My Secret Pleasure Breakfast Device

December 16th, 2008

I have a problem…

There is a bakery…
A bakery that I like to stop by on my way home from work…
And I like to pick out a scone or a roll or bun for my breakfast the next day…
It is my secret little pleasure that no one knows about and it is not hurting anyone.
I eat my secret pleasure breakfast after the kids are off to school and the Country Doctor has left for work.  
I pour a cup of coffee and get my secret pleasure bun or scone or roll and sit down by the computer and catch up on a few blogs and read my e-mail and enjoy the heck out of my little secret pleasure breakfast.
The problem is, that recently, my secret pleasure breakfast has been disappearing!
I get everyone off to school and to work and pour myself a cup of coffee and then I go to fetch my secret pleasure roll or bun or scone and IT IS NOT THERE!!!!
I tried to solve the case of the disappearing secret pleasure breakfast scone by choosing a trickier hiding spot.
Like deep in the depths of the pantry… or behind the stack of dishes in the hutch… or under the sink!
Then I had another problem.
I forgot where my better secret pleasure breakfast bun hiding spot was and I also kind of forgot that I had hidden anything at all… because of the four holes in my head where the babies came out… so I ate a miserable bowl of cereal instead and went to work feeling empty and alone.
Then a few days later, I found my secret pleasure breakfast stash!  Behind the cookbooks above the fridge!  But now my secret pleasure breakfast is very hard and dry and brittle.  Kind of like me… who is also hard and dry and brittle due to four gaping holes in head and also due to lack of secret pleasure breakfast.
So I made an invention!

I call it my secret pleasure breakfast, back to life, not so hard and brittle steamer doohickey thing.

I placed my secret pleasure breakfast re-activator device doohickey thing over a bowl of boiling water in the microwave.

I then sat my secret pleasure dried out ginger peach breakfast scone atop my secret pleasure re-activator hard and brittle personality inhibitor device and zapped it for twenty seconds!

Voila!  Secret pleasure breakfast brought back to sweet, soft and airy goodness!
Yes, even with four holes in my head, I am a genius.
Secret Pleasure Hard and Brittle Breakfast Bun Softener Personality Re-activator Device to hit a store near you soon!  Patent pending.  
But I might need to work on a catchier name.