CDW Choreorganizers

May 15th, 2009

I was heartily inspired after reading P-Dub’s recent post on how she get those little cowpokes of hers to help out around the house.

Just a little card!

With a little picture!

And a brief explanation!


So I made a few of my own choreganizers… customized for a family of four boys… and I can’t wait to see the results!
Would you like to see them?

This is one chore that makes my life a living hell. But now with these choreganizers, I will never have to face it again!

I decided to divide this particular chore into several steps so that my boys will not get overwhelmed…by the fumes… and the sickening responsibility!


Why did I ever let them stand up to pee?
Why didn’t I just keep holding them on the toilet as they balanced there whizzing away.
Why didn’t I somehow force them to keep sitting down?
Or at the very least teach them far better aim!
Do they even look at the toilet when they are peeing?
Because it seems more like they are running in the opposite direction of the toilet, or turning in circles, or trying to hit everything except the water in the bowl!

I have to be honest here, if one of my boys even makes even the slightest tremor of a sound while I am hacking away at the daily urine build-up, I have a tendency to react in extremely inappropriate ways.
Like reaching for the large bottle of aspirin in the medicine cabinet and pouring it down my throat.
Or worse – picking up the chainsaw I was using to break the congealed rind of urine between the floor and the stool – and tearing after one of my sons.

So I am really counting on these choreganizers to turn my life around. To make me a more balanced, agreeable, friendly, cute, perky mom! Just like the moms in all the TV commercials!

This has to work. Because if it doesn’t, I am locking them out of all the bathrooms for good and they can just go outside! Then the bathroom will be mine…