A Visit to P-Dub's Ranch

April 18th, 2009

This is the Country Doctor’s Wife reporting to you from Pioneer Woman’s Ranch.



This is the map that Ree sent to us to help us find the lodge.



As you can see, it is a little ‘lean’ on information.

Just two red arrows pointing to a red blob in the middle of a blank white space.

I mean, I live in Kansas and Oklahoma is pretty darn close, but I don’t exactly go for Sunday drives in this part of the country.







Never fear!  

We eventually did find the lodge.

And just like Ree said, it is in the middle of a big open space.  





Look!  This is me and Jenni doing the dishes AT THE LODGE!





And here we are folding laundry AT THE LODGE!




And here we are scrubbing the bathrooms AT THE LODGE.

Tomorrow we are getting up at 6:00 am to herd cattle.


Please God, don’t let me die in a fiery horse wreck.

All I can say is that ranch life is not easy!




  • Cool!

    What are doing AT THE LODGE? Unpaid work? A weird kind of holiday? Or have you already told us and I’m just out of the loop?

  • Well all I can say is – I’m jealous!!!

    Come get me Pdub, you know I’m yer favourite.

  • Oh these are great! I SO know Ree didn’t invite you to clean.

  • Holy crow, you are at THE LODGE?!?!?!? What a great weekend trip. Can’t wait to see P-Dub’s place from your point of view.

  • Ronman:

    Weird. My blogs are converging. Ree tricked you into coming out to do her laundry! She rules.

  • You did this so I wouldn’t feel so bad, didn’t you :o) he he

    So funny! Have a wonderful time!

    Katie threw up last night…imagine if she missed the play…we shall see how she feels when she wakes up.

    Ah life.

  • Whoa! I thought I had entered bizaro land for a minute! My favorite bloggers hanging out together for the weekend…it’s pure craziness! Rechelle…I live right on the way there. Next time, if you would be so kind as to just slow down enough to open a car door, I’ll jump in and go with you. We’d have lots to chat about on the way there like being married to rural docs, home school, or the fact that for about a year, I thought the show cats were really show cats. (In my defense, they are very pretty!) Call me.

  • OMG! I am so jealous!

  • Paula:

    I bet that gorgeous lighting at THE LODGE would take off ten years and twenty pounds on me if I could get it at my house. Great lighting.

  • Cool! When you round up cattle, make sure your stirrups are the right length. When I went riding, I wore a safety helmet. You should do the same. I’m serious.

  • So glad you made it safely. Good thing you all have good map reading skills. Doubt a GPS would be that smart.

    Since it’s probably been a while since you’ve been on a horse, I hope you’ve been working those leg & butt muscles or you just might be a bit sore come Sunday. Hee, hee!

  • Um. It’s not 2:19 pm. It’s 9:19 am. Are you trying to confuse me?

  • That is so cool. Remember get all the scoop. Like Perez Hilton!

  • I’m so excited to read about your adventures with Ree!

  • Oh, you’re famous now. You’re at THE LODGE! You get to see Pioneer Woman and MM?! I’m beyond jealous. You need to get a picture taken with CHARLIE!!!

  • I hate you.

    Holy freakin’ crap!

  • You know I’m kidding.

    So glad she put you to work though.

    Have a spectacular time!

  • bobbie:

    Very. Jealous. I may have to hate you!!

  • I can’t believe this! Two of the four bloggers I read RELIGIOUSLY, EVERY DAY, are in the same geographic location. I wanna be there, too! Hey, I’m only a couple of hours away. How about sending that map (and an invitation) to me?

  • Mary:

    All three of you together?! I think it’s weird when all my favs converge.

  • Jenny:

    Oh, girl…you crack me up!!!

  • Fran:

    Oh heavens to Murgatroyd! How did you manage to get an invite to PW’s ranch? How exciting! How wonderful! How marvelous! Did you bring your Grey Gardens party clothes?! Have fun. We want lots of photos and full details! Love the new website!!!

  • Scherrie:

    How wonderful! You’re gonna be the envy of half the women in the USA. I hope BOTH of you take lots of pix & share all the exciting details. You know, this is going to probably take up half of my morning, when you start posting it. Housework will have to wait!

  • Theresa in Alberta:

    OH YOU LUCKY LADIE(S)!! Please get a shot of the gang with Charlie :-)

  • WoooHooo! Lucky you… be sure to take lots of pics and share all the juicy details! Have fun with the horses too!

    ~Suzanne @

  • OK, how jealous am I right about now. I would wash PW’s dishes, and fold her laundry any day. And with you there – all the better. Have a great time.

  • Paula:

    Who’s Jenni?

  • susan in FL:

    Hey I found you over at PW first. Sorry but her shortcut is higher than yours…Hmmm wonder why that is? Oh I know I found you through her to begin with.
    Looks like you are having a great time.

  • wow she made you clean!

  • Silje:

    Got to love that you are excited about folding laundry