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Why is there a live evergreen tree on top of three paint buckets strapped together with duct tape in my living room?

Oh yeah… because we went to Panera for lunch on Sunday.

And while there… someone in my family… who is not me… got aggravated because he thought the store was confusing and he did not know where to stand in line to place his order.

And then this someone ordered a “You Pick Two” but was disappointed to find out that a “You Pick Two” means you only pick two items and not three. Because calling it a “You Pick Two” is not very clear.

After that extremely confusing lunch, we went to “The World’s Most Depressing Christmas Tree Farm”.

Our family used to go to the same Christmas Tree Farm every year… and then it closed. So we switched to a new Christmas Tree Farm… and then they closed. So we went to a new one this year.

Which I imagine might be closing very soon.

Like maybe right after we left.
“The World’s Most Depressing Christmas Tree Farm” had about the same number of marketable Christmas trees that you might find in a horse pasture… or in a cultivated field of corn… or on a professional football field… or on the moon.

I kind of liked this one… but only in comparison to all the other trees… which there weren’t any other trees.

This strange lack of trees at “The World’s Most Depressing Christmas Tree Farm” gave the Country Doctor the perfect opportunity to re-introduce an idea that he has been wanting to try for a long, long time. He has dreamed of buying a living “balled and burlaped” evergreen from the Garden Center where I work, and bringing it home to use as a Christmas Tree, and then when Christmas is over… planting the tree in the yard.

What this means… is that I am officially changing the Country Doctor’s name to The Country Druid.
It also means that we bought a live tree… an actual living tree for our Christmas tree. The Country Druid is going to attempt to keep a living tree alive… inside our living room… for three weeks… and then re-acclimate it to the freezing cold winter temperatures of Kansas… and then plant it in the yard.

I absolutely vetoed the three duct taped paint buckets.

I also vetoed using the old accordion case with the accordion inside as the “tree stand”.

Eventually, we set the tree on the floor, inside of a plastic bucket that we have to keep filled with fresh water and we put the tree skirt around it.

The boys strung the lights.

It did not take them very long.

Speaking of the boys…

This is how my eldest looks at me now.
Pretty much all the time.
What does that mean?

And here is our tree.

That is really quite a tree.
Yeah… I think when I look at this tree, my face looks pretty much the same as my eldest son’s does when he is looking at me.
But the Country Druid’s face is filled with joy.
So that should make for a peaceful holiday season around here.