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After a few weeks of discussion, I finally got the Country Doctor to build a fence for my garden.






He wanted to pound a few metal stakes in the ground, stretch out some chicken wire, and call it done.






I really needed something a little prettier.  


I did…


My garden is right outside the windows by my kitchen table!  

Can it really be helped if I need a nice view to go with my morning Eggo waffles? 




The Country Doctor finally gave in and built a wooden fence for me.

But not without first commenting…

“The nice thing about the fence that you want, is that it not only requires half a day to build and brutal post hole digging, but I also have to go out and buy a bunch of new supplies instead of using what I already have on hand!”

“I am glad that things are working out so well for you dear.” I replied.





Here are the three brutal fence posts that took an hour to dig, which had to be purchased instead of using the metal stakes that we already had, which could have been pounded into the ground in less than ten minutes.



I never promised that life with me would be easy!









He did however make use of a few boards that we already had up in the barn rafters.








We attached rabbit fencing to the boards as the Kentucky Wonders and the Asparagus beans prefer to climb a metal grid instead of wood boards. 

Which yes, this means that the Country Doctor’s metal stake and chicken wire fence would have made far more sense.

But this garden is not just about making sense.








It’s about trying to create something magical!


What’s the point of creating anything without a little magic involved?

Maybe this fence doesn’t look so magical to you?

Well, it’s a damn site more magical than metal stakes and chicken wire!




A magical country urn!










Thanks dear!  

Of all of my husbands, you are my favorite.


And also the only husband.


So far…

For Memorial Day weekend, we drove to southeast Kansas to visit one of the CD’s sisters and her family.





Because clearly…








They have a backyard pool.






Things were going along swimmingly.  Swarms of cousins filled the pool, the yard, and the house.  There was a mountain of barbecue and all the fixin’s.  I contributed a salad made from my very own garden.  It was a very nice party.








The Country Doctor started showing off.







Wearing a hideous, grotesquely unstylish pair of orange swim trunks, he commandeered the diving board  and began doing his very special, one of a kind, signature, cartwheel dive over and over and over again.  








The Orcale quickly snapped.  

He couldn’t take it.  

“Stop it!’  he screamed.  ”Stop doing those insane cartwheels off the diving board!”  

“No one!  NO ONE!  Especially these young impressionable boys should have to watch that!”  he shouted.

“Put on a shirt, and sit down and drink a beer like a man!” He rampaged.



The Country Doctor refused to listen.




So the Oracle took matters in his own hands, grabbed a hard rubber ball and zinged it at his brother in mid-jump.





The Country Doctor was hit!






The Oracle was triumphant!

Gleeful, he picked the ball up again…






And began bombarding whatever innocent child happened to be jumping off the board…








Once enraged, it is hard to shut an Oracle down.  

With his wrath in full throttle…

he did throttle…

and then he throttled some more…

All the tender and exposed flesh of any young’un who dared to dive thereafter.







But even the blistering beatings of his own children and their accompanying plaintive wails did not stop the Country Doctor from doing his special, signature, one of a kind cartwheel dive over and over and over again.  


You see…


The Country Doctor learned at a very young age…


that enraging the Oracle…


is half the fun.

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