Creating Memories and Helping

January 9th, 2009

We purchased a living, balled and burlaped blue spruce for our Christmas tree this year.

After three weeks in the house, we had an unusually warm day on December 29th and decided to plant it.

The Country Doctor called Drew over to help him.

“Let’s plant this tree together son!” the Country Doctor exclaimed, “As the years pass, we can look out the dining room window and watch the tree grow.  When you are older, you will remember with fondness the day you helped your old dad plant the Christmas tree.”

“Whatever.” said Drew.

“Now pay attention son.” instructed the Country Doctor, “I am going to stand this tree perfectly upright.  While I do that, I need you to hang your arms uselessly at your sides and remain motionless” said the Country Doctor.  

“Like this dad?” asked Drew.

“That is perfect son.  Now, while I shovel the dirt around the roots, I need you to take a drink of your Coke and stare off into space.”

“Are we done yet dad?” Drew asked, ” Cuz I am getting kind of tired.”

“Yes son”  said the Country Doctor, “You have worked very hard and deserve a break.  Besides, this memory is already so precious that I can feel my heart breaking inside.”  The Country Doctor paused and wiped a tear from his eye.  ”You run along and watch some TV,” he called to his son who was already gone.

This has been another tear jerking family moment brought to you by The Country Doctor’s Wife.