come up to bat?

  • That level of cuteness is just too much! It almost makes me want to watch baseball! Do I need to explain how averse I am to watching sports? But I think I could do it–for at least 5 minutes–with such cuteness present. I think I have seen that expression in the photo just before the video on that boy’s mother, btw. Don’t you feel good knowing that you have contributed to baseball and, therefore, AMERICA in such a way? Your genes may just save the national pastime! Doesn’t it make your heart just swell with pride?

    BTW, I understand what Debra’s talking about. I’m the mom who always brings a book to games/meets and who sneers at the perfect gym moms and the over enthusiastic wrestling parents once safely in the privacy of her own car. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel a little twinge of sadness when Na quit gymnastics after competing for 5 years. Weird.

  • Southern Gal:

    Love baseball especially when my oldest played for 10 years. Now he hardly throws a second glance at all that expensive baseball equipment. He moved on to soccer and my heart broke. Cross country and my eyes teared up. Too much baseball, too much pressure from traveling team coach and that was that. Enjoy it while you can. It may be over before you’re ready.

    AND take continuous action shots of your guy pitching then crop them all together for a great in motion pitching shot. My son saw all kinds of things to correct in his pitching when I did this for me….um, him.

  • Your little man has been watching way too many major league games on TV with his dad. LOL! I have seen kids do that too and it cracks me up. I think it psyches out the pitcher a bit. He’s got a good swing on him!
    Share a video of your other son pitchin’!

  • And I forgot to mention that I get all nerved up too when my son pitches. He is in the 11-12 year old league this year and it is such a huge step up from the 9-10 year olds!

  • Jennifer:

    Nice shots! I guess Drew likes Gary Sheffield? He does that with the bat, too. My son didn’t end up liking baseball, but we watched him play his trumpet in the school band yesterday! I love seeing kids involved in things.

  • Linda Joan:

    Those were the days! Our son is now 27. Even though we had only one son, one child for that matter, we felt that the baseball season was all consuming. I don’t know how you do it!

  • Amy:

    Well?? Did they win? That’s the most important thing…BESIDES how adorable they are!! :)