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Eat Pray Love a Review

April 2nd, 2009

I finished Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, two weeks ago. It is a wonderful book about a person picking up the pieces of a busted heart and trying to put them back together by uncontrolled gelatto consumption in Italy, consulting the Oracle known as Richard from Texas in an Ashram in India, and finally hanging out with the conniving poor in Indonesia. The author, Ms. Gilbert, is spectacularly… dizzingly…. scarily honest in her book. She is really messed up at the beginning of the book and only slightly less messed up at the end of the book… but she thinks she is better, so I guess that is all that matters.

Personally, I think ending the book by diving headlong into yet another relationship was sort of just like starting over again, but the author made it work for herself, so hey, what do I know?

I do have to say something about the whole ‘selfishness thing’. Many people after reading her book, labeled her as a selfish person for taking a year of her life to travel, eat, meet new people, eat, pray and yes… eat some more. She even speaks to this subject on her website! Personally, I did not feel she was selfish. This girl’s heart had been flung against the ragged cliffs of Dover as the waves held her there, beating her against the jagged outcroppings over and over again. Some of these beatings she admittedly administered to herself and others were the result of an ugly divorce, followed by a whirlwind romance, followed by a crushing break-up, followed by a replay of the whirlwind romance, followed by some more crushing break-up, followed by spiraling depression, followed by attacks of mania, followed by getting back together with Mister Whirlwind Romance, etc, etc, etc.

To pull herself together and to put some space between herself and Mister Whirlwind, she takes a trip. She takes a long trip. She eats lots of fabulous Italian food. She makes new friends. She learns how to speak Italian. She seeks God. She seeks God in Italy in the cheese, wine and red sauce. She seeks God while scrubbing floors in an Ashram. She seeks God while speaking with a medicine man on his porch in Indonesia. She seeks God and at times she finds God and when she does… God is good. I cannot fathom how any of this is selfish. Is travelling selfish? Is eating fabulous food selfish? Is seeking God selfish? Or is it the combination of travelling, while eating, while seeking God, that is selfish? Someone please explain – because me no get it.

Life is too short to let everyone else decide the rules for you. I am so proud of her for taking this journey and for writing about it (which was a beautiful act of giving and also funded her trip) and for seeking God in a world that says either…

Hey you! This is God… RIGHT HERE… in this particular religion… MY WAY… and you either find God MY WAY or you can just go to Hell (literally).



What God?




If only we could all spend a year seeking God… while eating fabulous food…. travelling the world and making new friends. In my best estimate the world would be a lot less selfish as a result… and a lot more fun.

Eat… Pray… Love