Early Morning Sideways Chaps at P-Dub's Lodge

April 20th, 2009

We have no idea what we are talking about in this video. None of us. But that does not keep us from having opinions.

Because we do so much “calf wrestling”.

And I don’t know WHEN I will ever start to remember that I can’t film with my camera turned sideways!


  • jean:

    I’ve got a crick in my neck. Totally worth it though. You guys must have had a blast.

  • That is HI-larious!

    And it was, what, 5am? Had you had coffee yet? Brains not yet firing on all cylinders?

    City Slickers.

    So fun.

  • I’m sitting sideways at my computer, and that was hilarious. Awesome. I still can’t believe three of my favorite bloggers are all together. I’m in SHOCK.

  • Fran:

    Oh my, too funny! He looks ready to wrestle some calves! I’ve got tears in my eyes!

  • So glad I watched this on the phone so I could rotate with the camera.
    I think the Lodge needs lighting, or were you guys conserving energy?

  • I have no idea why we did not turn on the lights. I guess we were all just too shocked at how early we were up! Plus you know.. . we didn’t know where to find the right switches!

  • Debbie from Illinois:

    Yup, I tilted my laptop so I could see!

  • Diane:

    Love the narration from both you and PW. And I meant to ask when the first post went up . . . are those lovelies from the garden center on PDub’s island there at the Lodge? From YOUR garden center? I saw those and thought “Awww, CDW took PW some of the beauties for the Lodge.” I would have a blast putting some great containers together for that new deck. Sigh . . .

  • Cracked me up… Just the thought of riding all day with the conchos INSIDE oh OOOWWWWW! He’d definitely never want to do that again…

  • Diane – Yes, those flowers are from ‘my garden center’. Erin does a beautiful job growing our annuals. She plays classical music to them while they are growing, all day every day.

  • That is funny! Caps are a little hard to out on. I tilt my camra too someimes when I am taking video. I always forget it does not flip the video :)


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  • I thought I was the only one who made accidental sideways videos!

    Mary, mom to many