The Oracle Tours the Lodge

April 22nd, 2009


I am an architecture junkie.

I love houses and well designed buildings.

I love old derelict homes on abandoned highways sagging from neglect and misuse and I always want to hitch them to my car, drag them home and fix them up again.

I love new buildings too… the way they smell… how everything is still so clean… looking over the choices that the designers made and making note of great ideas for future reference.

So when the opportunity came to spend a weekend at Pioneer Woman’s lodge, I was very excited to meet the building in person.

It did not disappoint me.



My original plan was to snap a few photos of my favorite things about the lodge.




And then I would write a little snippet of why I loved this particular element so much. For instance, I love this door… I love it because… uh… I love it because… because… uh… well… because… it is so beautiful!

Is that a good reason?




I also this fireplace because clearly… again… very, very beautiful…




The way the light spills across the floor in this one little spot.

I have a thing for light spilling across a floor.

Maybe it is because of all those motes that give a person like me literally hours of viewing pleasure.



When the Oracle Known as Steve got wind of my simple idea for a tour of P-Dub’s lodge, he was none too pleased.




After all, The Oracle  is a mild mannered architect by day

and he wanted to know more than just how beautiful everything was at the lodge.




He demanded surveys, and pie charts, and a historical census of all the buildings in the area.



He wanted to know about the water table and the outcroppings and the ratio of people to cows.




I tried to make him happy. I tried to accommodate his need for fluffy, fervent, high falutin’, factoids.



“There are twenty two million cows to every half person out here.” I said.

“There are no water tables, but there are a few tables made of wood!” I pleaded.

“I can’t give you a pie chart, but I can give you a piece of pie if you will stop asking me questions I can’t answer!”

The Oracle grew quiet. He was clearly disappointed in me, but he seemed to sense that his profound need for information was not going to be met by an ordinary human such as I.

He sighed, “Alright then… I’ll take a piece of coconut cream pie and a cup of coffee… I guess” and he shrugged sadly, as he headed to the bathroom.

I wept with relief.




And then he yelled to me from the ‘little room’…

“Can you at least tell me, of what material these bathroom floors are made?”

(The Oracle is very good about not ending a sentence in a preposition.)

“I don’t know… but aren’t they beauti…” I yelled back and then stopped myself…and then with as much confidence as I could muster, I shouted down the hall…“they look just like limestone, but I think they are stained concrete!” 

“Wow!” the Oracle said, “They are really beautiful.”

“Yes, I replied, “I know.”


  • notmuchofacook:

    Thanks for the tour, Rechelle. Loved seeing everything and you are so lucky to have been able to spend some time at the Lodge. I’m sure Ree feels fortunate to have spent time with you as well. At least, according to her blog, she thinks you’re swell.

  • Beth:

    How you brought the Oracle along on the trip is hilarious. Of course the only thing better is the ending!

  • Great tour.
    Though I feel like I’ve seen it before…

    I love the Oracle. At least virtually.

  • now you can say you have seen The Oracle on the john!!! LOL *snort* like that matters, sorry… It just made me laugh when I thought about it… forget it,please forget what I said. Now seriously – did you get to meet Josh the Cowboy? He is my favorite character out there…. Its nice to meet some of the folks we read constantly, but I have never met anyone that reads me so I dont know maybe its not nice! *thinks shut up Heidi* sorry… go ahead tell me to shut up.

    Thanks for the tour btw – it looks beautiful there and it was GREAT to see pictures of Ree laughing! I always image her laughing, but it was great to SEE!!!

  • You love architecture but you married the doctor? Actually, you were smart doing that since the world will always need doctors. ;)

  • At least he didn’t try to teach PW how to make gravy!!

  • Those are my mud boots by the front door. Thank you for making them famous. I saw a lot of boots at the Lodge, but mine were the only mud boots. Maybe real cowboys don’t wear mud boots.

    Some of your favorite things are also mine. I love the little niche in the side of the fireplace and the way the light spills across that nook and the sliding doors on the bathroom and of course the farmhouse table.

  • Sandy:

    I found you at thepionnerwoman. Love your blog!!

  • Gina:

    Love the pictures of the Lodge. I also really, really like the front door. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of it before. It is beauitful. Heck, the whole place looks beauitful.

    Glad the Oracle made the trip. Good thing he didn’t fall in the john. Now that would not be good…

  • Theresa from Alberta:

    You must have had a GREAT weekend! lovely pictures. Maybe leave the Oracle at home next time ;-)

  • I especially love your use of words–because, because, because!!

  • Does Ree know the Oracle toured her lodge? In the form of a coffee mug?!

  • I think it is rather fantastic that you had a mug made up of Steve! I think it is even more fantastic that you took it with you on your trip! Way to plan ahead for humor! Love it!

  • Florida Liz:

    Yep, the lodge does look fantastic. I didn’t remember the nook in the fireplace from Ree’s pictures, thanks for your perspective.

    I think the Oracle looks good there. LOL @ Shelly’s gravy comment. The Gravy ‘incident’ was one of the first posts of yours that I read and I laughed till I couldn’t breathe.

  • Oh…The Oracle got to go, too.
    Which room did he like the best?

  • Sheila:

    Be careful taking the Oracle with you it could turn into a situation like the Traveling Donut and people would think you were odd.

  • Bridget:

    I thought no one else but me. But then you said that you like to watch dust motes. Me too, me too. I hope this doesn’t diminish your feeling of specialness or uniqueness (are those words) or that I am trying to hitch my wagon to your specialness. But it is just neat to find another dust mote watcher. My boyfriend often wonders why I don’t get out of bed for hours. He doesn’t understand that there is so much to look at.

    Also- and this might just be me (many people feel that I am often clueless and a ditz) or it could be my computer. But it isn’t clear from reading your blog that there are pictures attached to your entry. I just knew from reading it that there was more to, so I tried clicking on the title. (hope this makes sense to you) Just an observation since I know that you have a new design to your blog. There I go being nosy again. Sorry.

  • LiteraryOne:

    I love how you took the “oracle” mug made the rounds!

    Reminds me of the travel commercial with the garden gnome!!

    For some reason now I wnt an garden gnome and one of those mugs!!

    Okay I am making an appointment for councilling today!!

  • Rechelle:

    Bridget, I am glad that someone understands me. I can spend the entire day in bed just watching the ceiling fan.