Makin' Bacon With Marlboro Man

April 22nd, 2009

After we got back from ‘calf wrestling‘, it was time to make some breakfast.  I found a cast iron pan in a cabinet, and started frying up some bacon on the island cooktop.  There were a lot of people to feed, so someone set another cast iron pan on the stove and I filled it with a second package of bacon.  A few minutes later, Marlboro Man entered the lodge, assessed the situation and felt that we oughtta move the bacon to the ‘other’ stove top as there was no ventilation on the stove we were using.  So we moved the two pans.  After that, Marlboro Man stayed pretty close to the bacon process.  After watching us ‘wrestle calves’ and then discovering us using the wrong stove to cook bacon, he did not seem to really trust us around the open flame on the gas stove.  I can’t really say that I blame him.  He is very comfortable in the kitchen by the way.  He cooked right along side Ree throughout the weekend.  Maybe she should have a section called ‘Marlboro Man Cooks’.



I wanted to post a few photos of MM and P-Dub together, because we never get to see the two of them together.  






And this is when Clay explained the internet to Pioneer Woman.  

I think she is seeing all sorts of possibilities.





I finally have all the contest winners announced in the various sections.  

Go see if you won anything!


Tomorrow afternoon, the Oracle Known as Steve tours the lodge.


  • Good lord, you could have burned down the lodge! Good thing Marlboro Man was there to mitigate the damage. Whew.

  • Nice photos!


  • What else did you eat besides bacon??

  • love the photos. bacon sounds good right now.

  • Theresa in Alberta:

    Now I am really hungry! NICE photos of PW & MM together. I am looking very forward to hearing the Oracle’s view on the lodge.

  • Love the mug… And now I want bacon!

  • Florida Liz:

    Very nice pics and thank you for the PW/MM duo.. long overdue. and “The oracle known as Steve tours the lodge”… very funny and I LOVE the mug!

  • I’m sure you are going to explain about the “Oracle” cup being photographed all over the lodge … particularly the 2 bathroom shots??

    Those beef, potatoes, and vegetable plates looked wonderful … particularly after seeing MM cutting the meat.

    I think that many of us would have liked being able to do what you just did … visit PW/MM.

    Tell us more about them as people … please? :-)

  • Mrs. I.:

    I love the “Oracle Known as Steve Mug.” I think you should offer them as prizes or open a “My Sister’s Farmhouse Gift Shop.” What a conversation starter that mug would be!!

  • Laura:

    Mmm….bacon, MM and P Dub…what could be better? Sounds like a fun time.

  • I love the mug! And I love the pics of MM and P-Dub together! Thanks! I love the new blog location and can’t wait to see all the little things you do to really make it yours! So far, I’ve loved my experience with WordPress. Keep up the good work Rechelle! :)

  • Ah! That’s what the mug was all about!

    I was so impressed that Marlboro Man could cook. I always burn the bacon, that’s why I didn’t jump to help. I’m still dreaming about those steaks he made, too. It was also very impressive how the CD and Clay jumped in to do the dishes. You and April have trained them well;o)

  • Laura:

    Wow- it is like my worlds are colliding!! You and April and your men at P-Dubs- what will happen next???
    Laura the Famous

  • Love the mug. That was just a little piece of your home for theirs, right?

    I’m impressed that MM cooks! Holy Cow! Now that’s a good man….one that can wrangle a calf and cook. Who knew? The cattle men that I grew up with couldn’t and wouldn’t do that.

  • I saw something on the news the other day about an Oracle and I instantly added “known as Steve” Kahuna looked at me then looke at the TV and said What the hell are you talking about. Then I tried to explain the whole oracle known as Steve to him and he just didn’t get it.

    I think you should start marketing those mugs.

  • Very cute pics. I am an avid PW reader and it is cool to see people visit her

  • How cool is that! Love p-dub! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I’d sure love an Oracle mug!

    Thanks for the pictures of PW & MM and the “details”.

  • I’d love to cook in that kitchen. Bacon is my favorite!


  • Cyndi B:

    You need to do a mug giveaway!!!

  • Kellye:

    Great idea to take pictures of PW and MM together. Glad Clay had that internet talk with PW. I bet that girl runs with it.

  • mmmmm bacon!!

    I bet breakfast was tastie after all that work you had to do and get up so early!!

    That mug is great !! I have a bunch of assorted mugs on my desk…all holding pens, markers, rulers, bone folder (thank you Martha Stewart), sissors, brushes, exacto knife, srew drivers….oh and my clothes pin that I use to hold my out going mail.

    So far my fav is my Red Green mug I got for pledging on our local PBS station.

  • Nice to see pw and MM together!