Shrimp Crab Pasta Toss with Diablo Sauce

November 8th, 2008

This is what I ordered on my birthday at a local eatery called Coco Bolos.  

It is a divine pasta dish combining shrimp and crab in a fiery, creamy, cheese sauce.  I order it almost every time I visit this fine establishment.  
The tender pasta… the plump shrimp… the delectable crab… 
I love this dish.
They serve a generous portion at Coco Bolos, so I typically box up half my Shrimp Crab Pasta Toss with Diablo sauce and carry it home for my lunch the next day.
All day long at work I think about that pasta.  I think about how wonderful it will be to eat that pasta dish waiting for me at home.  I think about how nice to have such a fabulous meal waiting in the fridge.  
And then when I get home…
I discover that the Country Doctor ate my pasta for his own lunch.  
And I eat a bowl of cereal instead.
I mourned my leftovers for a few days and then I decided to make mountains out of molehills… wait… no… that’s not right…  
I decided to make lemons out of lemonade…
No… not quite…
I decided to make my own Shrimp Crab Pasta Toss with Diablo Cream Sauce! 
Let’s make it together shall we?

First collect your ingredients and carefully arrange them for maximum cuteness.

Snap photo.

Try another arrangement just for fun.

Aw… what the heck… one more…

Using your thumb nail, jab a hole in the side of the Mac and Cheese box.

Rip the top off.

Remove the sacred sack of powdery cheese and set it aside.

Cook your macaroni.

While waiting, peruse the old magazines that Darla gave you for your birthday.

Find yourself very absorbed in the marriage difficulties of Sammy Davis Junior and Mai what’s her face.


Holy Crap!  This is exactly what I need!

And this TOO!!!!

When your macaroni is “al dente” (whatever) drain it, and add one huge can of “shrimp and crab”.

Sprinkle in that elixir of life… that fabulous concoction… that ancient delight of the palate… the powdery cheese packet (minus the packet).

This is the base of your “Diablo sauce”.

Mix it in.

< br />

Allow the butter to make it’s contribution.

Pour in the milk and stir.

Your “Diablo Sauce” is now complete.
I know… I know… you probably thought it would be a lot harder.
But I think it is my job as both a blogger and a chef to make these recipes simple and bring them down to the “common folks” level.  
Yes I know… and you are VERY VERY WELCOME!!!

Don’t forget those peas!

Serve with a fall floral arrangement.

Eat a handful of chocolate chips for dessert.
Bon Apetite!


  • Mary in AZ:

    I’m crying with laughter over here. I’m sorry to hear that “someone who shall not be named here” had the nerve to eat those leftovers! I’m thinking that he owes you a lovely dinner out.;)

  • Susan:

    that is hilarious. SOOOOOO disappointing when you have been lusting for those leftovers. life aint fair……..

  • that was so funny,that has happened to me,and i was Livid,love you post’s,your House is gorgeous,you make me laugh,from Carol in Adelaide, Australia.

  • MidwestIrish:

    Shrimp Crab Pasta in Diablo Sauce – all of my favorite things rolled into one dish!

    We have a CocoBolo’s not far from us…next time I’m in the Ville I’ll have to check to see if it’s on the menu!

    LOVE the glass milk container – I love them…slowly starting a collection for my kitchen.