Did I Ever Tell You About Drew’s Weird Ear?

December 30th, 2008

Mere seconds after Drew was born, he located his thumb, stuck it in his mouth and began to suck on it madly.

He continued to suck on that thumb throughout his babyhood, into his toddler years and finally broke himself of the habit while he was in kindergarten.  He still sleeps with his hand covering his face, but his thumb rests on his cheek.

I am sorry to tell you this, but in my experience, thumb sucking babies are the most peaceful babies in the world. Drew was miraculously content as an infant, which was such a nice change from the utter and complete tyrant that Ethan had been.  Of course, Drew had a few advantages. He had two older brothers to entertain him night and day and he also had his thumb, his ear… and my ear… and anyone’s ear that came within his grasp.   

He sucked on his thumb and twiddled his ear… or any ear within twiddling distance… most often his own ear… which resulted in Drew having a very malleable ear.  He got into the habit of twiddling his ear and then tucking the upper part of his ear into his ear canal and walking around like this for hours.  We would be grocery shopping, or in line at Wal-mart, or at the park and suddenly I would notice other mothers giving my son sorrowful glances or looking at me with mournful eyes.  I would then look over at Drew and say, “Drew, take your ear out.”  

And he would.  
He would just pop it out and go back to playing. 
Then the mothers that had been giving me and Drew a mournful look would pretend that they were giving a mournful look to someone just past my left shoulder.   

A few years ago, I took Drew to see a doctor (not his dad).  The doctor gave Drew a well-child check-up and then looked at me and said, “So what about his ear?”  

I did not know what the doctor was talking about and looked at him with a confused expression on my face.
The doctor grew kind of uncomfortable and did not want to hurt Drew’s feelings, so he spelled it out saying, “uh… his um… his… L.E.F.T. E.A.R.”  
“His what?”  I asked.
The doctor continued stammering, “He seems to have a minor uh… problem… or uh… unusual uh… formation… with his left ear…”
“OH!” I said, suddenly realizing what he was getting at…”Drew take your ear out.”

Much to the doctor’s amazement and relief, Drew healed his own ear right then and there.  
I laughed pretty hard.
The doctor not so much.

Drew can only tuck one ear these days.

He has a few other talents, but none are as impressive as the old tricky ear.  I am sure it will serve him well in life.


  • My son can stick his tongue up his nose. Thats all the talent we got. But its pretty gross.

  • Miss Julia:

    Oh my, I laughed so hard I peed my pants. My Gson has very malleable ears, as his Dad does, my daughter has softer ears than my other daughter, and my DH ears would snap off. Totally, Like a cracker. That tricky ear will serve him well, just make sure that no-one knows, he will be able to get out of any number of tricky situations! And your other son Caler, that look? I have seen that look before, when I had asked the most inane question, like ” What would you like for ______?” You can fill in the blanks, my teenaged daughters started using that look at about say “10 years old” And one is 35 and still gives me that same blank stare every once in a while. Love your website, just refound you! You were lost in webville, I hate when that happens.